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phil runs baths for dan to make him feel better :( dan is so lucky to have someone like that in his life

he is. and i think he knows it and wanted to communicate it in a subtle but still very obvious way. when he blatantly said that he could never have gone through it alone, and when he talked about this ambiguous friend character asking him to get up, to play a game, or promising to force him to go outside, all of those little sketches felt like clear statements from dan that he truly needed this other person in his life to hold him accountable during his recovery, and that it was a privilege that he had that. i loved that little compilation at the end of bloopers that featured phil and his giggle, it felt like the most gentle and indirect way for dan to remind us that phil has been by his side through all of this, that he still is, and that he’s such a fundamental part of dan’s life and story.

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Okay, so can you make a fic where dan is tied town and Phil has a vibrating wand on his cock and dan screaming and writhing around and he finally cums. BUT Phil does not let up and keeps the vibrator and the head of god cock until he is crying from the overstimulation.


Okay so gUYS I went to the potato bowl it was fuckin lit ++ dirty anons are back on @subbydan-answers for all you sinners ++ I’m doing OCs on my writing tumblr @somanydestiel

Tags: Overstim, Bondage, Edging, dom!Phil, top!Phil, Degradation, Daddy Kink, very rough rough rough play, cumplay if you squint really hard, Aftercare

- Looking back, Dan really shouldn’t have teased Phil and then gone off to touch himself without permission, because he’s now tied tightly to his bed, Phil staring at him with that smirk and his hands behind his back. “Do you know why I’m punishing you, slut?” He asks as he crosses the room and climbs onto the bed above Dan.

- “Yes, Daddy-” Dan’s voice is cut off when Phil slaps him across the face- not hard enough to leave a mark, but enough to sting.

- “Naughty whores like you don’t get Daddies.”

- “Yessir, sorry sir,” Dan amends, eyes shut and trying not to focus on his hard on. Knowing Phil, he won’t be cumming for a while yet. Phil kisses Dan softly on the lips before moving to his neck, biting and sucking dark marks into the skin there. It makes Dan wiggle and his eyes glaze over, because his neck has always been pretty sensitive.

- Phil sits back on his haunches, admiring the mess he’s already made of Dan, and then reveals what’s behind his back- a hitachi wand. Just the sight of it makes Dan’s cock twitch because he loves it, loves how good it feels, how quickly it can make him cum. Tonight is going to be hard. “I’m going to edge you once for every hour your slutty little ass teased me today.”

-Nine. Phil is going to edge him nine times. Dan bites his lip when Phil turns on the wand, hips lifting off the bed just at the sound. He whines in the back of his throat when it does touch him, vibrating up and down his length, Phil moving it slowly with a dangerous look on his face. “Feel good?” Dan makes an affirmative humming sound, looking at Phil pleadingly. Already, he’s wrecked, needy, and close. Riling Phil up takes a toll on him too. Right as Dan’s about to come, the ask for permission on the tip of his tongue, Phil pulls the wand away, running it up and down Dan’s ribs instead, brushing it over his nipples once or twice as Dan calms down slightly. “One. Beg me to touch you again, bitch.”

- “Sir, please, please touch me. Please punish me an’ make me yours sir. ‘M sorry I was bad, just please touch me.” For a long moment, Phil keeps mindlessly moving the wand, dragging it over Dan’s inner thighs. Then, out of nowhere, it’s pressed against Dan’s taint and balls, just enough pressure that Dan squirms. Slowly, ever so slowly, he moves it up to the sensitive head of Dan’s cock, holding it there.

- “You’ve had worse,” Phil says with mild disinterest when Dan whimpers. “Be lucky I’m even bothering to touch a disgusting slut like you.” This time, Dan very nearly comes, but it’s taken away from him as the first spurt starts to dribble out of his cock. While Dan ‘cools down,’ if you can even call it that, Phil collects the cum with his fingers and presses them to Dan’s lips to clean. “Don’t get my toy dirty,” he chastises. Just like that, it’s back, and Dan nearly sobs with desperation. The amount of time is even shorter this time, and continues on in much the same pattern until Dan’s been edged eight times.

