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What are your headcanons for married!Harry and Ginny, based off everything we've found out about them in CC, Epilogue, etc.?

When Ginny was a Quidditch player on occasion she’d come home from practice still wearing her muddy, sweaty Quidditch gear. Harry would completely lose control and sometimes they didn’t even make it to the bedroom. There were showers and changing rooms at the stadium, of course, so Ginny knew exactly what she was doing. 

I see them as the kind of parents who will give each other a quick kiss in passing but then get caught up in it until they’re kissing passionately and then all the kids will shout at them and throw things until they stop.

I always picture the Potters as having a huge garden behind their house, complete with a lake and a small woods filled with magical flora. They go swimming in the lake in the summer.

Harry does most of the cooking, of course, but Ginny’s the one who makes the kids do the dishes afterwards.

They never get to spend as much time with each other as they’d like, because they are both so busy with work.

Harry is the soft-touch parent and Ginny is the disciplinarian. (Harry is like Phil from Modern Family when he tries to be the “bad cop” parent. He way overshoots the mark, because he has no clue as to how to go about it.)

When they have no choice but to go to Ministry events, Harry mostly stays quiet and lets Ginny do the socialising for the both of them. Not because he’s shy, but because he hates that kind of socialising and Ginny is good at it. She lets him know when they’ve stayed long enough to leave without looking rude.

Sometimes while the kids are sleeping they sneak off to the lake on their own and go skinny dipping.

Ginny knows Harry isn’t a perfect parent but she has enough faith in him to let him make mistakes and learn.

Harry thinks Ginny is a perfect parent. He thinks she’s a perfect everything. She has to bring him down to earth and remind him that she’s human and fallible on occasion.

Harry would be perfectly happy hanging out with Ron, Hermione and select friends from Hogwarts and no one else, so Ginny is the one who tries to enlarge their social circle.

Ginny is used to the fact that Harry’s job puts his life at risk on a daily basis, but in order to get through the day she locks that knowledge up and doesn’t let herself brood on it. She knows that Harry needs to be out there trying to save the world and she wouldn’t change him. There is a part of her that lives in constant fear, though. It mostly comes out in dreams.

I just had an image of Steve and Sharon deciding to spice up their Valentine’s Day by role-playing as two singles set up on a blind date, like Phil and Claire from Modern Family. And it always goes wrong.

Steve is Nathan, an art teacher at a private academy.

Sharon is Elena, a high-end interior designer.

They meet at a bar in Brooklyn, each wearing a red “My Name Is” tag. Their flirting is beyond ridiculous and date night comes to an end when they see a patron drugging his date’s drink.

(A stack of cash for damages is sent to the bar the next day.)

Next year, “Nathan and Elena” meet up again, only this time “Elena’s” heel breaks and she sprains her ankle, leaving “Nathan” to carry her to an amused Dr. Cho.

Year Three is interrupted by Doom-bots

Year Four they’re on separate missions and their internet connection isn’t secure, as they later found out from a hysterical Sam and Bucky.

Year Five “Nathan” gets food poisoning and “Elena” has to keep rubbing his back and make a list of cleaning supplies.

They’re still waiting on Year Six.

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Can you type the characters from Modern Family?

I don’t watch regularly.

Phil: ESFP. Cheerful and optimistic, guileless and doting, makes decisions based on his moral values and how he would feel in the situation (Se-Fi). Has trouble asserting himself in socially complicated matters, only forceful or critical when challenged/offended (Te). Has trouble anticipating the full implications of ideas/plans (inferior Ni).

Claire: ESTJ. Does whatever is necessary to achieve a goal (Te), often micromanages situations (Si) to avert some imagined “disaster” (Ne). Nostalgic with hidden soft spots (Si-Fi). Cannot let people be or allow situations to evolve naturally, only stops to think about the human/moral implications of her behavior when directly confronted with someone’s hurt feelings face-to-face (inferior Fi).

Haley: ESTP. Bold and adventurous, harsh and critical, confident in her skill set but struggles with romantic relationships due to fear of emotional vulnerability, often resorts to fishing for superficial attention when insecure (underdeveloped Ti, Fe loop prone). Rarely reflects on the implications of her behavior (getting better in later seasons), easily spirals into self-inflicted doubt/pessimism when things don’t go well yet bounces back just as easily (inferior Ni).

Alex: INTP. Sharp, critical, enjoys problem solving and building technical knowledge (Ti). Underdeveloped Ne, unwilling to expand her thinking when she believes herself correct, though she grows a bit whenever she can see a situation from another perspective. Si issues make her seem J-ish in being fussy, over-reliant on the familiar when feeling insecure, health problems from perfectionistic behavior. Not generally bothered by criticism or the opinions of others except at low points in life, though insecure in romantic relationships and dates substandard guys so as to experiment while maintaining emotional distance/safety (inferior Fe).

