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I’m fairly sure I have you to blame for being obsessed with Tyler/Jamie so would be up for a fic rec for them (though admittedly I’ve read everything in the tag so maybe you just have to produce new content 😏). Or I found you through sid/geno so a fic rec for that would be good too!! OR considering I’ve probably read everything featuring both of those, if you had recs for any other ships I should consider that would be good too. Thanks for everything 🌈🙌😍

i’ve done a jamie/tyler one that i think still stands as my favourites from the archive, and there are some really great sidgeno fics but i’m not feeling it right now. so. i’m calling this list

“pairings you should give a chance because i swear they’re adorable as fuck”

some are tiny ships, some are beginning to rival fandom giants like bennguin and sidgeno, but here’s some of my favourite fics from ships to consider if you’ve run out of fic for your own teams.

all that by LottieAnna
mikey/nater. soulmate au. friends to lovers. lots of mutual pining. these two are fucking cute and i fucking love it and you should really give them a go.

and underneath, it should say “i win” by nebulia
paulie/nealer. i think these two were actually the first ship i got into after i started getting into hockey. i love it. anyway- james neal gets a drunk tattoo and it is, unfortunately, a love letter to his best friend.

We wish, we wish, and all we do is wait by MamaWouldBeSoProud
mcdraisaitl. leon is in love with his liney. slow burn, pining, happy ending.

Pop them bottles and drink that up, man by Honeymull and arzoensis
joe thornton/tomas hertl. um. so like every fic for these two is kinky as fuck and i love it. please read them all.

Stay by hapakitsune
sergei bobrovsky/nick foligno. rule!63 slow burn pining. this pairing is so wholesome and i know this is rule!63 but i love this fic and you should also read all the other fic that exists for them

A Save Situation by oflights
benntuzzo. okay look, i’m a slut for friends to lovers, i admit it. basically bros in love and pining for each other post bortz’ trade.

I could be wrong, I could be ready by 12ways (yourblues)
les gally. fake dating. accidental outing. slowburn pining. gally gets outed and chucky accidentally gets roped into being his fake boyfriend. a pairing i like to call #assholesinlove

The Zoo of Toronto by Bellsastuff
phil kessel/carl hagelin. hell yes very wholesome love. this fic is a really interesting concept and this ship has some real gems to read.

must be love on the brain by crispierchip
nolan patrick/claude giroux. um. very unhealthy relationship. dubcon. gangbang. i wish this pairing had more wholesome fic, but like, what exists is pretty fucking hot.

out of the blue by Idday
mceichel. assumed identity. in which jack keeps hate fucking connor mcdavid, while falling in love with a guy he met on twitter using an assumed name.

give the game away by somehowunbroken
marner/strome. um undiscussed bdsm disguised as hate fucking? good shit yo.

while making the most of the night (i’ll love you) by cawlidge_hawkey
mcstrome. dylan didn’t expect connor to take him seriously when he said he wanted to fuck. he also didn’t expect it to fuck them up so much.

ever dreamed we even could be by vienna jones
nico/nolan. rookies in love. these two could be so wholesome!!! need me more as they play and grow!