- Setting down the wand, Phil crawls on top of Dan and balances with his jean-covered thigh pressed between Dan’s legs, one hand balancing himself to the left of Dan’s head, and his right around Dan’s throat, pressing down so that Dan’s breathing gets shallow and his cheeks turn a darker shade of pink. “Rut against my thigh like the pathetic piece of shit you are,” he growls. That’s all Dan needed, and his hips rapidly drive his little cock forward for the painful friction and it feels so fucking good to be beneath Phil like this, surrounded by his scent, tears in the corners of his eyes. Precum smears onto the denim and Dan is about to come, a moan caught in his throat when Phil jumps off of him. No more weight against Dan’s body, no more hand on his throat, no more leg for him to get off on.

- “Sir, I’m sorry I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please let me cum, please! Please, sir, I’ll do anything, please! I’m sorry I won’t be bad ever again I’ll do anything sir please!”

- Instead of answering, he picks back up the vibrator and presses it to the head of Dan’s cock again. “You can cum,” Phil says casually, but what makes Dan hit his high is the way Phil reaches into his pants to start stroking himself, eyes never leaving Dan’s shaking form. But once Dan cums, Phil doesn’t move the vibrator, despite Dan’s protests and attempts to shift his hips away from it. “What’s the matter, sweetheart?” Phil mocks. “Thought the fucking whore wanted to cum.”

- “I did, I did, thank you so much Master but ‘s too much, stop, too much, no more,” Dan pleads, barely intelligible.

- Phil, the little shit, purposely misinterprets. “What’s that? You want me to make you cum over and over and then fuck you? Beg me.” No, that’s not what Dan wants, but he’s so far into subspace that he immediately starts begging, even though Phil’s already made up his mind. “You have permission to cum as much as you like.” He undresses then reaches for the lube, coats his fingers, and pushes two in at once. Dan’s used to it, and Phil knows how much Dan loves the burn of the sudden stretch. He seeks out Dan’s prostate quickly, and attacks it with his fingers, managing to get Dan to cum three more times (The last two dry) before he’s ready to fuck him, the wand still mercilessly against the head of Dan’s cock. He moves it when he pushes into Dan, and instead uses the hand to choke Dan again.

-”Sir, sir, Daddy, no, please, Daddy, Daddy, Phil too much, no!” Dan all but screams, sobbing, but Phil doesn’t- if Dan really wanted him to stop, he’d safeword. The fifth time Dan cums, he passes out. Phil. Doesn’t. Stop. He keeps fucking, and as he gets close, he takes Dan’s soft cock in his hand and jerks him off in time with it until Dan hits one last high, without even getting hard, moaning in his sleep and arching his back. Phil pulls out and looks at Dan, almost amazed. The boy’s neck is lined with hickeys and fingerprints, his cock and hole red and abused, come dripping out of him and drying on his chest. 

-While Dan’s still out, Phil starts a bath, brings in the wand and some water, and gently wipes the cum off of Dan with a damp warm washcloth. “Dan, sweetheart,” he whispers, shaking Dan’s shoulder. “Wake up, baby. Let Daddy take care of you.” Dan’s eyes blink open, unfocused, and his swollen lips are slightly parted. “Deep breath for me, Dan. Look at me.” It takes a minute, but Dan eventually does. “There you are. You did such a good job for me, baby. My beautiful little boy, doing so well for his Daddy.”

- “’M not pathetic?” Dan asks blearily.

- “Of course not, I love you so much, Dan. Can I pick you up and carry you to the bath?” Dan nods and winds his arms around Phil’s neck, allowing himself to be bridal carried to the bathroom. “What bath bomb, baby?” Dan looks over the basket of them and points to a dark midnight one with gold sparkles in it, marketed as being a lavender scent. Of course he picks the darkest one in there- even as out of it as he is, Dan has standards. Phil sets Dan on the toilet seat and drops in the bomb, waiting for it to fizzle all the way before lifting Dan up again and setting him in the hot water. While Dan relaxes, Phil wipes down the wand, brushes his teeth, and puts on his glasses in lieu of his contacts, occasionally glancing at Dan in the mirror to make sure he’s alright.

- As soon as he’s done, Phil whispers “lean forward” and climbs into the bath behind Dan, so that the younger is between his legs and leaning back against his chest. “Open your mouth.” Dan does, and Phil uncaps the water bottle to hold it to Dan’s lips, slowly getting him to drink the whole bottle. When it’s done and the bath is getting cold, Phil unplugs the drain and gets the warm water running again while he washes Dan’s hair. As he moves on to wash Dan’s body, he accidentally brushes Dan’s sensitive cock, earning the softest mewl of protest Phil’s ever heard, which makes his heart absolutely melt. “Don’t worry, we’re all done. After the bath, let’s go to bed, beautiful.”

