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Iron Fist Countdown: 1 Day

Danny Rand: Accidental Superhero

Alan: “Why’d you get involved…? You some sort’a flippin’ super-hero?

Danny: “No. I mean… I… I mean, he… that is, Scimitar, he… Wow. I never thought about it before. A superhero… I guess I am.” 

[Iron Fist vol. 1 #5 by Chris Claremont, John Byrne, and Phil Rache] 

    So far, the Marvel Netflix shows have given us three variations on a particular type of superhero: someone who gains powers against their will, and then decides, for whatever reason, to go out and use those powers to help others. With Danny, we’re getting something a bit different… 

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i swear to god this is playing out like one of @carraville ‘s fanfics

bonus disasters: carra’s already following him back & gary is also following an artistic tattoo ig account……..

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making of Dave Greber’s Prospect 1.5 installation, “The Fool, The Hierophant, The Devil, and the Wheel” by Phil Rached