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Days N Daze in Philly (8/29/15) at The Sound Hole.
Whitney had bronchitis and all the mics went out so unfortunately their show didn’t go as planned.): but they were still fantastic!!
Check out photos of the other bands, The Stupid Stupid Henchmens, The Damn Long Hairs, Night Gaunts as well as a special appearance by Erik Petersen of Mischief Brew here:

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balance and composure, pt. I

philadelphia, pa. 11.18.2016.

Soupy's lyrics be like..
  • No Closer To Heaven: We're no saviors, if we can't save our brothers
  • The Greatest Generation: I know how it feels to be, at war with a world that never loved me
  • Suburbia: It's not about forcing happiness, it's about not letting sadness win
  • The Upsides: It took almost 13 months, for me to be where I feel fine, I'm not as sad as I let myself believe sometimes
  • Get Stoked On It: And everyday, we eat toothpaste, and pretend we like the taste