- He carefully dries Dan off with a fluffy towel, and carries him back to Phil’s room. Dan’s room is where they scene, and then they sleep in Phil’s clean bed. “I know, I’ll be right back,” Phil says as he puts Dan down, since the boy made a soft sound of dissent. He pulls on a pair of boxers and grabs some clothes for Dan. “Arms up.” The green uni hoodie comes over Dan’s head. “Up for me real quick, baby.” Dan stands up long enough for a pair of boxers and soft pajama pants to be pulled onto him. “There you go. I love you so much, Dan. You did such a good job for me and I’m so proud of you,” Phil assures, kneeling and putting one hand on Dan’s face, thumb smoothing over his cheekbone. “My good little boy.”

- Dan throws his arms around Phil’s neck and cries, while Phil just holds him until it’s out of his system. “My good boy, Dan. You’re so amazing, I love you, you’re my perfect baby.” At that point, Dan pulls away and lets Phil kiss his forehead, then lies back on the bed with a slight shiver. Phil pulls the duvet back and gets both of them under it, then throws an arm over Dan’s waist, holding him close while they fall asleep.

This is 1.7k and thus a fic


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We made cupcake scented Dan and phil inspired bath bombs! @amazingphil @danisnotonfire

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something that stuck out to me from the video was that during the phone call skit he asked other friends that don't live with him to check up on him. i don't think taking care of dan at his lowest moments should be phil's entire responsibility but if he is his **life partner uwu** he would be the one to do these things for him not his other friends, i.e: running him 'the sickest bubble bath™' lmao, and i don't see why he would lie in such an important and honest video.

You don’t see why he wouldn’t want to say in this ‘important and honest video’ that Phil draws him bubble baths when he’s not feeling well? You don’t see how saying that might like, somehow shift focus for a lot of the audience? From being a video about Dan and his mental health to being a video where Dan said that cute thing Phil does for him? Yeah, I mean, that one probably was Phil, but all Dan was doing was listing examples of how his friends help him with self-care. Friends, plural, because he does have a bigger support system than just Phil. 

If you’re scrounging through this video looking for stuff to be angry about or accuse him of lying about then do everyone a favor and just go watch a gaming video instead. 

“I’m Sorry, Baby”

In which Phil gets upset with a little Dan.

genre(s): angst, fluff | ship: phan | hcs: daddy!phil, little!dan | wc: 1.8k | tws: uhhh some angst, nothing too serious.

           Phil had been busy lately. For the past two weeks, he had been working nonstop on a special project, spending most of day in the editing room; and Dan was getting on his nerves. Dan was extremely clingy as of late. Phil knew he was partly to blame for this; he hadn’t been able to pay Dan much, if any attention. Not to mention, Dan was a little, and being put under stress only made him more likely to regress. His not being able to have Phil’s attention worried him, and every day he found himself closer and closer to slipping into little space. He held off, though, trying his best not to bother his daddy. He just wanted to be a good boy; the angel he always was for Phil.

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I’ve been wanting to write a HC, so here’s my shitty writing lmao. Super kinky butt sex ahead.

💀 Dan being completely fucked out and overstimulated, but still begging Phil for more.
💀 Dan’s voice being hoarse from screaming while Phil fucks him slowly.
💀 Phil yanking Dan’s head back by his hair as he snaps his hips into him roughly.
💀Phil’s low moans contrasting with Dan’s high whines.
💀 Dan screaming “Daddy!” wherever Phil hits his spot.
💀 Phil digging his fingers into Dan’s hips to keep from coming.
💀 Phil edging Dan and himself for hours until neither of them can handle it.
💀 Phil making Dan come over and over until he’s pleading for Phil to stop.
💀 Phil marking Dan’s thighs and lower stomach with dark hickies.
💀 Phil’s thrusts stuttering when he comes in Dan.
💀 Dan being embarrassed whenever he wants to try something new.
💀 Phil making Dan ride a toy, but not being allowed to come.
💀 Phil punishing Dan for breaking rules, and Dan loving every minute.
💀 Dan being a cockslut and wanting his Daddy everywhere they go.
💀 Phil having to pull Dan into bathrooms and fucking his throat so they’ll both be satisfied
💀 Both of them being horny dunks and always leaving parties early to go home and fuck.
💀 Dan waking Phil up by riding him.
💀 Phil tying Dan up and using him whenever he acts up.

