This painting is one of a series of melancholic cityscapes that de Chirico painted featuring a lone statue in a deserted Italian piazza. The antique statue represents the sleeping Ariadne, who according to Greek mythology was abandoned by her lover on the desert island of Naxos. The confrontation of the classical world with a modern steam engine in the distance creates an uneasy ambiguity of time and space.

The Soothsayer’s Recompense,” 1913, Giorgio de Chirico © 2009 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / SIAE, Rome

The Museum recently became the proud custodians of four masterpieces by the late American artist Agnes Martin. Known for her serene minimal compositions of stripes and lines, Martin’s “Untitled #6” exemplifies the artist’s ability to harness the power of art to create a profound emotional experience. How does this artwork make you feel?

Untitled #6,” 1985, by Agnes Martin © Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

No ones gonna see this but for all Bernie supporters: please stop. I understand and believe everyone should stand up for their opinions, but not voting for Hilary Clinton and writing in Bernie Sanders’ name or voting for a third party candidate will ensure a trump victory. Trust me when you aren’t voting Clinton, you are voting for trump. We saw this in 2004 with John Kerry. The DNC clearly crossed a line with those emails, but as it is shown through those leaks, Clinton had no part in it. She ultimately won fair and square. We need to join together for the sake of our country. If you really believe what you’re preaching about and you all are really so woke, do what’s best. The only way I see voting against Hillary for the sake of supporting Bernie is selfish. I can’t stress this enough… A VOTE AGAINST CLINTON IS A VOTE FOR TRUMP. Let’s be realistic about this. Hillary isn’t the best but we can all agree she’s much better than Trump.


I’m sure that racist nationalists will support this cop and say “what’s the big deal”. But if it was a black cop that had a tattoo that said BLM on it, those same people would be up in arms!

They criticize Kaepernick for his way of protesting and call him a traitor continuing to support Nazi symbolism that belonged to a group of people that directly fought the United States and killed Americans in WW2! The hypocrisy is beyond laughable! 

Hitler ideology still lives in American police today! 

Hitler would be proud!


Whoever got that fur coat is the luckiest person alive!