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IT’s white.. it’s all white. I’m sorry to Zayn for surrounding you with basic but amazing white boys.

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Weird questions - Sidney Crosby and Phil Kessel (PT Diaries, Episode 4)

A/N: Thank you so so so so much for all the feedback, I truly appreciate it! This episode/chapter is kind of short, so I’m sorry about that.

Word count: 1001

Warnings: none, I think.

Episode 1  Episode 2  Episode 3

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Originally posted by gfhockey

“Crosby, keep your back straight!” I yell at the captain from the other side of the room.

“Sir, yes, Sir.” Sidney mocks me from his spot on the pilates machine.

It’s been a month since I started working for the Pittsburgh Penguins and so far it’s been absolutely fantastic. I’ve already worked with every guy, figuring out what part of their bodies need improving. Also, my first official patient, Evgeni Malkin, was already creating some mayhem on the ice.

“Keep yelling at him, it makes us mortals feel like he is not perfect.” Phil laughs.

I’ve decided to make double sessions with the guys once a week to explain to them exercises and evaluate results. I had paired Sid and Phil together because I didn’t think that I could handle Geno and Sid together.

“Believe me, he is far from perfect.” I say loud enough for Sidney to hear me. “He cannot keep his back straight while doing the really easy exercise.”

“It’s because his giant ass.” Phil tries to defend his Captain and I burst out laughing.

“You know that I can hear you.” Sidney warns us and we laugh louder.

“Keep strengthening your core, Mr. Capitan.” I tell him and he huffs, but goes back to work.

Sidney’s core strength doesn’t match his thighs and gluts’ strength, which slows him down on the ice. Phil, on the other hand, needs to build up leg muscle, so I’m sitting on the platform of the leg press machine, using my body as a weight for him to lift using his legs.

“Okay, sassy pants…” Phil starts talking and I cut him off.

“Stop talking, Kessel.” I warn him. “Use that strength on something useful.”

“But…” He tries to keep going but I lift a finger up.

“Nope. If this is easy for you I’ll ask Sidney to join me up here.”

“I support that motion!” The captain hops off the machine I’ve confined him to and walk towards us, earning a dirty look from me.

“Where do you think you are going?” I ask him with my most intimidating voice.

“I want water.” He puts his hands up in surrender and I roll my eyes, but leave him go and grab a bottle of water from the fridge. “Also, we have more questions.”

“I answered all of Geno’s questions.” I say and Sid and Phil give me a wicked grin.

“Yeah, but now you are family and we all want to ask the juicy stuff.” Phil says and I bounce up and down, making him groan when his legs shake.

“Well… If I am family just imagine that I am that younger sister that never tells you anything.” I reply sassily and Sidney laughs.

“You know that it doesn’t work that way, sweetheart.” I know it doesn’t, but I’m not gonna give up my personal life without a fight. “If you don’t tell us it is gonna become a competition and the guys are going to be really annoying.”

“Go back to your exercises, Crosby.” I just say and he shakes his head but obeys me.

The next half an hour goes by smoothly, both of the players do what I say and do not try to question me any further. As annoyed as I might seem, I love spending time with the players; they have been nothing but nice to me and the work environment is always fun and easy going.

“Alright boys, you are done for today.” I tell them and they smile, wiping the sweat from their faces. “Let’s stretch a little so you are not sore tomorrow.”

They sit on the floor besides me and copy my movements, hissing a little when their muscles ache.

“Can we ask now?” Phil sounds hesitant and I know that he doesn’t want to overstep.

“Alright… five questions.” I accept.

Both of their smiles are beaming and they get their heads together to decide what to ask. I roll my eyes at them; they look like 12-year-old boys trying to figure out who is going to ask a girl for her number.

“First question, are you single?” Phil asks and I snort, looking at them like they were crazy.

“Really?” I wonder and they nod. “Yes, I am single.”

“It was the most asked question on the locker room.” Sidney confesses and I shake my head in disbelief.

“And we are supposed to be adults…” I mutter. “Next?”

“Favorite sport besides hockey?”

“Chess.” I say, trying to sound as serious as possible.

They both exchange looks, trying to figure out if I am serious or not and I can’t help it but to laugh.

“Basketball. I like basketball.” I say and they sigh in relief.

“Favorite TV show?” Sidney asks. “And please don’t say a History channel documentary.”

“These questions are so weird.” I tell them and they laugh. “Vikings. Which, if you didn’t know, is aired on History channel.”

“We try to mix really personal questions with stupid ones so you don’t feel like we only want to know your personal life.” Sidney explains and I nod, laughing.

“Alright, two questions left. Make them good ones.”

“If you have loved hockey since you were a baby why didn’t you play?” Phil’s question is actually good.

“Who says I haven’t played? Who says I don’t play still?” I answer them with another question.

“You do?” They actually seem really interested now.

