philadelphia runway

“Patrick romanced his dreams and made them come true by landing in Paris the city of lights; and bringing his deep rooted culture to bloom there, in that city that embraced him and his joie de vivre while wearing his buttons, bows, overalls and tuxedo beyond chic, a loving spirit in the dark.” ~ Pat Cleveland

Photo by Paul Van Ravenstein

Plane evacuated at Philadelphia airport after mechanical failure

NBC PhiladelphiaPassengers were evacuated on the runway at Philadelphia International Airport after a plane was forced to abort takeoff due to a mechanical failure on Thursday.

Pilots of the U.S. Airways plane aborted the takeoff after landing gear collapsed, airport officials said. All 149 passengers were safely evacuated. 

Photo: Passengers of U.S. Airways flight 1702 were evacuated through traditional and emergency exits on the runway at Philadelphia International Airport. (Facebook/Dennis Fee)