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The difference between tøp and top:

Tøp: Twenty One Pilots

Top: Phil Lester

jughead is the type to refuse a biscuit without thinking because he’s too awkward in social situations and that’s his to go answer, but he will sit there staring at the biscuits during the conversation regretting every decision he’s ever made

My Friday Night
  • Other kids my age on a Friday night: Out with their friends, having a good time.
  • Me: Watching Bob Ross with my mom in bed.

Dan is the type of boyfriend who would wrap his whole body around you when he hugs you. Like, you know those days when you just feel sad af, but for no real reason so you don’t mention it? He would be great at those. He wouldn’t really know why you were sad but he wouldn’t really know what to say anyway so instead he just gently pulls you onto his lap with a tug on your arm and he’d wrap his arms around you and tuck your head into the crook of his neck with a little kiss on your head and you would be fighting back a smile and he’d just hum a little bit and run his fingers along the skin of your waist. It would just be very soft and safe and happy and honestly this is all I think about sometimes

  • me, looking at a picture of cole sprouse: i bet hes an ass irl
  • me, watching a video of cole sprouse: never mind hes just a huge dork
How to flirt 101

Hey, Love bugs! Fluff.

Hey, can you do a blurb about how Dan/Phil flirt? :^)

Dan’s flirting techniques.

-Name calling. This includes things like calling you a little shit, pet, a total flop. They are all meant to be a cute way to tease you.

-If the two of you go to the movies he absolutely does the not so smooth arm on the shoulder thing.

-When he see’s you he always has his big grin on making him blush internally for being so happy to see you. The internal dialogue of him telling himself to calm down or he will scare you off.

-Pushing you softly when you make him laugh or be awkward.

-Being very protective when the two of you are in public. No, you’re not dating but that guy was being a real git.

-“Why on earth did you by me this expensive ass thing?” “Because you deserve it.”

-If the two of you are on the couch he always finds a blanket to cover you up because if you even look cold, he is on that shit.

-Laying in his bed staring at the ceiling talking about random topics late into the evening.

-Grabbing your hand when he’s feeling nervous then apologising for the randomness. You of course never minding.

-Hiding notes in your bag that make you smile.

Phil’s flirting techniques.

-Him sitting next to you on the couch accidently touching your hand. You, of course, grab his hand looking up and smiling at him.

-Telling you terrible puns hoping you laugh.

-Phil gives you pointers while playing Mario Cart so you can win.

-Spoiling you with little gifts randomly because when he saw it he thought of you.

-Brushing your hair away from your face, then blushing because he didn’t realise how naturally he just reaches to tuck that strand behind your ear.

-He always looks for excuses to see you. Borrowing movies with each other. Most of the time the two of you are watching them together on the couch because how have you not seen that yet?

-Always holds the door for you. It doesn’t matter if your 20 feet behind him. He will wait there holding the door like a nerd until you get there.

-Random facts all the time. He almost always makes a little awkward laugh after because sometimes his weird thoughts just slip out.

-Always complimenting something about you. They start with things like your outfit and move to how pretty your eyes are.


Phil: Dan, you need to return that to (y/n)!
Dan: No, it reminds me of them and I’m keeping it.

You know you’re trash when you read “x reader” stuff and you automatically read your name instead of y/n…

The New Neighbors x Dan Howell & Phil Lester

Originally posted by movingdiscourse

requested by anon ; Hi :) now that Dan and Phil are moving out of their appartment, could you write something where they become your new neighbours? Thank you

A/N : I know they don’t really moved to an apartment (i think) but let’s go with it for the sake of the storyline c:

