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Lineage - Steve Rogers/Reader

Imagine Steve Rogers meeting Phil Coulson’s daughter before a mission…

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Steve glanced up at the woman taking a seat at the mission table. He’d never seen her before but he got a familiar vibe from her. She looked over at him and smiled, “Hi there.”

He smiled grateful for the ease you put the room at. He was used of new people staring at him awed and amazed, “Hi, Steve Rogers.”

“I know.” You continued to smile at him, “Y/N Coulson.”

“Coulson? Any relation to the late Phil.” He raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Yeah, he’s my dad.” You watched his face changed quickly from getting to know you to regret, “It’s okay…He didn’t talk about me much at work. You know the whole keeping each other safe thing.”

“I’m very sorry…” Steve sighed softly, “He was a good man.”

“I know.” You nodded slowly a small smile still resting on your features, “He spoke very highly of you after he met you. First you were just his hero, but then…well his words were “He’s so cool.’”

Steve smiled a soft chuckle leaving his throat, “That sounds like him.”

“Yeah…he was pretty blunt.” You looked down at your hands, “To be honest I don’t know how he’d feel about me heading out on mission with you.”

“We’re going to be fine. This is a run-of-the-mill in-and-out job.” He told you.

“I’m not worried.” You perked up a little, “I’ve trained for this. My dad taught me tricks the academy never did and besides…”

He smiled seeing that bright curiosity that every Coulson seemed to have, “Besides?”

“I’m working with Captain America.” You smirked a little leaning forward slightly, “Hey does that make me an honorary member of the Avengers?”

He let out another laugh opening his folder up, “I suppose after today we’ll find out.”

Young Love

Summary: youngdan! Youngphil! Dan saves Phil when unfortunate events occur while out playing with his friends. Phil’s true feelings are revealed during a sleepover.

Word count: 1691

Genre: angst, fluff

Note: this is a oneshot I’m not really sure if I want to continue it but who knows, first fic I’ve ever submitted bare with me haha. Also I’d like to note that Dan and Phil are in the 13-14 age range (I also had to re-upload this due to minor fixes)


“Now where are you going so early?”

“Um gonna play with Phil and Ruby.” Dan said skipping around the kitchen nibbling on a pice of toast his mom made.

“Don’t be out too late alright.” She called.

“I won’t!” Dan yelled and was running out the door excited to see his friends and continue their adventures. The air was warm and the grass was damp. Summer was Dans favorite season, when the flowers scattered across the fields in bright oranges and pinks, and the sunsets could be shared with his very best friends, but most importantly because it’s when Phil came to visit.

“Dan!” Ruby said running to wrap her arms around him. “Ruby!” Dan returned hugging her back. Her red hair tangling in the breeze. “Where’s phil?” Dan asked looking around.
“Up there.” Ruby giggled pointing to the tree above them. Dan smiled seeing Phil swinging his legs while sitting on the branch directly above their heads. “Look out below!” Phil called before slipping himself off the branch tumbling ontop of his friends. They fell back in a fit of laughter. “Are you ready to go exploring.” Phil said smiling at Dan with wide blue eyes hand outstretched. “I’m always ready.” Dan said jumping up and running passed Phil challenging him to race. “Hey no fair! You got a head start.” Phil whined but broke out laughing as he watched Dan trip over his own feet and fall flat on his face.
Ruby held her stomach from laughing so hard. Dan just huffed looking back to his friends as he too broke out into a wide smile. “Hey it’s not funny!”

“It’s quite funny.” Ruby squeaked, still laughing. “I thought I was the clumsy one.” Phil snickered

They all spent the rest of the day playing tag and exploring for hidden treasures to which Ruby found a rusty bottle opener and Dan held up an old sock but screamed and flung it into Phils face. They all sat on their backs pointing to the various shapes of the clouds and laughed when Phil pointed out one he claimed looked like Dan. To which Dan playfully shoved him. The sun began to go down signifying that the Day was almost over and all would have to go back home. “Hey guys up here.” Ruby called up from a steep hill. Dan and Phil struggled up the dirt that kept pulling them back down but finally made it up both of them trying to catch their breath. Dan dramatically fell to the ground holding his chest “I’m gonna die right here.”

