phil stewart

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- Queen
- David Bowie
- Rod Stewart / The Faces
- Status Quo
- The Jam + Paul Weller
- Joan Jett
- The Runaways
-Kate Bush
- Blondie
- Foo Fighters (this is very important!!!)
- Nirvana
- The Monkees
- The Rolling Stones
- Phil Collins/ Genesis (preferably memes (kidding) )
- Iggy Pop
- Any other good music shit that I can’t think of right this second lmfao thnx!

Black History in Animation:

John Stewart/Green Lantern from Justice League and Justice League Unlimited (voiced by Phil LaMarr)

A former United States Marine, John Stewart is very stern and a non-nonsense man, opposed to the team’s comic relief, the Flash. He wields a green power ring, which is powered by the wearer’s will power, and is only limited by the user’s imagination. The powers include flight, slight invulnerability, creating force fields, and firing energy blasts. Throughout the series, he develops an intimate relationship with Shayera Hol aka Hawkgirl.

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i’m in love with so many famous people i’ve never met yet i can barely tolerate pretty much everyone i know in real life


On this day in music history: July 12, 1986 - “Revenge”, the sixth album by Eurythmics is released. Produced by David A. Stewart, it is recorded at Conny’s Studio in Cologne, Germany and Studio Grand Armee in Paris, France in Early 1986. Following the success their previous album “Be Yourself Tonight”, Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox continue to move away from the synthesizer and drum machine based music of their previous work, towards a more band oriented pop/rock sound. The album features guest musicians such as drummer Clem Burke from Blondie, bassist Phil Chen (Rod Stewart) and arranger Michael Kamen. It spins off four singles including the first release “Missionary Man” (#14 Pop), which wins Eurythmics their first Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal in 1987. The duo also undertake an extensive world tour to support it, also releasing a live concert video in 1987 titled “Eurythmics Live” (directed by Geoff Wonfor (“The Beatles Anthology”) filmed during the Australian leg of the tour. The album is remastered and reissued on CD in 2005, with six additional bonus tracks added. “Revenge” peaks at number twelve on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.