phil's sliders


wordcount: 3385

genre: fluff // warnings: language

summary:  “Absolutely,” Phil said, turning back to his own phone and then looking up at Dan again, suddenly struck by the motion and vivacity in him, by the rise and fall of his chest and the absent scuffing of his foot. Give the internet all the saucy mirror selfies they wanted, give them every single freezeframe. They’d never get Dan. (aka Singapore 2017)

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The plane was dark, the constant rumble and hum of the engine under the floor fading away into a kind of stillness. Phil didn’t know where they were, had turned off the monitor so he didn’t have to look at the little plane blinking across Europe and the countdown of all the endless hours left in the flight. They were five hours in, maybe? Something like that. They’d watched two movies and then Dan had started expressing some opinion about them and dozed off halfway through it, which was fair. He needed the sleep. They both did.

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