phil is txtin

Teasing. UoU but mostly just want to rant in annoyance UGHhh

this is probably going to go through a bajillion changes when i actually get time to finish it. Mostly on GHB UGH i need to decide on his hair and then do his stupid makeup and this is supposed to be a 2 parter picture so ugh, the highblood is frakkin tedious for me, especially his giant ass hair going with his giant ass self

stupid ghb ihu. sufferer is my babby 5ever

anonymous asked:

Oh my gosh, I love the way you draw Terezi and Nepeta! I mean I know you're famous for your Karkat's and Gamzee's but you should doodle those two more as well!! :D

Thank you! (*´∀`*)

Really, I could stand to draw A LOT of the other characters more than Gamzee and Karkat b-but… i just love those two so much that drawings turn into them sometimes. Damn them.

I’m aiming to fix that more though UoU Even if Karkat, especially Karkat, weasels his way into pictures so much that I might as well put a small drawing of him at 2% opacity in every picture I do.