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SO, these are the last phanarts of 2016!!!

They are two of the moments I love most from a fic which is burning my soul and making it bloom!!! ^^ (more burning though, after the last cliffhanger O++++O) 

It’s Burn and bloom by @jilliancares!!! (YES, horrible pun in the sentence above, she’s the writer, not me! ^^’’’’) It’s an Avatar the last Air bender AU and I LOVE AVATAR. 

So this fic for me it’s ASDFGHJKL!!!! It’s SO GOOD. SO GOOD. Check it out if you haven’t, because it’s amazing. 

anonymous asked:

There was a fic where it was Dan who was punk or smthn and Phil was the owner of a flower shop, and Dan needs to find flowers for his mother's birthday. And they met up at night, and started to get really close, they use to cuddle and stuff. And Dan was very depressed, and he felt better after he met Phil. But then Phil started to get father and farther away until he stopped showing up at all. Thank you!

is it maybe this one?

In BloomMeet Phil Lester, heir to ‘Lester’s family florists’. Now meet meet Dan Howell, 23 year old rule breaker and owner of ‘Grizzly Bear’, the tattoo parlour that just so happens to be next door.

- Eliza

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PHIL - Orlando Bloom

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CHARLIE - Jenna Coleman

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MAXIME - Toby Regbo

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BONETTE - Aneurin Barnard

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OLYMPE - Imogen Poots

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