philadelphia concert


the front bottoms, pt. II

allentown, pa. 11.11.2016.

brand new, pt. II

allentown, pa. 11.11.2016.


Jamie Silvonek was just 14-years-old when she met 20-year-old soldier Caleb Barnes at a concert in Philadelphia. On 6 March, 2012, Caleb came to Jamie’s house and spent the night with her in the basement. The following morning, Jamie’s mother, Cheryl, found them and kicked Caleb out. While Cheryl knew Caleb had been visiting, she drew the line at him sleeping overnight and didn’t approve of a romantic relationship. By the following day, Jamie and Caleb decided they would kill her parents.

On the 14th of March, Jamie and Caleb were driven to a gig by Cheryl. While she disapproved of their relationship, Jamie had persuaded her to let them go to the gig together and she reluctantly agreed as long as she could drive them and then pick them up. During this trip, Cheryl disappeared. Her discarded car covered in blood was later found near her home. Nearby, in a shallow grave, lay Cheryl’s body. She had been beaten, stabbed, strangled and then set alight.

When police went to the family home, they found Jamie and Caleb in her bedroom. Here they discovered a bloodstained knife. The couple were covered in scratches and mud. During the trial, Jamie and Caleb turned against one another and placed the blame on the other party. Jamie said she was present during the murder and that her mother had begged for her life and for help. Jamie’s best friend testified that the couple had killed Cheryl so that they could be together. “I remember him saying he had the knives picked out,” she recalled.

Eventually Jamie confessed that she participated in the murder too. “I was a monster,” she declared. They had intended on killing both of her parents to gain their life insurance. Jamie was sentenced to 35 years to life in prison while Caleb was sentenced to life in prison.

This Day in 1D History - August 13


  • Harry gets inked by Ed Sheeran and tattoo artist Kevin Paul!


  • BTS vid of WWA cover shoot posted
  • the ALOTO sneak peeks continue to ruin our lives (it’s FINE I’m FINE)
  • *Liam voice* Those eyes! I can’t!!


  • Niall snaps a selfie at the White House!
  • Where We Are Tour concert – Philadelphia, USA 


  • Niall gets hyped for the love of his life, aka Justin Rose, on snapchat :))