❣ Phil always asking Dan if he’s okay if he’s being rough.
❣ Phil making Dan recite the safeword before they do anything to make sure he remembers.
❣ Phil running warm bubble baths for Dan.
❣ Phil praising Dan for doing so well.
❣ Dan falling into subspace and letting Phil control everything.
❣ Phil cleaning them up and washing Dan.
❣ Dan telling Phil how much he loves him over and over.
❣ Phil carrying Dan to bed before washing himself.
❣ Phil cooking Dan breakfast the morning after do have doesn’t have to get up.
❣ Phil asking his baby if he’s still sore and letting him stay in bed all day if he is.
❣ Dan pulling Phil into bed with him so they can cuddle after eating.

Take Care

For the anon who wanted dan riding phil until his thighs gave out hehe

Genre: smut, a weird amount of fluff that I kept meaning to stop and couldn’t???

Word count: 400+

Tags/Warnings: no warning?? Degradation maybe, cum play???, lots of unnecessary fluff, riding, aftercare, kinda vanilla, daddy kink.


“Can I ride you, daddy?” Dan’s sickeningly sweet voice asks Phil.

Phil groans, “Course, baby. Gonna take daddy’s cock really well, aren’t you baby? So good for daddy, hmm?” A whimper and hasty nodding come as a reply from Dan as he straddles Phil’s hips, positioning himself over Phil’s thick, veiny cock before slowly sinking himself onto it.

“Mm, daddy, your cock is so nice inside me. Feel so full.” Phil’s hips thrust shallowly at Dan’s words, a deep moan falling from his red, spit slicked lips.

Dan begin bouncing rhythmically on Phil’s throbbing erection, and after about ten minutes, he feels his thighs begin shaking, muscles twitching in exertion. “N-need you, daddy, please.”

“Got you, baby, let me take care of you.” Dan falls forward onto Phil’s chest, letting Phil wrap his arms around Dan’s midsection, holding him still.

Phil starts thrusting into Dan like his life depends on it, brutally hitting Dan’s prostate, Dan’s whimpering breathlessly and moaning into Phil’s neck, as Phil lets out groans from underneath Dan.

Phil can feel Dan cum, his body tightens, hole grasping deliciously onto Phil’s cock, throbbing inside of Dan’s hot tunnel, before he spurted between their bodies, dick twitching, as he let out a sharp gasp, sending Phil harshly over the edge, leaving him gasping.

Phil looks down at Dan, finding him unconscious on his chest, body like jello. He lets out a breathy chuckle, ‘that good, huh?’

Pulling himself from Dan’s heat, he lets Dan stay on him, not wanting to jostle him too much. Phil tensing when he feels his own cum drop out of Dan and onto his softening erection. “Oh sweet god fuck, yeahhhh,” Phil’s cock throbs and twitches in interest, hand reaching down to touch tentatively at Dan’s loose hole.

Dan’s eyes blink open wearily, “Phillll, already?” Phil laughs, “No no, baby, you’re so fucking hot, dropping your daddy’s cum from your little whore hole, hmm?” Dan blushes, nodding submissively. “Use your words, sweetheart.”

“Yes, daddy. One correction, if I may?” Phil quirks an eyebrow in curious interest, “Your skitty hole, daddy?”

“Fuck, baby, yeah mine. And I’m gonna take it again tonight, if you want?”

“Yes, daddy.”

“Now bath?” Phil nods, sensing that Dan was slipping into headspace.

He smiles at Dan, who’s nuzzling into Phil’s chest, breath warm against Phil’s skin. “Dan, baby?”

Dan looks up at him, “Yes, daddy?”

“I love you more than anything else, you know that right?”

Dan looks momentarily puzzled, before smiling warmly at him, “I know, love you so much, Phil.”

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Little!phil hcs PLZ AND THANK

Warning: Smut; Bottom!Phil, DD/LB, riding, hand jobs, bathtub sex, dirty talk (a lot of it), top!Dan.

~Dan is primarily a bottom, sure. But occasionally the switch it up. Because sometimes Phil likes to be daddy’s little boy, and that’s okay.

~Dan walks into the living room, knowing it’s little day instantly when he sees Phil’s trying to pour cereal for himself and pouting about it.

~Dan walks over to him and kisses his cheek, wrapping his arms around him from behind. “What'cha doing baby?” He asks him.

