philadelphia naval shipyard

Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment, also known as Operation Ghost, was an alleged naval experiment in the Philadelphia Naval shipyard in 1943. The USS Eldridge, a Destroyer Class ship, was thought to be the subject of an experiment involving force fields. Witnesses of the event claimed that the ship turned completely invisible for a period of time. It was also reported that the ship was physically teleported to Norfolk, Virginia before it returned to Philadelphia. Many members of the crew became ill and died shortly afterwards. The crew also reported strange happenings during the experiment itself. Some became “embedded” in the ship itself and others were able to “walk through walls”. If the experiment had indeed happened as it was claimed, then the US Military had access to teleportation technology as early as the 1940s.

The USS Washington at Philadelphia Naval Shipyard shortly after her commissioning on 29 May 1941. Though the North Carolina and South Dakota-class battleships have today been surpassed in notoriety by the cults of the Iowa and Yamato, in all likelihood they were the most efficient designs ever concocted. At long ranges they were to all intents and purposes immune to sinking by anything smaller than their own 16″ super-heavies, while said armament would have been devastating beyond the range of any likely opponent, bar the Yamato and Musashi. Most impressively they achieved this relative immunity on a displacement half that of the aforementioned Japanese titans.