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You know, people’s tongues are like knives a lot of the time. They stick them out and they’re all sharp and pointy and they - they cut you with them! But what if, what if we all blunt those knives - and, and stick flowers on the end! Or if our tongue was a dove’s feather! And then there would be no more of me cutting you and you cutting me back, cause that just gets us - what does that do for us? Nothing! It just makes mean people do meaner things and make meaner people, and it’s like, been like that since we were cavemen! People are so CRUEL sometimes! So we should have flowers as tongues!
—  my eight year old little cousin gets it, and stands on chairs to Prove His Point

So my eleven year old cousin just raised the question “if Princess Leia suddenly found herself in the modern world, what do you think her reaction would be?” And the fact that my immediate response was “she’d be absolutely outraged by the rampant injustice and inequality and systematic oppression pervading most aspects of our global society, and horrified by the toxic corruption in many of our institutions and probably start a revolution” makes me very sad

So. A small announcement:
I’m currently sitting in a plane about to take off, on my way to live with my aunt in East Africa. I know I haven’t been particularly consistent in posting my art lately, and it’s because I’ve been so busy preparing for the move. Unfortunately, there’s a high chance that the inconsistency will continue. I most likely won’t have access to a scanner, at least.
However, I will still try to post writing and art as much as I can.
Thanks for sticking by me, guys c:
Much love,

anonymous asked:

Phil come back we miss you!!!


I apologize profusely for the unannounced and unanticipated absence, but I was sorta on vacation and the place we were staying at hadn’t any free wifi and who wants to actually pay for that stuff, you know, so we didn’t have any wifi access for like four days. 

IT SHOULD BE KNOWN that spending time in a place without wifi is actually probably equal parts very good and very bad for one’s health. On the one hand, I went to be early every night (what a concept!) and actually read a sizable chunk of a book I’ve been meaning to read for 34059730948503954 years (as an aside: Les Mis is 1200 pages of PURE WONDER go read it right now bye). 

On the other hand, there was a point where I was so bored that I resorted to calculating, in my head, with mental math, the age difference between my dad and Carrie Fisher. Except, as I’ve mentioned, we didn’t have wifi, so I couldn’t just look it up, so I had to rely on dates and numbers I knew off the top of my head, and let me tell you, that was the most FRUSTRATING fifteen minutes of my life.

(I mean, if my dad was born in ‘58, he’d have been 19 in ‘77, which is when ANH came out. And I know that Carrie was 19 when ANH was being made, but I also know that Harrison Ford was 33, and right now he’s 73, so that means Carrie should be 59 (as an aside to this aside - 14 years holy balls). Except, a) I can’t help but remember that the age on the wiki page is 56, which makes things even more incongruous, as I can’t help but feel  like the age difference of 14 years is way too high to begin with, never mind adding another three years, AND B) my dad is only 54, and if he was 19 in ‘77, that’s a couple years too many? Unless the filming of ANH took 5 years, which I highly doubt, but then again I might be wrong, but then again the numbers in my head could be off, but then again my dad could be lying about his year of birth, or he could’ve just forgotten? Man, all I know for sure is that Mark Hamill was once 24 and THAT’S IT)



btw, Merry almost-Christmas to all my Christmas-celebrating peeps out there.