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A tweet from Phil Yu, the Angry Asian Man blogger, about an intriguing new Kickstarter campaign, the Haikus with Hotties 2016 calendar, inspired a couple of NPR employees to write their own haikus about the scantily-clad models.

A few of our favorites:

Before you all laugh,

Give these hunks a fighting chance:

Some aren’t wearing pants.
- Colin Dwyer

Mr. October
Is an A+ disrober
Good at haiku, too.
- Camila Domonoske

We know April may
spring with the birds and bees. But!
More Mr. March, please.
- Colin Dwyer

Snow melts, flowers bloom
Each new month I rejoice! Fresh
hottie, with haiku.
- Camila Domonoske

Read more about how this calendar/Kickstarted got, well, kickstarted, here: Got A Second For ‘Haikus With Hotties’? Now You Can Enjoy Them All Year

Images: Courtesy of Lane Dorsey / Courtesy of Haikus with Hotties


Angry Asian America Ep. 1 - Angry Asian Man on ISAtv!

Phil is a special guest on the first episode of Angry Asian America, a new series on ISAtv!

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A Chat With Phil Yu, The Creator Of 'Angry Asian Man' : NPR

Phil Yu’s conversation yesterday with NPR about his blog, ‘Angry Asian Man,’ shows that part of the Asian American responsibility is simply educating others about what goes on in this community, good and bad.

The blog shows the internet world what Asian Americans care about rather than focusing on just racial issues. 

More mild-mannered than expected for the creator of an 'angry’ blog, Yu covers everything from his first major racist encounter to his dream for the Asian American community in 10 minutes.

Check out the show!

The idea of an angry Asian anything is kind of an affront to people’s general perceptions of Asians in America. I think a lot of time we get pegged as very subservient, docile, passive. You know we are often painted as the model minority. We’re to keep our head down and not make waves, not rock the boat. And I just thought the name ‘Angry Asian Man’ was a little bit provocative when people see it. They go 'whoa, this is not a concept that I’m used to.’ And I thought it’s okay for Asians to speak up. It’s okay for us to stand up and get angry about things in the face of injustice.