phil x xenidis


BON JOVI, Vienna, Austria - 17/5/2013

Soaking wet were 40,000 people at Krieau Hippodrome in Vienna that night (after nice sunny day!) but it seemed that no one really cared about it. Bon Jovi either. Most notably Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora’s replacement (“fill in”) Phil X Xenidis.

The concert seemed to be one of the best so far at their “Because we can” tour (according to previously read reports) - who knows maybe that extra effort that JBJ, actually the whole band together, need to put into the shows due to Sambora not being present (due to “personal reasons”) it really pays off for the audience.

Vienna crowd was great, involved into the show right from the second song on (“You give a love a bad name”), everything just clicked right. Long set though a little bit shortened two encores into one, because the rain wouldn’t stop - the concert was really good. It had energy, heart, power… only it lacked the soul. The one that Richie Sambora brings to the table. And some bad ass riffs.

But if you are not sure would it be worth to see Bon Jovi without its founding member, you give it a try. You may live the Vienna experience. In that case, you’ll be happy.