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I wasn’t able to post this on Valentine’s Day, but I liked the sketch enough that I decided to post it!  I was largely inspired by Judi Dench asking that infamous question, “What IS the deal with Reylo.” Madness, Judi.

So…yeah…I’m a sap for Villain/heroine or byronic-moody-character/ well-composed character romances, because there’s so much potential for delicious drama in the narrative.  I personally feel Rey will be a Kenobi/related-to-nobody-we-know, but…I could be very, horribly, like, woah wrong.  I’ve been wrong before.  In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the idea of the Acolyte of the Anger Kylo mooning over Miss Desert-What’s-Her-Name.  In the infamous words of the satyr Phil from Disney’s “Hercules”, Kylo… “Don’t let your guard down because of a pair of big goo-goo eyes.” But he did.  And he lost.  And allow me to quote “Hercules” when I want to.  In any situation. 


Finnick would make a good Phil, right? They’re both tiny and grumpy so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. 

The Harecules AU belongs to @judylavernehopps and shout out to @trashasaurusrex for her contrubutions. (I hope you guys don’t mind that I drew this ;3). Go check out their artworks of this awesome Zootopia/WildeHopps AU! 


The signs as Hercules characters

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Hercules // Harmonious, Strong, Self-Sacrificing // Leo, Libra

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Meg // Intelligent, Sassy, Troubled // Gemini, Sagittarius

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Pegasus // Jealous, Dependable, Protective // Cancer, Scorpio

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Hades // Grudging, Humorous, Ambitious // Capricorn, Aquarius

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Phil // Loyal, Stubborn, Fiery // Aries, Taurus

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The Muses // Observational, Caring, Knowledgable // Virgo, Pisces

nuttyrottencandy  asked:

Your art is so beautiful! I love the Hercules AU and that J.J is Hades. BUT what if J.J was the reason Yurio gave up his liberty? J.J left him for Isabella. Maybe he gave it to Lilia? (Ref to ep 5) :0 Ps: Yakov as a satirus would kill me X'D

Ahhh Lilia as Hades than? Hahahahah xD 

Yes that would be also an option but J.J. is Yurio’s personal villain and the one Otabek don’t really gives a shit on either. So for me he fit’s better than Lilia (also because we didn’t had an interaction between Lilia and Otabek in the anime). The thought was good though, I didn’t thought about her. C:

Also Lilia helps Yurio with his grace - and honestly I see Hades!J.J and how Yurio stands somewhere behind pulling that face behind him like he always does. 


hercules: *father this is the moment ive always dreamed of, but… a life without meg even an immortal life would be empty i wish to stay on earth with her i finally know where i belong*.

ok you guys know ive been comparing beauty and the beast to jack and ashi but ive found another parallel in hercules he was taken from his family had to become a true hero met a beautiful woman saved her fell in love she saved him helped restore his god hood he could of returned home but didn’t and why? because he loves meg with all his heart and i know jack loves ashi very much in ep 10 he may perhaps be given the choice to return to his own time or stay in the future if he chooses the future i might cry because i love jashi so much keep the faith jashi fandom