The apartment next to [Y/N]’s had been empty for a while, something that was rather odd for a building in London. Not that she didn’t mind to have the floor to herself. [Y/N]’s downstairs neighbors hardly ever were home, so she could turn up the volume of her stereo just a tad more.
But one day [Y/N] got rudely disturbed while she were watching her favorite TV-show. Loud screams and groans were heard from the stairs.
‘For fuck sake, Phil,’ She heard a guy say, followed by another guy laughing – probably Phil.
‘I can’t help it!’ Phil said, still laughing. ‘We’re both way too weak for this, Dan.’
‘Oh, talk about yourself, will you. You’re the one that had to take all this bullshit stuff with you.’
[Y/N] had a hard time to not burst out laughing, since the conversation was pretty hilarious. But at the same time she did want to open up her door and yell at the guys for interrupting her Netflix binge watch.
But she decided to eavesdrop for just a little bit longer. Judging by their voices, they were around her age. But you never could be too sure.
So [Y/N] took out her earbuds, pushed away her laptop from her lap and onto her bed.
‘It’s not bullshit! Those are all memories from my videos.’
‘Whatever, just lift up the box again.’ It seemed to stay quiet for a bit, until she heard them run down the stairs again. That went on for a bit, accompanied with occasional cursing and screams. She did hope they weren’t that loud at night.
And what did the one guy mean with … videos. [Y/N] could only guess what was meant with that.
The cycle of silence, shouting and running down the stairs was repeated for a few times. [Y/N] was still not sure if she should open up the door or stay inside the safe space of her apartment.
But, a loud BENG pushed her over the edge and made her walk towards her front door. When she opened up, she saw two guys standing in on the stairs, a brown box between the two of them.
‘Eh, excuse me, but what the fuck are you two doing?’ [Y/N] asked loudly so they would understand and hear her.
The guy with the brown hair turned his head since his back was facing her, and the one with the black hair looked up.
‘Oh, hi!’ The last one said. ‘We’re, eh, we’re moving in. Sorry to disturb you. We’ll be done soon.’
‘Soon? Ha, wouldn’t count on that since somebody can’t lift for shit.’ The one with the brown hair said.
‘What?! That’s not true! You just don’t have any coordination!’
‘Oh, but –‘
‘I hate to disturb your lovely conversation, but you two know that there’s an elevator, right?’ [Y/N] said, pointing towards the steel door where the elevator was behind.
‘Oh God.’ The one with the brown hair said, softly shaking his head. ‘That’s just great.’ The guy with the black hair just started laughing, making [Y/N] smile too.
‘Welcome to the building.’ She grinned. ‘I’m [Y/N], by the way.’
‘Well, hi, [Y/N], I’m Dan, and that there is Phil.’
‘Nice to meet you,’ [Y/N] grinned again. ‘Need some help getting those boxes up?’
‘If you don’t have anything else important to do,’ Phil smiled. ‘Because then yes, please!’
‘I was just binge watching a show, so it’s fine.’
‘I think we’ll get along just fine,’ Dan laughed. ‘C’mon Philly, let’s get this box up the stairs.’
They got the box up the stairs, and then [Y/N] went downstairs with them to get the last couple of boxes with the elevator. Dan and Phil both couldn’t understand how they’d missed the lift, but [Y/N] found it very entertaining.
When all the boxes were in their apartment, they invited [Y/N] over to thank her by paying her pizza, they all ate together.
At that moment, [Y/N] knew she would get along just fine with her new neighbors.

anonymous asked:

Could you do a "Giving a blowjob to Dan would include:" ??

Might as well do both because I know I’m going to be asked for both.


  • It almost always starts with you just brushing your hand up his thigh trying to be sweet.
  • Dan kissing up along your neck while you try to hold back a smile.
  • “I’m thinking you and me and.” “And what Mr Howell?”
  • Dan pulling you along by the wrist to the bedroom.
  • “Have I mentioned I’m kinda obsessed with you?” “Well yes but I like to hear it.”
  • “You have been really stressed and kinda annoying lately. How about a little stress relieving?”
  • Giving a little push to make dan sit in the chair.
  • Trying to make quick work of this button and zipper but becoming frustrated so Dan just does it for you.
  • His already slightly hardening cock springing free.
  • Dan not being able to keep from letting a moan out when you run your tongue along his slit to collect his precum.
  • Dan brushing your hair out of your face smiling when he can see your pretty face.
  • Letting out so many swears from not only you sucking and pumping him but also from the light squeezes to his balls.
  • Needing to close his eyes and focus on not cumming too fast.
  • Begging to cum in your mouth. 
  • Taking everything in him not to buck his hips to further himself in your mouth. 
  • Swallowing all of his cum not only because you love it but because you love his face as he watches you do so. 
  • Dan mumbling how wonderful and beautiful you are as he pulls you up for a kiss. 
  • So many cuddles as the two of you rest in his post-orgasm bliss.


  • Phil being antsy all day. 
  • “What’s with you love?” “Don’t know, just not feeling myself.” 
  • Realising that it has been a while since the two of you had been intimate. Phil doesn't really enjoy masturbating so he is a bit overdue of some him time.
  • “Phil. Please let me take care of you. You deserve it.” 
  • Phil fighting with you and then finally giving in because the both of you know he needs it.
  • Skipping down the hall pulling him along. 
  • Phil leaning against the headboard on the bed as you make quick work of his pants. 
  • Phil releasing a quiet but audible “Fuck.”
  • Licking up from the base to his tip looking up at him as looks down at you with such lust in his eyes. 
  • His northern accent coming out.
  • “God Love, Not gonna last long with ya.”
  • trying to find his words in asking for you to play with his balls but ends up just taking your free hand oh his thigh to him.
  • Phil wanting to hold your hair out of your face but he keeps tugging and letting little pieces fall out of his hold. 
  • Even when you’re sucking him off he still runs his thumb lightly over your cheek in a loving sweet moment.
  • “Please let me cum in your mouth.” 
  • When you release little moans he can’t help himself from the vibrations.
  • When Phil does cum him just saying your name over and over again.
  • After he finishes he just repeats thank yous over and over again as he cuddles you.