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so i’m gonna list all the dnp urls i’ve hoarded since i’m not active in the phandom anymore

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Some Uni/College AUs in light of the new vid:

  • Phil works at the campus bookshop, Dan works at the cafe across from it
  • Angsty Freshman!Dan and Junior Life-of-the-Party!Phil as roommates
  • Dan and Phil as the guys that make out at all the frat parties while they’re blackout drunk
  • Dan and Phil meet at a fraternity hazing, initiation involves downing 6 cans of beer,  Turkish oil wrestling, and streaking naked across campus while being chased by frat brothers with paintball guns. Dan and Phil team up, bond over their suffering, and wind up making out while hiding in the woods together. They don’t make it in the frat but they find something much more valuable in each other
  • Dan as the strict dorm mom that everyone hates, Phil as the bassist transfer student that throws parties at 2am
  • Dan and Phil as stoner Philosophy majors learning how to make weed brownies together to pay off student debt
  • Dan as the guy that just set pasta on fire, Phil as “The only person around here who knows how to use a fire extinguisher, goddamnit,”
  • Phil wants to be a director, Dan’s a theatre nerd, they’re both in Drama and they get put in charge of the school’s adaption of “The Book of Mormon”
  • The idea of Dan and Phil in college sports is wayyyyy too ooc but Dan as a waterboy and Phil as an announcer works
  • Phil as a gender studies professor and Dan as an immature dickhead who makes inappropriate jokes every .5 seconds
  • Dan and Phil as dorky youtubers but nobody knows why they carry cameras around and they don’t have any friends so everyone just assumes they’re filming kinky sex behind closed doors (maybe they are)
  • Dan gets roofied at a party and Phil makes sure he is safe and alright
  • Phil as Dan’s sugar daddy who feeds and lodges him (and lets him use his washer) throughout law school
  • Dan and Phil in rivaling colleges
  • Phil as the captain of the frat Dan is trying to get into
  • Dan and Phil “doing laundry” together but really they’re just fucking

anonymous asked:

Fics where they meet in a bar or club?

This Is What It Feels Like - It’s literally just porn, but loose pastelxpunk themes as curious Dan goes to a biker bar and attempts to seduce himself a top.

Lantern In Your Heart - Phil is bicurious, so to help him figure out his sexuality, he ends up at a gay club. There, he meets Dan, who helps him out in more ways than one.

You Look So Perfect - Dan is directionless, and tired of waking up in the bedrooms of men he met the night before. That is, until he meets Phil, who’s philosophy might just give him a new lust for life.

Come What May (ao3) - (tw) Phil Lester usually wasn’t one to go to strip clubs. But after being coaxed into it by a couple of his friends he meets the ever hypnotizing Greyson Bear (Dan Howell). Easily falling in love with him Phil works to save Dan from the underworld of prostitution.

Mon Cœur S'ouvre à Ta Voix -  It’s taken Dan a year to work up the courage to really discover why he keeps slipping into something he doesn’t fully understand, but now that he’s discovered that he’s not alone, he’s ready to find a solution, even if that does mean accepting a Dom into his life. Thank God Phil is there to save him when things seem like they’re about to go wrong.