“Nooo, I’ll save you Dan!” Phil played along pretending to resuscitate his heart. Ruby just rolled her eyes laughing at their little show. “Guys look isn’t it pretty?” She asked barely whispering. Dan gazed up his breath catching as he stared at the view in front of him. Building lights twinkling in the distance, purple and pinks jut across the sky making it look straight out of a fairytale. Phil stepped to the edge of the cliff to which a few pebbles fell. “Phil be careful.” Ruby said worry written across her face. Phil shrugged, only holding his stance mesmerized by the view. “Dan look at-” Phil began to lose his balance as the rock under his feet began crumbling. Ruby screamed.
Dans arm shot forward grabbing phils arm. Phil held onto dan as tight as possible, the rest of his body dangling off the cliff. “Phil hold on.” Dan yelled desperately holding onto his friend with all the strength he had. Phil looked up at Dan his eyes wide in fear “don’t let go.” His voice quivering as he spoke.

“I won’t.” Dan said through clenched teeth digging his heals into the dirt under him. “Grab my other hand.”
“I- I can’t I’ll fall.” Phil cried tears dripping from his eyes. Dan stared straight into phils eyes determination and adrenaline rushing through his veins “I won’t let you fall.” Phil weakly lifted up his other hand towards Dan. With one swift movement Dan grasped phils other hand and pulled. Phils body emerged over the side of the cliff. Phil fell on his stomach as Dan fell back wards. Both boys lay there for a while panting, hair sticking to the sweat on their foreheads.

“Dan, Phil !” Phils mom rushed over followed by dans mom and Ruby. “Are you boys alright.” Dans mom asked worry written all over her face. “Phil you scared me half to death !” She hugged Phil tears in her eyes. Dans mom pulling him in an embrace, looking over him to spot any injuries. “Mum I’m okay I promise.” She looked as if she was holding tears back. “Ruby told us what happened and I- we were so worried we thought we lost you both.” Ruby rushed over to Phil hugging him tightly. Phil hugged her back showing her he was okay.

It was only then Dan could feel his cheeks were wet with tears. Phil ran over to him throwing his arms around Dan. Both crying but smiling through their watery vision. Happy that life had given them a second chance. Phil sniffled pulling His friend close burying his face in the crook of dans neck while Dan tightened their embrace. They parted and Phil looked at their moms and Ruby
“Dan saved my life.” He croaked. Smiling at his friend .“Dan I don’t know how I could ever thank you.” Phils mom said rushing over to hug Dan.

“Your a hero!” Ruby exclaimed, they all laughed even though everyone was still shaken up and very much emotional.That night phil slept over at dans, both of them fighting sleep.



Phil turned his body to face Dan.
“Your my favorite person in the whole wide world.”
Dan turned to face Phil, his blue eyes glittering against the moonlight and Dan swore he could see the entire galaxy in those eyes. “Really”

“Really, really” Phil said giggling.

“Good cuz your mine too.” Both smiling and snuggling deeper into their blankets. Though Phil was a couple years older than Dan he never felt younger, he felt the same to Phil and frankly never wanted either of them to get older. “Hey dan?” Phil’s whisper barely audible through dans thoughts. “Yeah?”

“Remember when you liked Jenna?” That was random, Dan thought. Nevertheless he remembered the girl from his art class and her butterfly burettes, she was quite mean to dan always laughing at his choice of clothes but even still he still longed to hold her hand. “Yeah.” Dan wondered why Phil asked since it seemed very out of place. “How did you know you liked her?”

Dan had no idea what to say, he didn’t like Jenna anymore and he didn’t want to talk about her “I dunno, I don’t like her anymore.” dan defended. Phil nodded. “Did you want to kiss her?” Dan felt his eyes widen “no!” He whisper yelled. His friend just laughed at his flustered state
“Oh I just thought that’s what people did when they like someone.”

“I didn’t..I-i didn’t like her like that.” Dan sputtered. There was a long pause, waiting for Phil to answer, maybe he fell asleep- “what if I liked you like that?”

