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Our perfect little family

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Pretty much pure fluff, Slight angst like so tiny you have to squint


I probably won’t continue this but all feedback is appreciated! <3

Phil and I always suspected that Dylan (or Dil for short), our adopted son, didn’t have many friends but I guess we didn’t know the extent of it.

On Dil’s 8th birthday, Phil and I decided to hire out the memorial hall, Normally used for meetings, Crappy little Christmas parties and birthday parties.

We hoped to help Dylan hopefully gain closer connections with both, His friends and that he makes friends with the people in his class. We gave Him 35 invitations and told him to invite everyone from his class, which he seemed weary about but then agreed to. Phil and I helped him neatly write out the name of every person while we wrote all the information down.

This would be Dylan’s first birthday with us and I wanted to make it special and memorable, We dug out our old chocolate fountain machine that we used once in one of our YouTube videos back in the good old days when we had millions of adoring fans. When Phil and I got married we decided that we needed to Settle down and quit, we still work for the BBC just not as often as we now live in a small but pretty village in Yorkshire.

Wanting this to be the best birthday possible we blew our budget on presents and things for the party. Practically everyday as soon as We dropped Dil off at school we went straight into Hull; the local city, and couldn’t help ourselves to buy him everything we thought he would like.

Of course we knew a limit as we didn’t want him to grow up being spoilt and thinking life is easy but we decided to treat him extra to make up for his bad background and all the birthdays that his parents didn’t celebrate.

We would often come home with the boot of the car packed with presents and wrapping paper, hiding them in the old office as that was the one room that Dylan wasn’t allowed in. It held to many memories to risk demolishing by a stupid accident. We would one day though, show him inside and explain to him why people would sometime stop and call us ‘Danisnotonfire’ and 'AmazingPhil’ and wanting a photo with us.

On his birthday, We woke him up singing loudly and out-of-tune to him, producing him with a tray full of his favourite breakfast foods. A bowl of lucky charms, toast with Nutella and a glass of fresh orange juice.

He opened his presents, delighted with every single one, especially loving the old Nintendo 64 games station that we manage to find from an old retro gaming shop.

Hugs and thank you’s were exchanged before we started to pack up all the food we made last night into little plastic containers and placing them in the car. Ready for the party.

We arrived there at half 11 giving Phil and I half an hour to set out all the food,  chocolate fountin, drinks, music ect, ect.

Soon, The local church bell chimed signalling it was 12 o'clock, time for the party to start.

The time slowly trailed on and soon we heard the familiar loud chimes of the church showing that it’s 1pm and I felt like crying.

I looked over to Dil who was sat on Phils lap playing 'crossy road’ on his phone while Phil shot me a worried look.

“What’s going on? Are you sure you put the right time, date and address on the invitations?” He whispered to me. I simply ignored him and continued pacing around the laminate flooring.

“Of course I fucking did!” I whispered back, Dylan looked up curiously between us.

“Why Are you arguing?” He asked, looking sad.

“We’re not Dil, don’t worry, just finish your game yeah?” Phil murmured in the young boys chestnut hair.

“No one turned up did they?” Dil whispered, his lip trembling slightly.

“Are you sure you gave out the invitations?” I butted in, looking around nervously.

“Y-yeah… It doesn’t matter though… I had a feeling that this would H-happen…” Dil trailed of, tears welling up. I sighed and picked him up off my husbands lap, his small legs wrapped around my waist and his arms slung around my neck, imitating a baby monkey.

“I-I’m sorry, Dad, Papa… I wasted your money… People just don’t like me, I have no friends” The small boy sobbed covering the shoulder of my shirt in snot and tear but I didn’t care. I rubbed his back in circles softly and sat down on the chair next to Phil.

“What about… Lisa? I thought you said Lisa was your friend” Phil inquired

“S-she was but then when I said I had two daddy’s she called me weird and said t-that we’re all going to hell” Dil cried loudly, trying to bury his head further into my shirt.

“Me and papa will go talk to your teacher okay? How about we pack all of this up and go to the cinema as a special birthday treat?” I suggested already knowing that it will be fine with Phil.

“C-can I have popcorn?” Dylan murmured looking up at me with big eyes.

“Of course, Papa wouldn’t let us go without any” I chuckled making Dylan crack a tiny smile.

I put him down and he continued his game of crossy road on Phils phone.

Phil walked over to me and kissed me softly “I love you, you big dork” He mumbled hugging me tightly.

“I love you too” I smiled, kissing him back, just enjoying the embrace.

“And I love you three!” I heard a voice yell, I suddenly felt a small body collide with my waist and phil and I both looked down at Dylan.

Sure, the party didn’t go to plan but at least we still had our perfect little family…