Luke: ENTP. Cartoonish. Full of inane ideas but occasionally has one that works out well against all odds. Ti is in development with the waffling self-confidence. In later seasons, learns to emotionally manipulate people for personal gain (unhealthy Fe). Irrationally held back by past failures, so he rationalizes away his lack of ambition and claims to not care about success when he really does (inferior Si).

Jay: ISTJ. Loves his familiar routines, displays the competence of many lessons learned the hands-on way (Si-Te). Has difficulty handling feelings and emotional vulnerability, though gets better over time (developing Fi). Has great difficulty moving out of strictly defined comfort zones, often claims that past attempts ended badly and uses that as an excuse to stay put (inferior Ne).

Gloria: ESFJ. Expressive, nurturing, and tolerant, but also vain and wants to be liked (Fe), reluctant to admit shortcomings in front of others (inferior Ti). Detail-oriented when needed, seems cool/edgy at first but is actually soft/humble in outlook, seeks to better her life when unhappy (Si-Ne).

Manny: ENFJ. Heavily focused on relationships and idealizing them, defines self-worth through who he can impress (Fe-Ni). Seeks meaning even in meaningless things, smug, wants to be seen as “deep” or sophisticated and works hard on that persona, reactive when people seem unwilling to praise him or if they disagree with his “refined tastes” (overindulgent Ni, Se loop prone). Easily insecure when his reputation is at stake, has difficulty acknowledging his true feelings if he believes it will make him look bad (inferior Ti).

Mitchell: ISFJ. Expects situations to conform with existing knowledge (Si). Underdeveloped Fe (due to upbringing), has difficulty empathizing until feelings/emotions are very obvious or explicitly expressed, needs people to behave a certain way in order to feel at ease. Uses Ti to rationalize, usually correcting others instead of himself (Ti loop prone). Wants to be open and spontaneous but struggles with it (inferior Ne).

Cam: ESFJ. ENFP wannabe. Wants to be seen as dynamic, interesting, and worthy of attention, but self-sabotages because he is actually insecure and feels unworthy of the attention (Fe-Ti issues). Wants to be seen as open-minded and adventurous, but is actually confined within tight Fe-Si boundaries and low Ne anxieties. Micromanages social situations, using absurd Ne ideas to impress people (Ne loop prone). Lacks self-awareness and unable to confront his shortcomings until completely cornered (inferior Ti).

Lily: INFP is best guess, but it’s hard to type young kids as their functions manifest less predictably.


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Jin, Suga, Namjoon ver.

Somebody requested this, but I found out that the new theme I use makes it really hard to read when I post short answers directly from the request message! 

TAEHYUNG: He would be the funny, embarrassing dad. Whenever I picture Taehyung as a dad, I also think of Phil Dunphy from Modern Family. They’re both the “thinks-they-are-still-young-cool-and-awesome” type of dads. He would eagerly participate in any activities the child wanted to do. When your friends come over to the house, Taehyung is totally the type to say embarrassing things about you, like “did you know that she used to wet the bed until third grade?” Like Hoseok, he’d also spoil his child, regardless of gender. Taehyung also once said in an interview that he would like to have lots of children, but with an older girl that protects the younger brother. If that was the case, as his children grew older, he’d gradually leave more protection responsibility to the older sibling. I can also see him making the older girl giving the younger brother the “birds and the bees talk”. He might give it too; he seems like the open type of dad who isn’t embarrassed about talking with his children about these sorts of things. As you go through puberty, he’d increasingly talk more about his teen days as well, recounting the hard changes he went through. Generally speaking, he’d try to maintain the close bond he and his children have together. He’d also encourage them to be very close amongst themselves as well, so that they can look out for each other.

JIMIN: Jimin is the type to act firm in front of the mother of the child, but once she’s gone he would do all sorts of things that his wife instructed him not to do. She told him not to give the child any more candy? Oops. The second she’s out of the door step, he would sneak another candy to the child. He and his child would have that sneaking-around-mom-slash-wife-together bond. If the child was a girl, he wouldn’t be afraid to play all sorts of girlish games with her, unlike Jungkook. When they play sports together, he’d be the one to encourage the child by purposely losing. For example, he would pretend to miss the ball the child shot at him, then saying “you are much better than your old dad!”. He would be sort of clueless, though, on the child’s inner thoughts and feelings. If you were just having a bad day, he wouldn’t know to leave you alone, but rather persistently ask “what’s wrong, tell your father” until you snap at him. I think he’d want to have both and a girl and a boy, but an older boy to protect the son since he does seem a little traditional to me. For the “birds and the bees” talk, he would feel way too awkward and leave it to the mother.

