phil brisk

chlorine kisses

word count: 1k

summary: basically uh dnp are in the maldives, and their wedding is tomorrow, so they share a few kisses by the poolside. very fluffy a lil nostalgic. also quite cheesy

a/n: a short fluffy thing !!! that i wrote !!! for real !!! no baguettes !!! based off my holiday wedding trip theoru !! enjoy !!! under the cut !!!!

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Strawberry Lube and Blueberry Muffins

Summary: The one where Dan and Phil have sex for the first time and they are v cute.

Word Count: 4,000+

A/N: So from a canon timeline this seems pretty unorthodox but let’s just ignore that for now k great thanks<3

Warnings: Swearing, fluffy smut, age gap, you know the drill


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Lumos ~ Chapter 1

Summary-  supernatural!dan, high school au. Phil is sent to a boarding school to help improve his education and while he is there he meets Dan, who is an arrogant bastard but is a lot more than he seems underneath…

Genre- everythINg idek

Word Count- 1,681

a/n: wow okay so i’ve started another long chaptered fic, but i decided to go a little supernatural ^^ i really hope you like it, feedback would be very much appreciated :o 

A wave of nerves hit Phil as he got out of the car, slamming the door shut behind him. The main cause of the butterflies in his stomach- and his slightly shaking hands- was because the sight before him was one that made him considerably nauseous.

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No Decores, Comunica

Realmente no hay nada más irritante para un lector que entrar a una página web y ver un diseño recargado.

Esto no quiere decir que tu página web no debe utilizar los elementos de diseño y toques especiales que crean estilo, ritmo, emoción, intriga, etc. ¡Por supuesto que debe! Sin embargo, estos elementos deben ser siempre relevantes y apropiados, y no distraer la atención del producto final.

Recuerda esto, y aumentarán tus posibilidades de crear un diseño eficaz – un diseño que llama la atención al mensaje y no a sí mismo – un diseño que sirva a los visitantes de la página web en lugar de deslumbrarlos.

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Say Anything

summary;; live shows turn out to be harder than expected for dan.

ship;; phan

genre;; pure utter fluff one-shot. you’re welcome.

word count;; 758

warnings;; none

a/n;; okay so i wrote this originally for vidcon so sorry if anything sounds weird since i converted it to the tour ^^ hope you enjoy, i might do more like this in the future if you guys like it :) send prompts if ya want 

– syd

At VidCon last year they’d done the “who’s more likely too…” challenge - which Dan did have to admit he enjoyed - but today, it was the Say Anything Challenge, invented by Mamrie and Miranda. And yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like. You say anything, and the first person to stop or stutter or repeat a word, takes a shot. Dan and Phil had enjoyed watching Hannah and Grace doing it in February during their “secret project,” which was one reason Dan inevitably agreed to this challenge. Hartbig was shipped almost nearly as much as troyler and phan, so the two Brits had known they had to do this challenge as well. And the third reason? Dan hardly could say no to Phil when the older looked at him like that…

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