~Phil pouts still, leaning into Dan’s touch and sighing sadly. “I was makin cereal but but the milk was mean and spilled and and and..” He pouted still and hid his face in Dan’s neck.

~Dan chuckling softly and pressing a small kiss to his head. “Okay baby. Let daddy make you cereal okay? Go back to bed pumpkin.” He says softly and Phil nods. “O-okay daddy.” He mumbled and kisses Dan’s cheek before walking off with his arms crossed.

~Dan pours him his cereal and smiles softly, shaking his head fondly. He always loved Phil’s little days, because usually Phil was the save the world type guy who wouldn’t be caught being sensitive like he is when he’s little and when it all builds up too much, Dan gets to be daddy for a few days.

~Dan walks into the room and hands Phil the cereal, sitting down with him and wrapping an arm around his waist as he started to eat.

~Phil stars eating and looks up at Dan, a small smile appearing. “Daddy made me food.” He states.

~Dan chuckles, his eyes rolling fondly. “I did baby. Why was the milk being mean to you?” He asked.

~Phil shrugged limply and looked up at him. “I forgot it was heavy cuz I was sleepy and it fell when I lift-tidded it.” He said. “I cleaned it up but I was still as cuz I made a mess daddy.” He explained, nuzzling Dan’s chest as he ate.

~Dan smiles at him, kissing the top of his head and yawning a bit. “Hey what a big boy you cleaned it up alone!” He praised and saw Phil smile.

~Phil smiles and nods. “I wanted to be good cuz I know daddy doesn’t like when I make big messes.” He says.

~Dan’s grin rolls across his face slowly, unable to contain his happiness. He always loved being daddy. “Good boys get rewards you know. What would you want baby?” He asks.

~Phil he’s shy, a blind creeping up at the question, hearing how the question insinuated sexual things. “Give me choices daddy.” He decided. “A, B, C, or D!” He giggles childishly.

~Dan smiles, going over it in his head for a moment and trying to narrow down his reward options. “Okay baby. A) Daddy could let you ride his face. B) I could let you have a later bed time, C) Daddy could take a bath with you and let you ride him, or D) we could go to a movie.” He decided, giving him two options none sexual just in case Phil wasn’t in the mood for sex. He tried to be a good daddy and not base everything around sex, and just enjoy his time with his baby boy.

~Phil thinks over his options for a moment. Extra stay up time would be nice, but Phil hadn’t gotten the pleasure of Dan’s cock in a good couple of weeks. “I wanna ride daddy and take a bath!” He declares loudly, smiling shyly still.

~Dan chuckles and nods. “Okay. Are you done eating baby?” He asks and sees Phil nod, and so he stands up. “I’ll go run a bath okay? Stay here my beautiful boy.” He coos sweetly before walking to the bathroom.

~Dan turns on the water, smiling a bit and nodding. He makes sure the water is super bubbly, because Phil always liked bubbles when he was little.

~Phil walks into the bathroom and smiles at Dan shyly. “Daddy?” He blushes.

~Dan walks over, his arms snaking around his waist. “Yes, baby?”

~Phil stays pink and kisses him gently. “I played this morning and stretched…don’t be upset daddy. I know I shouldn’t play alone but you slept so late.”

~Dan smiles against his lips, chuckling quietly. “Hmm. It’s okay baby. Now you can ride me with less prep. It’s a good thing. But don’t play without daddy again, understood?” He asks firmly.

~Phil nods and pecks his lips. “Yes daddy…you should take off your clothes daddy..” His cheeks instantly flush pink.

~Dan rolls his eyes, stripping slowly and watching as Phil did the same. He got in the warm water first, watching Phil climb in and sit in between his legs.

~Dan leans in, starting to kiss his neck and nipping at the pale skin, watching the marks already set in on his boyfriends porcelain draped frame.

~Phil moans softly, whimpering a little at the nips and kisses. He feels Dan’s hands moving along his chest and down under the water, watching his hand disappear under the bubbles and feeling it wrap around his length, stroking gently to get him hard quicker.

~Dan wraps his fingers along his length, slowly stroking his cock, talking to him in a low voice. “Does my baby still wanna ride me?” He asks.

~Phil nods hurriedly, looking at him and kissing him firmly. “Yes daddy. I do I wanna ride you.” He says.

~Dan smirks and reaches behind the shampoo, getting the water soluble lube.

