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Of Bassoons and Pianos // A Phan Honor-Band AU // PART 3

Genre: Friends to lovers, fluff

Words: 17.9k

Relationship: Friends to lovers

Warnings: Cursing, homophobic attitudes

Summary: Dan Howell hates honor bands. He absolutely despises them. But when he and a shy (and cute) bassoonist are forced to work together for one of their pieces, Dan realizes they’re not all that bad.

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Dating Dan would include:

A/N: I tried something different. I enjoy these kind of things a lot so I wrote my own. I know it’s not a full story, but it’s something. I’m pretty busy today since tonight is my prom! 


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staying up late almost every night

really late like Dan asking you ‘Hey, did you know that cows have best friends? at 5am

lots of cuddling 

Dan is mister super squish and his cuddles are the best

‘omg you are so short’

‘no, you’re just a giant’

‘i love you so much’ sex

watching movies and eating popcorn with Phil 

holding hands on the tube 

holding hands all the time 

‘stop editing and get into bed with me’ 

‘no, honestly Dan the video is perfect already’

being best friends with Phil and other youtubers

deep conversations 24/7 

‘stop saying that! i love your hobbit hair’

phil catching you two having sex 

him writing a song on the piano for you 

‘no the leather t-shirt can’t come back from the dead’ 

‘omg have you seen that baby!’ 

listening to him waffle all the time 

getting in the shower together 

phil banging against the wall because you are too loud in bed 

‘you are such a dork, but i love you.’

traveling the world with him

being slightly irritated by his haru pillow that stares back at you during the night

going to award shows with him

him calling you sweetheart, darling or baby

‘no i won’t watch that anime with you. you’ve got Phil for that’

you giving him lots of stupid nicknames

having big plans for the future together like buying a house and getting a dog

understanding each other without words

‘baby, I need your help. are those two different shades of black?’

‘nah it’s fine. you always look good anyway’

I know there is a lot of discourse in the Phandom over whether or not Dan and Phil are together romantically. As a person who has been a casual viewer of Dan and Phil for years now, I understand the urge to apply romantic infatuation to them. They’re two people who are obviously very close, and their story is a beautiful, comforting one that has brought happiness and admiration to the hearts of many, many people. And I think that’s what we should focus on here, not ‘Phan’ as a romantic concept, but rather the steady and loving relationship of Dan and Phil that is consistently displayed and has been for quite a long time. Whether or not they’re together romantically, I think there’s beauty there. I think there’s comfort in realizing that they’ve found a connection. Dan and Phil are a reminder that you have a person, whether that be a romantic or platonic one. Seeing them together all of these years has reminded me that that kind of connection is possible and that loneliness is not inevitable. They’re best friends, lovers, soulmates - whatever you’d like to call them - and they’ve built up a community of passionate, hilarious people who are endlessly creative, sometimes in strange ways, but otherwise beautifully. Please remember that platonic love is just as prominent and overwhelmingly fantastic as romantic love. Remember to be kind to the other people in your fandom, even if they differ from you. And most importantly, remember that Dan and Phil are people who love each other, in whatever way they want to or need to. It’s a personal decision. A precise, emotional feeling that belongs to them and them only. Please, acknowledge the love between them, perceive it how you want to, but remember it’s not yours to manipulate. And either way, I believe you should be happy because there are two people out there who sit on a couch together, surrounded by nerdy items in complete comfort because they’re together. That’s all that matters in the long run, I think. Appreciate them. Respect them. Do the same to each other. Have a nice day!! 

Fitz: You know what’s a good light source? Guy with the flaming head.

Coulson: I’m really bummed I missed that.

Mack: No, you’re not.

Fitz: Sir… it was quite unsettling.

(loved this bit)

actual conversation between dan and phil
  • phil: put your nose right into the edge of its butt and shoot.
  • dan: frick that. there is no way in hell i'm gonna do that.
  • phil: you can do it. dan, come on. we've all got faith in you.
Halloween Fic (3) Masterlist

part one, part two

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Behind a Mask (ao3) - EmrysBeard

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Candy (ao3) - greymarius

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Fall For You - danqueray

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Halloween Party - skinnyjeanshowell

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Halloween With Family (ao3) - Deans_Angel6

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Haunted By The Ghost of Love (ao3) - wordsongs


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It Went Like This - ackerphan

Summary: So really, it all started when our form tutor who-is-possessed-by-a-god-knows-what started talking to us. Or did it start when I woke up in Dan Howell’s body?

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Ride With the Moon In the Dead of Night (ao3) - mooksie01

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The One Where Dan and Phil Watch A Scary Movie (ao3) - starsalign

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The Phan-Tom Of Howlter House (ao3) - TheAlphaFox

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Three For The Price Of One - pamoonblackbird

Summary: after getting to know each other online, Dan and Phil spend a promising first date until Phil gets a phone call and leaves in a hurry. Dan finds his wallet and decides to drop it off at Phil’s place the next morning, hoping for an explanation. However, he ends up getting a lot more than he bargained for…

Tricks and Treats (ao3) - goldfishsunglasses

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Winnie The Pooh - skinnyjeanshowell

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You’re the Terror in My Heart (ao3) - TodayWe_Are_Infinite

Summary: Dan finds himself dragged along to a Halloween haunted house theme park, at Phil’s insistence.

  • someone: when is phan gonna come out
  • me: ...
  • someone, to Dan: dan, wear ur hair like it's a hobbit
  • me: ...
  • someone, to Phil: can u swear more it's hot
  • me, bashing my head against a wall: please. stop. pressing. Phil. and. Dan. to. do. stuff.

me: *at the choir with other members*

me: *opens phone (dan and phil as my lockscreen)*

choir member: OMygod! you know dan howell? as in, the youtuber? omygod.


choir member: *opens up gallery and shows me a ton of dan photos*

me: *opens up gallery and shows her a ton of phan photos*

me: Phan or not?

choir member: eh. just Dan cuz he’s cute.

me: *stares into her soul*

choir member: i just don’t connect with Phil, y'know? soz.

me: (whispers) get phil to 3 mil

choir member:

me: Dan wouldn’t have been on Youtube if it wasn’t for Phil.

choir member:


choir member:

me: don’t cry…

choir member: craft

me: yASSSS