September 3, 1928

A’s player-manager Ty Cobb collects the last hit of his career when he doubles off right-hander Bump Hadley in the team’s 6-1 loss to Washington at Griffith Stadium. Cobb will end his playing days, establishing the major league record for hits with 4,191, a mark that will not be broken until 1985 when it is surpassed by Pete Rose.

Somehow I missed this, but the NY Times ran an excellent article on Gettysburg’s favorite son, Eddie Plank, who I spent a significant amount of my spare time as an undergraduate researching in the library and local historical society (because I’m hopefully going to write his biography sometime - I need to collect more information both in Gettysburg and in Cooperstown, and perhaps in Philadelphia, as well).

Go read it here!

[Image is from the article and is courtesy of the lovely people at the LoC.]