Dans whole body stiffened. The question playing over in his head. He sat up from his spot on the bed and looked down at Phil whose brows were pulled together and eyes stared curiously for dans response. “Do you?” Dan asked softly. Phil bit his lip thinking it over before responding “um I don’t know.” He shrugged. “It’s o-okay if you do.” Dan stammered. Phil’s eyes back on his, now it was Dans turn to feel on the spot. “really?” Phil asked as Dan laid back down. Dan just nodded his head with a small smile. He never liked a boy before but he did like Phil, he did want to hold Phil’s hand, maybe he even wanted to kiss Phil…just a little. Dan slowly inched closer , tracing the stripes on his friends pjs. He looked up bumping their noses together, both boys laughing softly. He couldn’t help but look at Phil’s lips, and up at the blue eyes, he could see the yellow and green flecks and details that made Phil’s eyes practically glow. Why was he stuck with boring old brown? Dan brushed his nose against Phil’s leaning a little closer until he felt a warm breath against his lips. He looked up at the boy in front of him waiting for him to pull back but he didn’t instead he closed his eyes and slightly parted his lips. Dan leaned forward slotting his lips in Phil’s. It was warm and soft. Dan liked it, he really liked it. The feeling of Phil’s lip between his sent sparks through this body. Dan pulled back staring at a breathless Phil mischievously then tilted his head the other way and pressed against Phil’s lips again the feeling was indescribable. They both giggled. Phil pecking Dans lips again and again enjoying the new discovered action. Phil wrapped his arms around dans small frame and pulled him closer until Dan was laying comfortably on top of the other. Phil mindlessly playing with dans fringe as Dan relaxed to the touch. “We should probably go to sleep.” A soft voice whispered. It was late but Dan didn’t want to sleep he wanted to keep kissing Phil but the feeling of sleep was tempting. “Yeah.” Dan yawned. He snuggled his face into the a warm spot on Phil’s neck, he felt two arms lightly wrap around his back. “Goodnight Dan.” Dan just hummed into Phil’s neck knowing his friend would understand the small action. The familiar smell of Phil filling his senses. Both fell soundlessly asleep, Phil truly was Dans favorite person in the whole wide world.

Thanks for reading ^ . ^ I know it’s not the best but I had fun writing it


Oh. My. God.
I noticed Dan’s shirt first. He looks great in that color, despite it being too tight. How can that be a ladies small? He should totally get a size up and wear it.
Phil looks stunning in Dil’s shirt. The black v-neck with his dark angled fringe. I take back everything I’ve said about his hair in the past.
Amazing. He looks sooo good.
I don’t know about owning this merch myself but I’m still excited. Well maybe a Tabitha shirt, will check out sizes.
Consensual encouraged nipple touching. I died.
Dan likes Phil in the v neck, peek of Phil’s chest.
Big Hero 6 reference.
Phil loves the city, not suburban vibe.
Where would *we* live?
Dream fantasy penthouse. You know the one where the Sims were making out on the balcony…
They spot a skybar!
Private gallery canoodling, I love the mood their in.
Aubergine DD reference!
Dan is so supportive of Phil’s wifu and it actually warms my heart.
Dan’s selfie issues.
“Our wedding” who needs context?
“Cool story bro”.
That building is really awesome.
Country Karaoke (I got distracted here, need to rewatch)
Dab can move to the city, head cannon.
Cherry blossom tree really present to themselves, let’s be honest.
6 hr Sims ls exploring the city yes, you may.
They are so married.
They want us dead.

Oh Phil Lester, where do I start.

Firstly, you’re so damn good looking I can’t handle it half the time.

Secondly, you are literally a ray of sunshine. You are so happy and cheerful, always seeing the good in people. I want to be like you and have the same outlook on life as you do. You have made me realize that we can’t judge people with first impressions and you have taught me to always think that people could have been going through a bad day themselves. 

Thirdly, you have helped me with my insecurities. I always worry about my friends being more liked than me, more people appreciate/recognise them. And it is because of you I know that it does not have to affect me and what I do. I say this because you were the first one to start youtube but Dan has more subs than you but yet you’re still amazing and happy and pleased with everything you have. Because of you I know it’s important to be happy and feel fulfilled with what I have and not compare myself to anyone else. 

Fourthly, you are incredibly adorable. Like actually. You may be like 10 years older than me but you will never stop being a cutiepie with the small things/actions that you do.

amazingphil, if you ever think that no one appreciates you, you are so wrong.

