Some of Cathy Sarver’s photographs of George Harrison, and parts of the note George wrote to Cathy, Carol and Lucy after All Things Must Pass was completed, screen capped from the documentary Beatles Stories: A Fab Four Fan’s Ultimate Road Trip.

“An Apple Scruff was a Beatle fan that came to Apple every day Monday through Friday. Everybody knows the name of their business was Apple, and we hung out on the front steps of their building, waiting for them to arrive. And then once they’d arrived, we were waiting for them to leave.When George finished the song ‘Apple Scruffs’, he asked us to all come in. And of course, we were dumbfounded because we were never asked to come in. We’re all sitting in there and they turn on the song ‘Apple Scruffs’. ‘Apple Scruffs, how I love you.’ It was amazing. We were all in a little huddle around him. He handed us this letter.

[reading in full] ‘Dear Carol, Cathy and Lucy. Now as it’s finished - and off to the factory. I thought I’d tell you that I haven’t a clue whether it’s good or bad as I’ve heard it too much now! During the making of this epic album (most expensive album EMI ever had to pay for) I have felt positive and negative - pleased and displeased, and all the other opposites expected to be found in this material world. However, the one thing that didn’t waver, seems to me, to be ‘you three’ and Mal, always there as my sole supporters, and even during my worst moments I always felt the encouragement from you was sufficient to make me finish the thing. Thanks a lot, I am really overwhelmed by your apparent undying love, and I don’t understand it at all! Love from George (P.S. Don’t hold this evidence against me.) P.P.S. Phil Spector loves you too!

He was a sweet man.” - Cathy Sarver, Beatles Stories: A Fab Four Fan’s Ultimate Road Trip [x]


Evil can be beautiful, as illustrated by these drawings of outlaws by Canadian artist Sean Lewis. In these intricate and colorful drawings, the subjects range from genuine monsters to the simply badass.


Suffering from postpartum depression and dementia, Yates lived for a time in a small trailer with her five children and husband. They were devoutly religious and “would seek to have as many babies as nature allowed.” The pressure of their growing family proved too much for Andrea and, after multiple failed suicide attempts, she drowned her five children in their tub.


A famous music producer throughout the 1960s, ‘70s, and '80s, Spector is most famous for his recording technique called the “wall of sound.” Suffering from intense bouts of paranoia, he was known for violent mood swings and famously pulled a gun on The Ramones. Spector later shot and killed his girlfriend and appeared in many courtrooms with an assortment of ridiculous wigs.


Born into an unstable home, Aileen was abandoned by her mother as a child and raised for a time by her grandparents. From an early age, she became sexually active with multiple partners and at 15 was thrown out of her grandparents’ house. She lived in the woods and supported herself through prostitution. She later hitchhiked to Florida, and it was there that she murdered seven men, who she claimed had sexually assaulted her while she was working as a prostitute.


Considered a mathematical child prodigy, Ted Kaczynski attended Harvard at the age of 16. After completing his PhD and a short time spent as a professor, Ted moved to a remote cabin where he attempted to become self-sufficient. It was from here that he started a mail bombing spree that spanned more than 20 years. Spurred by the destruction of the wilderness around his home, he used bombings to attract attention to his cause. He sent a letter to authorities claiming to stop the bombings if the Times or Washington Post printed his manifesto. It was through this letter that he was eventually apprehended.-


Raised and sheltered by his religious-fanatic mother, he was teased for his effeminate demeanor. Ed went on to dig up the bodies of women at the local graveyard and later murdered two women. When the police raided his home, they discovered one of the most horrific crime scenes any have witnessed, with skin stretched over furniture, skull bowls, a body suit stitched from skin and many other body parts used in disgusting ways. He was the influence for many horror movies such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho, and Buffalo Bill’s character in Silence of the Lambs.–

Baby, I Love You
  • Baby, I Love You
  • Ramones
  • End Of The Century

“Baby, I Love You” by the Ramones

In hindsight, Phil Spector was the wrong man to make a Ramones album.  His painstakingly lush production ran counter to the Ramones’ seat-of-the-pants propulsion.  And it didn’t help that Spector was fucking crazy.  There’s rumors he pulled a gun and held the band hostage at his house, rumors it’d be easier to dismiss if he hadn’t pulled that kind of shit a dozen times before.  He’s currently in prison for shooting some poor woman in the head.

