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Leave A Trace - CHVRCHES
Mean - P!nk
Chasing The Sun - Sara Bareilles
Taking Chances - Celine Dion
It’s Quiet Uptown - Hamilton
Angels - Robbie Williams
The Boys Of Fall - Kenny Chesney
Home - Phil Phillips
Lucky - Britney Spears
City Of Blinding Lights - U2

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We all know Phan is practically canon, platonic or romantic.

But the thing with the beds is getting really really ridiculous, even if their only was one bed it’s not weird for best friends to share one, especially with how expensive Tokyo is, so please please just let it go.

If you really think Phan is canon then why are you trying to make a big deal out of it, a bed shouldn’t change your mind. Just breathe guys, let them enjoy being home without having to worry about the internet because of a misconceived and unclear freaking hotel room furniture arrangement. They might not go on holidays again if you keep being crazy obsessed about Phan.

Just be happy that they had fun. Please.

she is the best thing that’s ever been mine (a rilaya mix) [LISTEN HERE]

i. are you gonna be my girl? (cover) - addie hamilton // ii. mine - taylor swift // iii. somewhere only we know - lily allen // iv. fix you - coldplay // v. valerie (cover) - naya rivera/heather morris // vi. you found me - the fray // vii. i’m a believer - smash mouth // viii. drive - halsey // ix. have a little faith in me - john hiatt // x. come on eileen - save ferris // xi. home - phil phillips