phil fish


“Nope. No, Phil,” Dan said before he’d even reached Phil’s bedroom door. You were right behind him, holding in your laughter. 

“What?” Phil asked, face innocent as you and Dan both leaned in his doorframe. His camera was on and he was looking to Dan, eyebrows raised.

“We heard you, you spork. You said you got another plant. It’s getting out of hand,” Dan said. And as you looked closer, you saw that Phil did seem to be holding something behind his back. 

“I’ve got no new plants. I don’t know what you’re talking–ow.”

“Did the cactus spines get you?” you asked with a barely contained smile. Phil pulled the tiny cactus from behind his back, frowning down at it.

“You turned on me,” he said quietly to the small plant.

“Get rid of it,” Dan said, and turned away, back to the living room.

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