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Get By
  • Get By

responsibility for the all the actions you make consciously
and all the missteps that will follow you
and all the friends you thought were yours
you know they’ll cut your throat in time
it’s one way to get by.


Days N Daze in Philly (8/29/15) at The Sound Hole.
Whitney had bronchitis and all the mics went out so unfortunately their show didn’t go as planned.): but they were still fantastic!!
Check out photos of the other bands, The Stupid Stupid Henchmens, The Damn Long Hairs, Night Gaunts as well as a special appearance by Erik Petersen of Mischief Brew here:

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familiar places - roya weidman

i’m borrowing time again
walking back and forth for blocks
but i know that you don’t really care that much

i’m wasting time again
showering in thoughts i keep buried in my head
but i’d rather you bury me instead

come pick me up, i’m ready to go out
if i left you a note just to say hello,
i doubt you would ever even know

i’m running out time again

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