A selection of my tattoo flash sheets based on pop culture/geeky stuff.

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A bunch of the Movie related tattoo themed flash sheets I’ve done to-date. If you like my stuff please ‘follow, like, re-blog’.

(I’ve excluded the superhero and animation ones for this post and put them in a separate photo set.)

A Simpsons themed flash with a spooky twist. I’m doing Horror themed flash all October until Halloween. If you like my geeky pop culture flash please;
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Themed Tattoo Flash sheets based on pop culture.
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This is a custom piece, please do not use this design.

I was commissioned to design a Studio Ghibli mural/half sleeve tattoo.


1 of 5 from my Horror set coloured in. These tattoo flash sheets are very time consuming, I’ve included the linework for the full sheet for anyone that missed it. I’ll post up the fully coloured version some time tomorrow.


Doodling I’ve done in my sketchbook recently to help get the creativity flowing. Thought I’d share some pages. **edit** I now have a Facebook page just for these please check it out and give it a like;

I’ve finished my 80’s family film flash, I thought I’d share it with the Goonies flash and the 80’s Cartoon flash to continue the theme.