philadelphia is awesome


The War On Drugs played a “secret” tour warm up show under the name “Dead Greg” on Friday night for just about 200 people at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia. It was awesome. They also got a little help from their friend, Kurt Vile, who played back-up guitar on several songs.

It was a pretty perfect Friday night that made me appreciate the city I live in and the musicians who live here.  - Philadelphia, PA - 09/12/2014

Hello Awesome Followers!

We are getting into summer, which, for me, involves a heavy month of summer school and then me trying to relax without thinking about school for another month.

Something I have been thinking about, which you may have recently noticed, is the use of advertisements on my page.  I have been posting gifs related to teaching situations for just about three years now and have amassed nearly 40 000 followers.  It’s still weird to me that people are interested in my ramblings, and I love hearing from people.  

With this in mind, it would be nice to make a bit of extra money to pay for some classroom supplies (I often buy class sets of books, because I don’t receive much any of the budget for what I teach, and I also buy snacks, juice, etc, for many of my students).  It would be nice to not have to dig deep into my own personal budget to provide these for my classes.  I’ve debated over using ads for awhile, and think it will help me out for when I often feel like this:

I might actually have a little bit of a money tree saved up from this blog that so many of you support.  This couldn’t be possible without you folks, and I’ll see how it goes for a couple of months.  Thanks again for being so amazing!