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Definitely not my best work, but I started this in the backseat of my family’s minivan, mourning the mysterious death of my beloved MacBook as we drove through Florida, so all things considered, I’m pretty pleased with the outcome ((the MacBook has revived itself, for those wondering, so that story has a happy ending too!))
Based on an image I found … somewhere online? It was really cute and looked like this.
Thanks to @connorxxmurphy and @crazygoblinfreakoutnoise for talking me through hand-drawing-related mental breakdowns and I’m tagging @philipconnors and @richardgoranski because they’re also into GHD and fan art. Enjoy!

1) if you disagree i can inform you this is based off of many things like morality, outsider’s view, fan favorites, talent, etc. so it’s not my opinion, nor yours.
2) no not everyone in existence is on this list trust me i’d put more if i could.
3) name everyone and you win


All of my life I spent searching the words of poets and saints and prophets and kings
Now at the end all I know that I’ve learned is that all that I know is I don’t know a thing

I spent a lifetime seeking signs, reading lines
But I know now that I know, I know now that I know nothing
Andy Karl, Barrett Doss Sing of Regret in 'Groundhog Day' Musical's "If I Had My Time Again" (Exclusive Video)
Together, they sing of when Phil "once masturbated seven times" and how Rita "would punch a lot of men," among other things.

Nicely done, combining B-roll of the show and from the studio during the cast recording.  I wish they hadn’t recorded it before they changed Phil’s lyrics about revolving rides to: 

I was completely dead inside,
But today I’m like eighty-five percent

I think, especially in a standalone video like this, would help people like Phil more and get a better idea of his journey.

Who can gif Andy at 2:22 & 3:44, because #adorable.  The whole cast is, especially during the instrumental bit.  

ETA: I figured out how to make gifs…  Sorry, not sorry.


I know Ben Platt will probably win the Tony for Best Actor, but I really hope they give it to Andy. 

What Andy is doing at Groundhog Day is masterful and so genuine, heart breaking, and heart warming all at the same time.  I think people let the comedy overshadow the beautiful emotional depths he reaches during the show.

Andy's Black Knee Brace is Gone

It’s been replaced by a white sleeve style brace. I’m glad that his recovery is going so well and so quickly. I will miss the old one though, as a reminder of the show’s “champions adjust” motto. However, he has said in interviews he can’t wait to not have to wear anything, so I’m happy for him.

@philipconnors would you lead us in a moment of silence for the BBKBoB. (Best Black Knee Brace on Broadway)