But: He loved Joey Ramone’s voice.  Joey, who grew up listening to Spector’s old Pop records.  Something clicked.  Spector brought in his trusted sessions musicians, and Joey covered “Baby, I Love You” by The Ronettes.  If you’re expecting a Ramones song, you’ll be sorely disappointed.  But I think you’ll be pleased if you hear this for what it is: Joey Ramone’s first solo work.

Click here to hear “Baby, I Love You” by The Ronettes

The “Be My Baby” intro is the most iconic drum beat in pop music. Penned by Phil Spector and performed by Hal Blaine (w/ the Ronettes), the “boom, boom boom, cha!” is instantly recognizable and has been been both duplicated and used in a number of variations by artists time and time again. 

I began compiling songs using the beat years ago in a series of mixes and I finally decided it was time to put all that effort into one huge mixtape that you can stream in its entirety. In addition to the full megamix, I divided it into four 20-song mixes which tracks the chronology of the beat and the many songs its influenced through the decades. Click here to listen on Spotify

Part I - A Beat is Born (1963-84)

The Ronettes “Be My Baby” / Beach Boys “Don’t Worry Baby” / Jan & Dean “Dead Man’s Curve” / Four Seasons “Rag Doll”  / The Shangri-Las  "Leader of the Pack" / The Zombies “She’s Coming Home” / ? & The Mysterians “I’ll Be Back” / Badfinger “Baby Blue” / Mott The Hoople “Foxy Foxy” / Carpenters “Only Yesterday” / Billy Joel “Say Goodbye to Hollywood” / Elvis Costello “No Dancing” / Meat Loaf “You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth” / Hall & Oates “The Last Time” / The Clash “The Card Cheat” / Roky Erickson “I Walked With A Zombie” / Electric Light Orchestra "Xanadu" / The Shivvers “Why Tell Lies” / Cocteau Twins “In The Gold Dust Rush” / Asia “Heat of the Moment”

Part II - The Beat Becomes Canon (1985-00)

The Jesus and Mary Chain “Just Like Honey” / Poison “Cry Tough” / The Cure “Kyoto Song” / Depeche Mode “A Question of Lust” / Pet Shop Boys
“King’s Cross” / Melvins “Creepy Smell” / The Stems “She’s Fine” / The Magnetic Fields “Candy” / Tallulah Gosh “Just a Dream” / Manic Street Preachers “Everything Must Go” / Prefab Sprout “A Prisoner of the Past” / The Ladybug Transistor “Windy” / Guided By Voices “Ha Ha Man” / El Perro Del Mar “Oh! What a Christmas” / My Morning Jacket “The Bear” / Hefner “The Weight of the Stars” / The Boys “Brickfield Nights” / The Clientele -“(I Want You) More Than Ever” / The Legends “Your Song” / The Raveonettes - “Little Animal”

Part III - The Beat Booms (2001-08)

Camera Obscura “Eighties Fan” / Jens Lekman “A Higher Power” / Brendan Benson “The Pledge” / Sambassadeur “Great Lengths” / Bat for Lashes “What’s a Girl To Do?” / Lucky Soul “Give Me Love” // Jarvis Cocker “Black Magic” / The Pipettes “Sex” / Johnny Boy “You Are the Generation That Bought More Shoes and You Get What You Deserve” / Super Furry Animals “Run-Away” / Au Revoir Simone “A Violent Yet Flammable World” / The Shins “Phantom Limb” / Ballboy  "Avant Garde Music" / She & Him “Sweet Darlin’” / The Long Blondes “New Idols” / Jay Reatard “An Ugly Death” / The Explorers Club “Forever” / The School “All I Wanna Do” / Ruby Suns “Kenya Dig It?” / Deerhunter “Vox Humana”

Part IV - The Beat Goes On and On… (2009-15)

God Help The Girl “Perfection as a Hipster” / Empire of the Sun “Without You” / Girls “Ghost Mouth” / Devendra Banhart “16th & Valencia Roxy Music”  / Gotye “Learnalilgivinalove” / Pains of Being Pure at Heart “Gentle Sons” / Owen Pallet “Lewis Takes Action” / Wavves “When Will You Come” / Best Coast “I Want To” / Wild Nothing “My Angel Lonely” / Lykke Li “Sadness is a Blessing” / Still Corners “Endless Summer” / Cults “Abducted” / La Sera “Never Come Around” / Deer Tick “Hold Your Hand” / “Never Wanna Know” / Afghan Whigs “Algiers” / Sharon Van Etten “Every Time The Sun Comes Up” / Viet Cong “Continental Shelf”

Listen to the full 80-song playlist on Spotify.