J-HOPE: The one who spoils his children rotten. I think he’d prefer a daughter, because he can call her nicknames like “Princess” and spoil her even more. He’d be a cross between the hands-on dad and the watching dad type. This means that although he would play soccer or do an activity with his child, he’d also be the one to be satisfied by just watching them do the activity. If the child ever needed to be disciplined, he’d be the one who talks sternly in front of the mother, but once the mother is out of earshot, immediately hugs the child and whisper that they shouldn’t do that again. Once the child goes through puberty, he would make an effort to still keep being as close as he can to the child. However, his child might frustrated at the father’s immature attitude (which would be an attempt to remain like the old times), which might lead to them think that Hoseok is mocking them. As for the “birds and the bees” talk, if he had a son, he would definitely do it himself. However, should the situation be that he had a daughter, depending on their level of closeness and how much they share with each other, he might or might not give the talk.

JUNGKOOK: He would be the awkward, yet observant dad. He might seem a little detached from them at first. For example, if he had a daughter, if she asks him to do all these girly games with him, he’d politely refuse, saying that he just wanted to watch. I think he would want a son, so that they can have more in common without Jungkook having to make that much effort. If he had a son, unlike J-Hope, he still wouldn’t be all that close to him, like the tell-everything-to-me-I’m-your-father-slash-best-friend type. But more like the we-enjoy-hobbies-together-occasionally type. They would play sports, video games and watch TV together, though. Surprisingly, although he sounds very offhand with his child, if they have a problem he’d know exactly what’s going on because he’s the quiet observer type. As his child is growing up, and going through puberty, he’d generally leave the “birds and the bees” talk to the mother. If he had a son, he might do it himself to save the son from the awkward embarrassment of having to listen to talk from his mother, but he might be too awkward to do it himself.

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hELLO,, im sending in questions 15, 38, 103 & 108 this blog is just smth thats really cute to look forward to n admire the relationship for the dudes for are single as hell lmao

omg so many of you sent in numbers ㅠㅠ thank you guys so much!!

15. What fictional couples would you compare yourselves to?

…this is hard lol… what fictional couples would you guys compare us to? we were thinking that from That 70s Show, we’re simultaneously Kelso and Jackie and Eric and Donna maybe? Cam and Mitchell and Claire and Phil from Modern Family? Michael and Holly from The Office?

38. Show your fav picture of your partner that they’ve posted online.

y/n: how could you make me do this when he only posts the best of photos? he’s literally so handsome. a charmer. art. i saw a man so beautiful i cried – a quote about my boyfriend. 

jjk: here is my girlfriend :) feat y/n photobombing in the back!

103. Rate your relationship on a scale of basic vanilla (1) to extremely kinky (10)

……………………...(1 + 10)^12

108. What’s something that your partner does that annoys you? How do you annoy them?

y/n: EXIST he does this thing where he’ll say “guess what” and after i guess 3 times, he says “too bad, i guess i won’t tell you.” like boi… please….he also (god this KILLS me)…LEAVES THE RICE SPATULA IN THE RICE COOKER SO THE LID IS PROPPED OPEN AND MY GLORIOUS RICE LOSES HEAT!!!! HE IS A D E M O N!!!

 jjk: call me dude. that’s all. actually it’s annoying when she says “fine i’ll talk to ____ instead” because talk to meee, don’t give anyone else attention… and it’s annoying when she doesn’t eat enough. not just because she should take care of herself, but her stomach growls a lot in her sleep because of it. it’s cute sometimes but she is never full

y/n: things i do to annoy him… say “fine i’ll talk to _____ instead” lol. and call him dude. and flop on his bed/him after a long day without getting ready for bed so i’m “making his bed dirty” or whatever but really i’m just tired and want love and cuddles :(

 jjk: i’ll purposely annoy her by taking all the pillows at night before she can get in bed, or i’ll lay on her phone charger lol. sometimes i’ll take a piece of her clothing from her suitcase and replace it with mine when she’s nearly done packing….>:) granted, we both do this to each other, but it’s still fun to get a text or call about it a few days later lol

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Let me tell you something. You have value, talent and potential that their test can’t measure. Who cares if you don’t fit into their little box, you’re finding your way, that’s what your twenties are for! To take chances, to make mistakes and to learn from them. And you are learning from them!
—  Phil Dunphy, Modern Family

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Favourite colour: I’ve really come to like dark blue a lot, it looks good, it’s quite soothing and not flashy

Last song I listened to: Linkin Park I’ll be gone (Acapella)

Last Movie I watched: Dunkirk with Ali just a few hours ago, it was good.