“Just for fun, nothing too serious.”

“Defense? You’d be a great defenseman… defensewoman.” Phil tries to correct himself and I laugh.

“Center, actually.” I confess and Sidney claps his hands.

“You need to skate with us someday.” They pretty much scream and I shake my head.

“Never in your wildest dreams.”

“We’ll get you to do it sooner or later.” They promise and I roll my eyes.

“Last question and then I’m walking out.”

“This one is from Geno himself.” Phil says and I raise an eyebrow. “ He wants to know who is your favorite player in the team?”

The Baby Diaries: Part two

This is the second part of my first multi chapter fic. Heres the first part: you know if you wanna check it out.

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[y/n] = your name

I don’t really have much else to say. Sorry it took so long

Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs

Here come the Men In Black. Galaxy defenders The tune started playing as you were putting your phone back in your pocket Loki looked at you quizzically “Its Coulson” you said answering him.

You answered the phone “Hey Coulson” “Mmm” “Okay. Yeah, we’ll be down in a minute.”. You hung up after you said goodbye. “Ok we’re gonna go down to the lab, Coulson’s here and he’s gonna help us out a little.”. Loki nodded, he then huffed a laugh “Coulson as in the suit wearing Agent?” “Yeah why?” “Nothing pet - I understand the music of your phone” “Oh yeah its good isnt it? Its a referance to a movie” “I may not be from your world love, but I am no fool.”. You rolled your eyes at him. Then picked Tony up “D'you hear that we’re going down to your lab. You and Bruce will like it down there.”. Tony grinned and wriggled so you put him down.

Bruce looked up at you when you mentioned him and came to your leg he squeezed it so you looked down at him. You picked him up and he wrapped his small hands around your neck. “Bruce-y are you alright?” He gave you a small nod. “Are you tired?” He shook his head ‘No’ “Whats wrong”. Bruce leant up on your shoulder and whispered rather loudly in your ear “The big man is scary”. You laughed at his comment on Loki “Don’t worry Bruce the big man wont hurt you.”. You stroked his hair, Bruce looked behind his shoulder, he wasn’t doing anything special just standing there holding Thor but he squashes his head into your neck hiding. “Bruce I promise he isn’t that scary.”.

You got to the lab floor “Come on. Kids?“ You weren’t exactly sure what to call them. “Get out the lift” You held the door so they could all make their way out of the lift. Loki stayed behind with you “I am menacing to you mortals - especially infants” you smirked to your self “Okay … says the man holding his baby brother and enjoying it - when you say you despise him”. you smirked Loki gave you a small glare “what you know its true.” you stated.

You got into the lab and all the kids ran away. “Hey Coulson” “Hello [y/n] … Loki” You saw his eyes running from child to child making sure they weren’t getting in too much trouble. “From what I’ve read on Stark and Banner’s notes it looks like they have created a machine that de-ages people and organism. From the security camera footage, Stark called all of them down here meaning to just explain and use it on an apple - to take make it ripe again - but it malfunctioned and hit all of them.” Coulson explained. ” okay what about their ages? They all seem different, I mean Bruce and Steve are quite small.”. Coulson leant against the desk “Yes well, we think that as Bruce was the nearest he took quite a bit of the hit and he is the youngest at 3 or 4, then Tony Clint and Thor are about 5 and Steve, Bucky and Natasha are about 6.“. You furrowed your brows “Are you sure about Steve he’s very small.” “Yeah - we’re pretty sure, before Steve was Captain America and had the super soldier serum he was very small and always ill so I’d keep an eye on him.” You nod in agreement and sighed. “You would anyhow Coulson” you mumbled beneath your breath. “Anything else we need to know?” “Just try to keep them safe and we are going to have some children’s clothes sent over.”.

“Thanks Coulson do you wanna help take the kids up?” “Sure, how are you going to round them up”. You then stepped back into the middle of the lab “Avengers Assemble” you yelled, they all came running in to you. Coulson laughed “Makes sense” you smiled proudly “Coulson do you want to take Steve and Clint?” “Yep” He picked Clint up and held Steve’s hand almost exploding with joy - not hiding it very well. “Loki can you take Thor and - do you want to take anyone else?” “I will as you desire love” Coulson rolled his eyes. “Can you take Tony?” Loki picked him up in his other arm almost effortlessly. That left you holding Nat’s hand and Bucky standing next to Steve. You all clambered into the lift. “You okay down there Buck?” “Yes darlin’” you laughed at his cheekiness “Okay then. Taking care of Steve?” you smiled at the little charmer “As always ma'am.”.

The lift ride was relatively quick and you all quickly said goodbye to Coulson you gave him a quick hug and whispered into his ear “Don’t worry about me and Loki but get the clothes quick, they’re drowning in the old ones”. “Ok I will see you later [y/n]”.

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