philadelphia comic con

Totally forgot to post one of my best Philly Comic Con stories: I ran into a friend of mine from last year’s con, and she was cosplaying Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6. Well, said cosplaying friend had all these colorful accessories and whatnot on her costume, and when she walked up to ask Hayley Atwell a question during the Agent Carter panel, Hayley said, “You look edible!”

I swear said cosplaying friend walked around in a daze for ten minutes after the panel, just saying at intervals, “Hayley called me edible. This is amazing.”


Awesome expressions & cute moments from the David Tennant/Billie Piper panel at Wizard World Comic Con - Philadelphia


Today was a good day.

I’ve been looking forward to meeting Sebastian for 5 years now and it doesn’t feel real that this even happened. Of course, I broke down in tears after he autographed the shield that took me so long to paint. I wanted it to be unique; something no one had done before. When he approached his autograph line, walking by, he grabbed my hand and asked me how I was doing. Of all the celebrities I’ve met over the years, not one has been that kind. As star-struck as I was, I proceeded to ask him to write ‘Who the hell is Bucky?’ and then sign his name on the shield. His handler yelled in my face: “He’s not doing any personalizations.” He completely ignored her, writing everything I told him to. After he handed me back my shield, I thanked him a lot for doing what he did, he replied back “You’re so very welcome, thank you.” with the brightest smile I’ve ever seen.

When photo op time came around, I mustered up the courage to ask him if we could do a ‘hugging’ photo. His reply: “Come here, sweetie!” as he pulled my head against his. I’m still crying over this. Such a great experience and what a wonderful guy. Thank you, Sebastian Stan for the best convention experience I’ve had yet!


The people working the booth told us “No hugs today” which bummed a lot of people out because we were VIPs and we paid over $300 for that package so it’s like “… we can’t even get hugs in a photo?”

But I’d hugged them in my solos so I wanted to be kinda different.

I walked up and Sebastian’s face is like “Wait, didn’t I JUST see you?” and Anthony’s face is like “Uh huh, back again I see.” and I’m just like YOOOOOOOO!

I was gonna have them both touch the fro but Sebastian did that in my solo so I asked them if we could do the can can.

They didn’t hear me at first so I repeated myself and Anthony’s like “Yea how’re we doing this?” and Sebastian is still like ???


I felt so bad y'all, I never would’ve asked if I’d known that but he didn’t say until AFTER the pic was over.

So Anthony’s left goes up, my left goes up and Sebastian puts his right up and nearly falls on me and I’m like D8 (This explains why I’m leaned in so hard into Anthony and why Seb is so far away- he actually kinda knocked me a bit off balance XDDD)

And Anthony, bless him, is like “The other leg, dude, the OTHER leg, GET IT TOGETHER!” which totally explains Sebastian’s facial expression.

The moment we come down, Anthony’s all “Dude, c'mon really?” and Sebastian was like “I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE CAN CAN IS!” WITH THE MOST PUT OUT EXPRESSION ON HIS FACE, ARMS FULL ON IN THE AIR LIKE “WTF DO YOU WANT FROM ME, ANTHONY?!?!” And they just start sniping and everyone’s losing it and I’m like “It’s alright, Sebastian! Thank you!”

So yea, that was that and that was fun. XD

These two made my life this weekend and it was worth every single dime I spent on this trip.

They need to do a comedy show together.

Somebody else on YouTube posted video of Philly Comic Con’s “Agent Carter” panel, and they were obviously sitting closer than I was because YOU CAN SEE HAYLEY’S FACE AT LIKE 3:30 DURING MY QUESTION ABOUT DISABILITY THEMES ON AGENT CARTER AND BRB I MIGHT CRY ALL OVER AGAIN.


I got a tattoo of the winter soldier on my leg and I asked Sebastian to sign next to it, so I can get his autograph tattooed as well. His reaction was amazing and pretty priceless actually. The best part was probably later when I went to get my photo op with him; he saw me come into the room and his eyes lit up and he goes “YES, I WAS WAITING FOR YOU! I wanted to take a picture of your tattoo!” And that’s when his assistant/whoever(?) took the picture. For my Mackie/Stan photo, Seb was like “she has the best tattoo! Show him!” And I showed him and Anthony said “that’s not real” in a joking tone and then they took the photo and Seb was rubbing my back the whole time (!!!!) and said “you’re the best” then Anthony asked “when are you gonna get and falcon on there?” And I just laughed cuz I dunno what to say to that????

idk, my story isn’t super witty or hilarious but I thought it was cute.

I walked over to the boys and stepped in between them. They put their arms around me to get ready for the picture, but then Seb’s hand ran along my back for a second and he leaned down to my ear and whispered “hi” with this adorable grin on his face. Then Mackie leaned down and whispered “hey”, also smiling. I whispered the same back to them, and at this point they were laughing to the point of giggling. Sebastian whispers in my ear again. “I don’t know why we’re whispering, apparently it’s a thing now.” Then Mackie laughs and we all look up to the camera while laughing, and apparently I’m the only one who can’t stop laughing for a second to smile. After the photo was taken, they burst out into laughter again, and Sebastian rubbed my back after I said thank you. That was that.