phil u do a lot of arm thing

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Phan Heacanons: They said they haven't had a proper break in 3 months, but just imagine how often they'd crawl into bed at night at different times just to cuddle for a few hours before they had to get up and get back to work. Imagine how many times they had to find creative ways just to show each other some affection while they worked on project after project after project, rarely getting to really SEE each other outside of small waves of hello and kisses on the cheek in passing.

hngngng yes

phil bringing dan copious amounts of coffee while he’s writing and sticking little post it notes everywhere to tell dan things he couldnt during the day bc they barely had time to talk

things like “remember to order more cereal tomorrow! :]” but also “i read this article and omg did you know whales have no teeth?? how do they even eat food i’m so confused :O” and “i love you bear pls dont hate me bc i forgot to clean the bathroom again oops” and lots of “come cuddle when u can i’m in the lounge and i need ur arms around me <33″

also dan walking in and silently reading over phils shoulder for a minute and sometimes pointing out what he thinks should be changed but usually just humming approvingly and pressing a kiss to phils hair or shoulder or neck before leaving again

and some days when it’s just been too long since they had a night off and they’re both tired and a bit testy phil will suddenly barge into the office with a pillow and attack dan who falls off the chair with a shriek and immediately fights back by tickling phil

or dan sneaks off to prepare the lounge with cuddly blankets and mugs hot chocolate and dimmed lights and a stack of dvds in front of the tv and then calls phil into the room for an “emergency”

However, they make it work, they always find one way or another to relax and just be together and when the book is finally finished, it’s all worth the months of hard work and they celebrate with a damn cheesy candle-light dinner in their flat just because they can. <3