phil blair

“Uncle Phil, you gotta kick that man’s BUTT!

“Hmph. My STAND will be the judge!”

Stand Master: 「PHILLIP BANKS」
Stand Origin: Queen song of the same name 
Appearance Classification: Artificial Non Humanoid
Stand Type: Tool
Stand Appearance: 「HAMMER TO FALL」 appears like a stylized judge’s gavel. The handle is silvery and shaped like a joystick grip, with curves for one’s fingers. The actual hammer is golden, with “Law” and “Order” on each respective side in gilded cursive writing
Stand Parameters:
Destructive Potential: E-A (situational)
Speed: B
Range: D
Durability: A
Precision: C
Developmental Potential: C
Stand Abilities:

INSTANT TRANSITION」:「HAMMER TO FALL」Enables Phil to cut out the time transitioning from one action to another, such as going from laughing from a seated position to standing in front of someone. Unlike King Crimson, this time cut affects only Phil, not the rest of the world around. A fighting game fan might view this as a “cancel.” This ability enables the otherwise out of shape Phil to get the jump on faster opponents, as their reaction time can only go so far.

「WEIGHT OF SIN」: While as heavy as a real gavel by itself, 「HAMMER TO FALL」amplifies its force given by how many moral violations the target has performed. While something may be within the law, it may not be morally correct, and vice versa, ensuring that not even dictators who can change the law to their whim are safe from its effect. Furthermore, evil deeds done in the name of good cancel each other out, as would good deeds done for evil.  (For example, if used on the near saintly Johnathan Joestar, it would deal no damage. If used on the morally grey Jotaro Kujo, it would deal damage equal to a proper wooden gavel. If used on the morally bankrupt DIO, it would hit as hard as a fully loaded cargo train at top speed.)

「COOL UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT」: If Phillip deems the capital punishment 「HAMMER TO FALL」can deal is not appropriate for the crime, he can use this substitute. Essentially, Phillip issues a command that would atone for their crime, which is then repeated in the offenders mind over and over, increasingly louder until they are compelled to perform the action.

…I did it. seX

Scared Masterlist

Links Last Checked: October 17th, 2017

part two, part three

Airplane Anxiety - crescendohowell

Summary: Dan is afraid of heights and gets anxiety from flying.

Being Alone - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Phil is away for the week as he is visiting family. Dan edits a video the ‘spooky week’ on danandphilgames, but he’s too scared to do anything afterwards. Phil calls him and reassures him and comforts him.

Did You Hear That? - phanwhenimbored

Summary: kid!phan Dan and Phil are having a sleepover at Dan’s house. They watch a scary movie and while Dan isn’t too scared, Phil is terrified.

I’m Not Scared - cocktailaunt

Summary: Dan and Phil watch a scary movie together.

I Need That Dark In A Little More Light - aretheyinlove

Summary: The time Phil finds out that Dan is afraid of the dark.

It’s Just A Movie - oakleysfthoying

Summary: Phil convinces Dan to have a scary movie marathon with him, despite knowing that Dan doesn’t like scary movies. Dan agrees and ends up getting scared halfway through the movie, and Phil comforts him.

Late Night Phone Calls - trysomecats

Summary: Dan gets scared after filming the Outlast video for DanAndPhilGames, so he swallows his pride and calls Phil.

Lights Out - amazingsharna

Summary: There’s a power-cut in Dan and Phil’s apartment but Phil’s afraid of the dark, will his massive crush Dan Howell comfort him.

Scary Movies - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Phil talks Dan into doing a scary movie marathon for Halloween, they do every year. Phil falls asleep while they’re watching The Woman In Black and Dan is absolutely terrified, so much that he starts crying and has to wake Phil up. Phil comforts Dan until he feels better.

Scared With You - lunas-fez

Summary: Dan is alone over Halloween and realises how much he actually misses Phil, and that he kind of likes him (if Dan will admit it to himself sometime before Phil gets home).

The Blair Witch Project - jentin

Summary: Phil makes Dan watch The Blair Witch Project to get over his fear.

The One Where Dan and Phil Watch A Scary Movie (ao3) - rosegoldwords

Summary: In which it’s Halloween, and Phil’s the one who’s scared this time.