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Fire on the Mountain
Grateful Dead
Fire on the Mountain

Grateful Dead - “Fire on the Mountain”

Starlake Amphitheater, Burgettstown, PA, 6/22/92

-Part 2, right after Scarlet Begonias..



Around The World In 80 Days: Kyrgyzstan

Tian-Shan Mountains
Photo Credit: (Phil Mazur)
Relax Time
Photo Credit: (Evgeniy Graznov)
Issyk-Kul Lake
Photo Credit: (Alex Žižek)

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GO OUTSIDE : Dan and Phil

I opened the new book that I had finally bought, my smile widening at the title: GO OUTSIDE.

How original.

It was a picture book of their adventures on tour, in the UK, a few parts of Europe, America, and Australia. A tear found its way to my eye, as I stumbled upon a picture they had taken in Chicago, where my show was held.

There was a picture of them at the white house.

One at NASA, where they held the cover for the book I was holding.

The captions were short, meaningful, and cute.

One picture, where they stood by mountains in one of the Carolinas, said:

“ Dan and I could lift a mountain together! Not this one. Probably just the drink. Mountain Dew. -Phil”


As I kept flipping the pages, I came to a page that was before the two last.

There was a picture of someone’s arm out to Dan. The hand was holding a single silver ring.

It said,

“ Daniel James Howell. To you I give my heart. You had it already. Now it is yours to keep. This is at our last show. - Phil”

The next page said.

“ You are all cordially invited (Dan, that’s too formal!)

You’re all invited to a live show of Phil and I’s wedding, on October 19th, 2022.

Be there or we’ll release the hounds! (Phil, you can’t say that!) (I just did.)

But, you were all right. All along.

(Dan, will you wear a black suit with a black shirt and a black tie?)

( Phil, I’m recreating the one suit that Gerard Way wore.)

( Okay. I’m gonna get a metallic green suit.)

( I don’t think so!)

( Watch me.)”

That was the page.

The next page said:

“ D: Wow, a book two.

P: Bet you didn’t see that one coming!

D: They probably did, it’s the Phandom, Phil..

P: You hate that word!

D: It’s what they are!

P: Anyways. Thank you all so much for the love and support and the years of watching my videos. I don’t know why you clicked on one, but look at the world that you and I have created together. I’m not even talking to Dan. I’m talking to you. Whoever’s reading this book. Whatever you are, I want to guess that you have a really nice smile or pretty eyes. Because if you’re a gorilla, that’s weird.

D: Character development. That’s all. I’m joking. Thank you all so, so, so much for the love and support and everything. Why would you click on a video of mine? Come for the accent, stay for the existential crisis. Look at this little cult we have. I’m gonna pull a Phil. I’m talking to you. Whoever is reading this weird book. Not one blood sacrifice made, not in my cult. I sure am glad I dropped out of Law. Why? I never would have experienced, the most fun I have ever had.

P: Guys, it’s worth it. I promise.

D: It gets better.

P: Try your best not to be sad. Get a blanket, some tea.

D: I thought I wouldn’t make it to twenty years old. I was that sad. Then, I met Phil.

P: You were so awkward.

D: Then I decided, life isn’t so bad.”

The next picture was a picture of Dan and Phil hugging. There are tears in both of their eyes.

The page after that?

“ You’re all gonna see us back on the Internet, don’t even lie. We love you all.

- Dan Howell and Phil Lester”

There was a heart at the end of their names.

I closed the book.

They’re right.

Maybe life isn’t so bad.

Yo Dan and Phil
  • Phandom: Yo Dan and Phil you should go to Manila
  • Dan and Phil: Nah dudes we busy-
  • Phandom: Crie crie
  • Dan and Phil: *leave London*
  • Dan and Phil: *mountain picture*
  • Dan and Phil: *selfie with horse*
  • Phandom: wtf
  • Dan and Phil: -busy spending time together
  • Phandom:
  • Dan and Phil: lol
new youtubers react!

tomorrow (sunday august 16th) there will be a new youtubers react at 1pm mountain time, and there is a very high chance that dan and phil will be in this episode!