This has been my appreciation post for Phil Lester

~ movie famous ~ preference ~

“I have big news, come over to the flat now.”
You stared at the screen of your phone for the second time. When you first received the text, you were in the middle of grocery shopping. Once you dropped off your bags at your own apartment, you called a taxi to pick you up to go to Dan and Phil’s. Now, you were just left staring the text message, wondering what it meant. You weren’t sure wether it was good or bad news. When you arrived at the apartment, Dan opened the door before you even rang the door bell. You take a step back. “How did you know–”
“I saw the cab out the window with you in it.” Dan rushed you inside.
“Alrighty then.” You answer suspiciously.
You walk up the stairs and into the lounge. You noticed Dan fidgeting, wether in excitement or nervousness you didn’t know.
“Would you like to tell me why you asked me to immediately come here?” You ask raising an eyebrow.
“You’re not going to believe this.” He started. “I am going to be in a Disney movie.”
Your jaw dropped. “No way, really? Oh my god, that’s amazing!” You hug him, still shocked.
“That’s right. Me and Phil got asked to voice characters in Big Hero 6. It’s not a big role though, something like two lines.” Dan admitted.
“But it’s still a Disney film. I think that’s pretty cool.” You tell him.
“Don’t tell anyone yet though. They said I can only tell close family members. You technically fit under the category of ‘family’ so I told you.” You couldn’t help but smile. He considered you as family.
“Aw thanks, that’s so sweet of you.” You go onto your toes and kiss him.



You sat on couch in the lounge. You were scrolling through tumblr when you heard someone shout in excitement. You glance at the door to see Phil skipping into the lounge and then abruptly stopping after noticing you. You stared in confusion, silently asking him what he’s doing. Phil ran out of the room before you had a chance to ask him out loud. You stare at the space Phil was just in and thought about all of the possible reasons why he just randomly came into the lounge skipping, quickly stops when he sees you, and left quicker than you could say lion. You go back to your scrolling. You couldn’t focus on tumblr because of your thoughts piling up. You closed your laptop and got up from the couch. You then walked to Phil’s room and knocked on the closed door. “Phil, what’s going on?” You ask.
“I’ll tell you in a few hours!” He shouts back.
You slowly walk backwards. His answer made you even more confused. Why couldn’t he tell you now? Why did it have to be a few hours? You opened your laptop to distract yourself.

It was later that night when Phil came back into the lounge, this time without leaving. He sat down next to you. “I’m sorry about earlier. You’ll understand why once I tell you what happened.” Phil apologizes.
“Which is what I guess you’re going to do right now.” You answer.
“Get ready for this.” Phil takes a deep breath. “I’m going to be in Disney’s Big Hero 6!”
“Oh my gosh, no you’re not!” You say surprised.
“Yep! Me and Dan are gonna be known as Technician 1 + 2 from now on.” Phil says with a laugh.
“Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!” You hug and kiss him.
“I’m sorry I ran out of the lounge earlier. I wasn’t sure if we were allowed to tell people yet.” Phil admitted.
“I understand. Hey, you know what’s cool? I can tell people that I’m dating a movie star now.” You joke.
Phil laughs. “Not just any movie star, the best movie star that has ever existed.”


As you can see I was excited.

I woke up at 4am this morning. I got maybe two and half hours of sleep so really I took a nap. I got to the convention center at 5:30ish and the security guards were telling everyone that the line was capped off and no more people were going to be allowed in… I swear me and the kids behind me were about to start a riot because there was no way in hell that 750 kids had already showed up. The security thought Dan and Phil were doing a two hour meet up and only let in 250 until someone was like “it’s a 6 hour meet up.” So they let us in. Because seriously I did not travel nearly 400 miles, wait all weekend, and wake up at 4 after two hours of sleep to be told no. 

Hanging out for nine hours with a bunch of Phans was awesome though. A highlight of my experience at Vidcon. It’s so cool to be able to talk face to face with kids in the same fandom instead of talking over a keyboard. And it was so cute and cool when they found out that yeah I was Taylor from internet support group 3. We watched the video and the group I was sitting with squealed when my question came up. So awesome. I can’t. 

Meeting them was surreal and nothing like I’d ever thought. They were so kind, they gave great hugs and goddamn did they smell fucking good. Dan complimented my shirt, and when I was trying to get my phone out I apologized for shaking so much (I still am btw) and Phil was like “it’s okay, you’re fine.” And fuck I felt so short… I am 5 foot 9, I don’t feel short often, and I felt two feet tall and so small. It was humbling really. 

When I walked away I started to cry pretty bad and I called my best friend and cried to her and told her what happened and she started crying with me. These were tears of happiness I assure you, I didn’t know how to feel so crying was better than screaming :D

These two mean the world to me and I don’t know how to express that fact. There’s simply no words. They’re my heroes, and the constant in my life that kept me from losing my mind this past year or so. I told them in my letter that they’re the reason why I am the person I am today. Why I’m still alive. I know it’s a little corny to say that they saved my life… but that statement is true. I can honestly say they saved my life. Dan and Phil had me laughing when no one else could, pulled me out of the dark and made me feel like I wasn’t alone. And I’m forever indebted to them. So thank you Dan and Phil. Thank you so much.