Top three shows: Sherlock, Doctor who and Spectacular Spider-Man

Top three characters: Phil Dunphy from Modern Family, Donna from Doctor Who and Ron Weasley from Harry Potter (These are the names that immediately came to my head the list might be different had I taken more time)

Last book I read: “Quiet”, it’s an excellent book especially for introverts looking to understand and enhance themselves

One Hobby: Gaming

Favourite time of the day: Early morning when I get up and I have the whole day ahead of me

Coffee shop/Café order: I usually don’t go to coffee shops but when I do usually just get a french vanilla

Favourite Childhood movie: The Lion King, I think it was my first ever movie

Favourite Tumblr colouring trend: I have no idea what that is

Favourite Holiday and why?: Eid-ul Fitr coz there is a nice build up to it with Ramadan and you get Eidi, food and hanging out family.

What’s a time in your life you’d like to relive again?: maybe somewhere around the 7th grade I moved into a new school and there were plenty of aspects of my personality that I wish I still had and I would like to go back live with that personality again for a couple years.

If you could meet one person from the past and explain to them anything about present day life, who would it be and what would you say?: I would love to meet WG Grace and explain to him the concept of a scoop shot and watch the disbelief on his face as he realizes that it’s considered a normal cricketing shot nowadays.

The question I’d like to add is what is the one fictional character (can be from any medium) that you have feel is quite relatable and why?
For me it has to be Shizuku from the “Whisper of the Heart”. Plenty of reasons for that her introversion, her self-doubt but also her grit and belief. She’s also quite apprehensive about new people and I think the most relatable aspect was how her whole world could be entirely changed by just one person.

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Name: fanny

Nickname: fanx, fans, space nerd

Zodiac sign: sagittarius

Orientation: north, east, west, south, i go in all directions

Ethnicity: european

Favourite fruit: apples, raspberries, mangos

Favourite book series: le pacte des marchombres

Favourite smell: a stable full of horses :)))

Favourite season: winter for sure

Favourite animals: cats!!!!!!

Favourite colours: blue, anything between white and black

Coffee, tea, cocoa: tea and coffee

Average sleep hours: 5-8

Favourite fictional characters: bucky barnes, phil from modern family, christina yang from grey’s anatomy, gibbs!!!! and abby from ncis

Number of blankets you sleep with: always one

Dream trip: a roadtrip along the coast of northern europe

Blog created: april 2013 i think

Number of followers: defo more than the money in my bank account but that’s not hard sldhgksjgd

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Parent Percabeth Head Canons:

  • Phil and Claire from Modern Family
  • They wait a while to get pregnant, wanting Annabeth to be as established in her career as possible and wanting a lot of time just for themselves. They don’t have kids until their early 30s.
  • 3 kids- two boys and one girl. 
  • Suburbs
  • Pool at the house is open year round because Percy can heat it with his powers. They have boat races and Percy always wins. 
  • Percy cooks because Annabeth works more/cannot cook
  • When they’re trying to get pregnant, Percy talks to Annabeth’s stomach and encourages the “little swimmers.”
  • Hera tries to make it hard for them to get pregnant and Athena, Aphrodite, and Poseidon gang up on her because they want grandbabies/their ship to sail. 
  • When one of the kids doesn’t want to come downstairs to hang out with the family, Percy makes the water from the pool rise up to his/her window and makes him/her jump onto the water and ride the waterfall down
  • One of the boys doesn’t get powers and is always upset about it but he’s the smartest one and proves his worth time and time again and Annabeth talks to him about “having a power but not having a power.”
  • Percy trains them to sword fight with badminton rackets, which Annabeth does not approve of and does not always know about.
  • The girl is the most powerful of all three kids and gets powers from both Percy and Annabeth’s sides. 
  • Annabeth asks Sally to be in the delivery room with her. 
  • Percy makes lots of dad puns. Most of them about shellfish and other sea-related topics. 
  • Before they decide on baby names, they call them “Jermaine” and “Janet.” Percy thinks that this is hilarious. Annabeth does not. 
  • On non-windy days, Percy will make little waves in their pool so that all of the neighborhood kids want to come over and play in their pool in spite of the fact that none of them have connection to Gods and Goddesses and this is highly suspicious. 
  • Percy jokes that he wants to name the boy Jackson Jackson. He’s not really joking. (This is one of the reasons Annabeth invites Sally into the delivery room)
  • When the OBGYN is telling them what gender their first baby is, Percy gets really excited and says, “SO IS IT A POSEIDON OR AN ATHENA?”
  • The third baby is an accident but not necessarily a curse. Percy always made Annabeth buy Trojan condoms and insisted that they use them. When they got pregnant with the girl, Percy just shook his head and said, “Classic Trojans. They always let the Greeks slip in."