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Jack's Break-in Attempts and Phil's Patrol of the Workshop

(Long has it been known that this is a favorite topic of mine to post about, especially as the mun of Phil (but even if I wasn’t this would still be pretty fun!), but I finally think I’ve figured out what exactly has been going on with Jack and Phil all these years. I’ll probably need to change up my roleplaying and ways of thinking a little bit, but by using both the movie and the game (which is actually EXCELLENT for supplemental material, particularly regarding the individual realms), I’ve got it.

So here we have a nice big clear shot of the workshop. In this shot we can see more of the workshop and the facilities than in any other shot, honestly. Not all of it is covered, but most of it is–everything needing to be covered is here anyhow. Let’s start by getting familiar with the facilities.

This building–the central building, where most of the scenes taking place at the Pole occur–houses both the Globe Room and the production areas. (Also areas for leisure also seem to be primarily in this building.) The upper floors are for resting and everything, while the lower floors are where work is done.

This area if I recall correctly is referred to as the cliffs. I’ve seen some yetis working here or there, but it seems to be very largely a place for moving materials for toy-building. There are a few buildings down there, but not many.

Interestingly, this area is the yeti village I believe! I had always thought there was a wing of the workshop–since the thing is built into the ice, we may never know just how large it ACTUALLY is!!–where they stayed, but apparently they have a small village over there. I still think there’s probably boarding rooms within the workshop, but the yetis live in this area largely.

Now this area, I don’t exactly remember what it was specifically called. It serves as a bridge between the yeti village and other areas and the main building. This is where I think security would probably be a little more loose than others, because it’s very in the open with not a lot of places for people to hide, and there’s a watchtower right there as well. (Which I always thought was where Phil’s team he speaks so highly of tends to work.)

There in the smaller circle is probably where Jack’s usual primary target is. Of course there are doors here or there elsewhere, but as the main entrance it’s probably one of the first places Jack would try, and probably one of the places he’d try repeatedly.

Jack said he has been trying to bust in there (specifically, the main building), for ages. The main building is not only where most of the work happens, but where much of the security is NEEDED. The other areas are probably not very well guarded, and even if they were it would be more than easy for Jack to get a good look at them. So it’s safe to assume Jack had actually previously seen a very large portion of the workshop!! It was the main building he’s been wanting to get into for roughly 300 years. If I’m just using the game as a basis (because you can see a lot more of the interior in the game) I’d estimate there were about 15 entrances around the main building–there aren’t a whole lot of doors leading outside. Though the windows seem they would be a target, it makes the most sense that they, like the rest of the workshop, would be built to be very strong to keep out the elements. Because of that, I don’t think they’d be as likely to become a target. Jack may try to get in through them, but it’s a little less likely than him trying to sneak in through one of the scattered entrances. Needless to say he’d no doubt try to get in through any entrance he could find, but the way the workshop is built, the number of entrances of any sort are fewer than I had originally thought.

In conclusion, while Phil patrols all the facilities, he probably focuses more heavily on the areas immediately surrounding the main building, like entrances, pathways outside the building, and other areas like the sleigh tunnels, because these are the main ways people (most notably, Jack) try to break in. A watchful eye would be kept over the surrounding facilities from that watchtower.)


Jack: Slow down would ya? I’ve been trying to bust in here for years! I wanna good look!

North: What do you mean, ‘bust in?' 

Jack: Oh, don’t worry. I never got past the yetis. Oh, hey Phil. 

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Closed RP// How can I choose..?

“Jack! What are you doing!” North called to Jack, watching him scarf down the freshly backed cookies on the plate. Jack picked up his head, looking at the tall, Russian man yelling at him, his cheeks stuffed with the baked goods and crumbs around his pale lips. “I uh..” Jack gulped his mouthful down, looking reluctant to answer his question since North had specifically told him not to eat his cookies. “I told you this before. No eating the cookies!” he said angrily, his yetis on either side of him, preparing to throw him out. “Now you go.” Jack’s eyes widen, a gasp escaping his lips as he is aggressively picked up by Phil, the large brown yeti he had a bad relationship with. “Hey! Put me down!” Jack yelled angrily, thrashing his legs around to get out of the yetis grip. Phil walked over to the window before tossing him out. North walked to the window and watched Jack grip his staff and fly off, towards the snowy mountains without looking back. “He is, the maker of trouble,” he said with his thick Russian accent.