Somehow I missed this, but the NY Times ran an excellent article on Gettysburg’s favorite son, Eddie Plank, who I spent a significant amount of my spare time as an undergraduate researching in the library and local historical society (because I’m hopefully going to write his biography sometime - I need to collect more information both in Gettysburg and in Cooperstown, and perhaps in Philadelphia, as well).

Go read it here!

[Image is from the article and is courtesy of the lovely people at the LoC.]

Player, manager, scout, general manager, owner — Cornelius MacGillicuddy (Connie Mack) — did it all. For more than half a century he owned and managed the Philadelphia A’s — nearly their entire existence. He built two dynasties that won a total of five World Series titles, and he still holds the unbreakable records for most games managed, won, and lost.