phil burgers

less calm, more stressing burger-restaurant au with @amazingphil & @danielhowell

slightly more detailed drawing, as prompted by their overcooked-livestream the other day

Happy Birthday Dan!

So @danielhowell, you said your wish for your birthday was to be alone and eat a lot of food. Since I can neither send you a cake nor teleport you to a deserted island, i drew you in a swimming pool surrounded by delicious food. Have a fantastic day!

(No reposting please; reblogging is appreciated of course ♥)

Yo, I need some friends

I’m really socially awkward and shy but I promise I’m chill once we get to know each other. I need some people to talk to so hit me up if you like any of these things…

Panic! At the disco

Dan and Phil

Bob’s Burgers

Fall out boy

Ash Hardell



Self deprecating and dark humor

Stranger things


Crazy ex girlfriend

Mean girls


Clint: It was about three years ago I think. My first assassination mission and my first failed one too. She was fighting off these goons in a hospital gown, practically kicked one guy through a wall. She was my age so It’d be weird if I didn’t have second thoughts.

Natasha: After that he threw down his bow and asked if I wanted to get burgers. Then Phil gave me a job. It was a good day.

A Normal Night // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: “I’m your waiter and you’re on a crappy first date” AU, fluff

Words: 3.0k

Relationship Status: strangers to lovers

Warnings: little bit of swearing

Summary: Phil, a waiter at a small restaurant, notices that one of his customers, a cute boy with curly hair and beautiful brown eyes, isn’t having a good time, as his date is quite pushy. Phil decides to intervene.

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Awesome Blogs

Yo, so I wanna make sure I’m following loads of people, I want to follow people who have blogs about these kinda things:

* Thomas Sanders - Whether it’s a blog about him, his sides, whatever y'all are worth following.

* Dan and Phil - Do I need to explain….

* Musicals - Heathers, Be More Chill, Dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton and probably many more I’ve yet to discover.

* Markiplier, Crankgameplays and Jacksepticeye - All three of these dudes are flipping awesome.

* Cartoon Shows - Stuff like Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Bob’s burgers, Rick and Morty.

* Cats

* Dogs

*Any other cute animals.

Or you just have a great personality and I like you. Basically just like, message or reblog so I know to check out your blog.


Ooh I forgot pokemon😄

Also heyyyyy to all the new people following me.