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Happy Birthday Dan!

So @danielhowell, you said your wish for your birthday was to be alone and eat a lot of food. Since I can neither send you a cake nor teleport you to a deserted island, i drew you in a swimming pool surrounded by delicious food. Have a fantastic day!

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A Normal Night // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: “I’m your waiter and you’re on a crappy first date” AU, fluff

Words: 3.0k

Relationship Status: strangers to lovers

Warnings: little bit of swearing

Summary: Phil, a waiter at a small restaurant, notices that one of his customers, a cute boy with curly hair and beautiful brown eyes, isn’t having a good time, as his date is quite pushy. Phil decides to intervene.

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Clint: It was about three years ago I think. My first assassination mission and my first failed one too. She was fighting off these goons in a hospital gown, practically kicked one guy through a wall. She was my age so It’d be weird if I didn’t have second thoughts.

Natasha: After that he threw down his bow and asked if I wanted to get burgers. Then Phil gave me a job. It was a good day.

I’m a dabbler, I’m someone that wants to experience everything in life. I like to try new things. I really like starters ‘cause it’s all about having lots of little different tastes 'cause I like being excited by the variety in life. So I am a condiment person.

@danisnotonfire during his live show on 10th of January 2017

Quotes from Dan (22/?)

Only Dan would get this deep when asked to choose between pizzas and burgers and give an inspiring rant about trying new things.

anonymous asked:

are those new burger socks? i can't watch the video yet but didn't phil buy burger socks for a friend? did he buy new socks? did he decide to keep them for himself? did he deliberately buy new ones for him and dan? are dan and phil in love?

the order came with extra burger socks so he kept one pair and yes