philadelphia public education

Here is an infographic designed by Philadelphia-based graphic designer Jason Killinger to inform state citizens about the shocking comparison between how Pennsylvania is funding public educational facilities and how they are funding public correctional facilities.

Killinger’s design provides a side-by-side visual juxtaposition of comparable aspects of both facilities, using to-scale graphic shapes and picture graphs to compare spending, statistics, and demographics.  Having this visual aid makes the information more impactful as opposed to hearing arbitrary numbers jammed up against one another.

The background and foreground give the feeling of a city street - with the pinkish haze of exhaust from cars and buildings and the asphalt textured “ground” doubling as a prison wall.  The subject in the middle is an ambiguous figure - he could be a student or a prisoner, and based on the statistics provided, it is suggested not only is one more likely than the other, but it is the less preferrable one.

Graphics like this are quick and to-the-point.  The designer had a message and he provided a clear visual cue to support a more abstract informational content.  This is similar to the WPA’s poster project in the way artists’ renditions are becoming effective ways to publish information, and in the age of high internet traffic, images like these are as accessible as the posters of their time.