~Phil feels Dan’s hand pull away from his length, taking the as the cue that Dan was lubing himself up, his thoughts confirmed by the low moan Dan let out.

~Dan positions at Phil’s entrance, rubbing his tip over his hole slowly, teasing him before pushing in the tip.

~Phil moans quietly, the stretch burning in just the right way to make his eyes roll to the back of his head as he felt Dan bottom out.

~Dan stops moving, waiting for Phil to adjust. He watches Phil’s head lean back against him, Phil’s back to his chest as he started to rut into Dan’s length.

~Dan moaned quietly, feeling the tightness conceal his length and send him into bliss.

~Phil slowly starts moving, pulling off him half way and sinking back down slowly, little whimpers escaping his mouth.

~Phil slowly starts bouncing, clenching and unclenching around his cock as he gained pace, his eyes closing as he slammed down on Dan’s cock.

~Dan groaned gently, his head against the wall as he moaned out, his head in the clouds. He missed topping.

~Dan moves his hand around Phil’s throat slowly, his other hand reaching between his legs. “Can I choke you baby?” He asked, knowing it turned Phil on.

~Phil nods quickly, bouncing faster, Dan easily sliding in and out of his ass. “Yes daddy choke me I wanna be choked daddy.” He whimpers out.

~Dan grasps his hand around his throat, squeezing the sides and using his other hand to stroke Phil quickly and messily.

~Phil’s moaning goes jagged, his noises strained as Dan’s cock fucked right into his spot, his big hand wrapped tightly around his throat and the other jerking him off. And then Dan starts talking.

~Dan groans softly, Phil’s hole greedily taking his cock in and out, making his stomach knot but holding off so his baby could cum first. “Baby boy you ride daddy so well. That perfect plump ass swallows daddy’s cock so good. Such a good boy riding me like a pro.” He praises.

~Phil moans louder, Dan’s words sending him closer to the edge of oblivion. “Just wanna be good for daddy..wanna feel daddy’s cock please me..please daddy.” His sentences became incoherent, Dan’s hard dick pressed right into his prostate, abusing it and fucking into it.

~Dan grunted softly and started to buck up his hips, fucking into him and moving his hand from his throat to hold his hip and keep him steady as he fucks him harder.

~Phil moans loudly still, his hole stretching and unstretching with each slam of Dan’s cock into his spot.

~Dan moans into his ear, bucking his hips hard. “You like that baby? Daddy’s hard, throbbing cock right against your prostate. The way daddy’s cock mercilessly pounds into it, making you jolt up, moaning daddy’s name?” He asks.

~Phil nods again, words not even forming as he drew closer to the edge, Dan’s thumb going through his slit and he cums, gasping loudly, feeling Dan’s cock still fucking him with no mercy, his hand stroking him and making him feel every last nerve twitch with orgasm.

~Phil mewls, now sensitive to Dan’s cock, but Dan doesn’t let up, getting off even more on Phil’s whimpering and quiet moaning. “Daddy are you gonna cum for me?” Phil moans softly. “Daddy cum inside me please I wanna feel you cum in my hole. Harder daddy fuck me till you cum hard into me.” He says, his words slurred with loud moans.

~Dan cums, moaning loudly and shoving his cock in and out of Phil recklessly as he rode out his orgasm, his breathing shaky as he came down, pulling out and watching the thin stream of cum connect his cock to Phil still.

~They calm down and wash off from the sweat, getting out soon after and getting dressed.

~Phil hums as he cuddles Dan in bed. “Did I really do that as an award or did daddy just want me?” He giggles.

~Dan laughs and shrugs, not answering but instead blushing brightly. “Both..” He stays red.

A/N: I’ve never written a bottom Phil fic or hc so I hope this turned out all right! I tried to make it more descriptive and less generic than my writing is sometimes, so hopefully that made this better for you to read. I hope you enjoy!

Feel free to send me more prompts! I try to post a few every week, or a fic if I can :)

Fic: Of Dogs and Bathtimes

Title: Of Dogs and Bathtimes
Tags: fluff, dogs, domestic fluff, established relationship, canon-compliant
Words: 3052
Dan and Phil give Colin the dog a bath. That’s it.
A spiritual cousin to Of Dogs and Solutions

Author’s Notes: I said I wouldn’t do this on Twitter but then a few of you told me I had to so… here you go.

[AO3 Link]

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