I feel like dan and phil keep changing their clothes style. 
Young dan - Plaid shirts - black clothes - back to plaid - back to black - now a little colour 
Young Phil - Plain colours - Plaid shirts - plain colour - Plaid shirts - now black clothes 

Happy 29th birthday to our literal ball of sunshine, Phil Lester!

aaaaand, it’s official! after being at the url heroship for quite some time, i decided that a rebranding wouldn’t be the worst thing to do – so, until dan and phil stop ruining my life (and i surgically remove myself from up their asses) i’ll be at pinofs. happy changing! ♥



after 143 i jumped on a 7am flight to new york on one hour’s sleep, and why you ask?  because i needed to get to the mandarin oriental hotel to dj for none other than kate and laura mulleavy.  swoon much?

so i hopped out of the plane like a hot piece of garbage, and hauled ass from jfk in rush hour traffic to columbus circle where my best friends took me in for an hour to shower and get my life together. taylor had an o.g. moschino skirt waiting for me to wear (thanks tay). and then we were off to the mandarin oriental hotel where rodarte would reveal a nyc city guide map that they put together of all of their hot spots in the city.

while i am a total sucker for rodarte i am doubly a sucker for maps and gorgeous hotels, call this party a recipe for amazeballs.  yeah i said amazeballs like its 2009.

The Insider: Phil Chang

Ask Phil Chang about his most stylish friend, and he’ll give you a list of names, one more impressive than the other. That’s because the creative at Wieden + Kennedy—the ad company that coined Nike’s iconic “Just do it” tagline back in the eighties—knows who, where, and what the hottest shit is. (Proof: The hugely successful SHOP project his team masterminded in June.) But don’t worry, we got an answer out of him. And it’s a good one. —jiayi

Q: How did you get started at Wieden + Kennedy?

A: I got here three years ago as a brand strategist for the Jordan brand of Nike. About a year into the job, the executive creative directors wanted me and four other guys to start this multidisciplinary design group called Attack. We act as liaisons between New York’s culture and the ad agency world. Oftentimes, if you’re an artist and an ad agency comes up to you, your immediate thought is, “OK, they’re going to fuck me. What do they want from me?” The four of us didn’t get into advertising for advertising, so it’s much easier for us to open up a more creative kind of dialogue. 

Q: You guys put out a magazine built on that idea.

A: Day Trip—it’s actually one of the first things we did as Attack. We’re on issue five right now, and for every one, we let ten people who we think represent creativity in New York curate their own feature. It’s the opposite of a magazine almost—there’s no editing process and no staff people getting their hands on what these creatives think is the ideal representation of their work. We take everything, package it up, and send it out. It’s nice to be like, “Look this is who they are. If you’re into it, it’s because you saw a connection between your brand and them.”

Q: What’s that Arife sweatshirt you’re wearing?

A: It’s an old one by a couple of friends from a streetwear line called AAH (Asians Always Hunting). Back when the sneaker hype was enormous in the city, Alife was one of the huge, huge, huge stores down on Rivington Street. They dominated the block, and people traveling from Japan and Hong Kong would rabidly go in there and walk out with giant bags of sneakers. So to kind of poke fun of that, these guys put out a bunch of these shirts that, instead of Alife, said Arife. If you look at the size tag, too, it says “Rarge,” instead of large. 

Q: If you had to crown a most stylish friend, who would get the title?

A: My friend Kerin Rose—she’s basically my big sister. She designs an eyewear brand called a-morir—Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Rihanna all wear her stuff. She can literally wear anything—the most clashing, super-colorful, metal-studded ensemble—and it doesn’t look obnoxious. It looks like it’s supposed to be like that. There are very few people who can pull it off, but Kerin can make all that work because she has such an honest personality. She has disco balls everywhere in her apartment because she loves disco balls. She has Cher shrines everywhere because she loves Cher. 

Q: What’s your favorite Of a Kind edition?

A: I wanted that damn Dusen Dusen backpack! I had the tab open in my browser one day, and I was like, “I’ll buy it tomorrow.” But then it was gone. 

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