phil as charlie

So I uh, got a tattoo today. I’ll post another picture when it’s healed and will obviously look better. The guy (who was very sweet) didn’t do it exactly to my drawing, but I still love it because it’s more about the meaning and not being perfect.

It’s a bunch of YouTubers who I either grew up watching, who I share beliefs with, or who shaped me and my humour. Let’s see who we’ve got:

The “ ‘ELLO” is from Pinkstylist
The cat whiskers are from Dan @danisnotonfire and Phil @amazingphil
The lime is UPPERCASEchase @chaseross
The brofist is obviously PewDiePie
The checkered tie is TomSka @thetomska
The crank (Gizmo) is Crankgameplays @crankgameplays
The moustache/ mask is JammiDodger @jammi-dodger
The dragon crest is ThreadBanger @threadbanger
The eye (Septic Eye Sam) is Jacksepticeye @therealjacksepticeye
The box (Tiny Box Tim) is Markiplier @markiplier
The red swirly thing (it’s hair) is Boyinaband @davebiab
The banana is Jack & Dean
The MMBB is Jacksfilms (me me BIG boy)
The Kill Me mug is Steven Suptic 8
The Cry Guy is Cryaotic
The CS is CaptainSparklez

And that’s it. For now at least. I hope they see it!!

Which Witch

Summary: Dan and Phil are neighbors, witches, and enemies. Their feud leads to Dan cursing Phil, only for Phil to curse him right back. 

Genre: smut

Word Count: 4.9k

(i had this in my drafts in google docs with everything except the smut scene written and i’d completely forgot about it so!!! enjoy my dudes)

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not d&p related whoops !! but i made this in december of last year and i was like really proud of it and no one really got to see it so here it is !!! kind of like a supernatural stranger things crossover but follow my supernatural instagram @/novakology it would be v appreciated ily guys !!!

Susie Phalange’s Fic Masterpost

hint: fics are separate by fandom, ordered by release date. works in progress have “wipbeside themif you want to request one, visit right here! enjoy reading! ☼

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“I have this best friend Dan. He is tall and very funny.”

Guess what I’m not dead. I’ve just been studying for my ap tests (next week, yeeps.) As a quick thing to show y’all I’m not gone, here’s Dan and Phil in the style of that old cartoon, Charlie and Lola, which I loved when I was a smol child.

I’m thinking about animating a few short clips from the show with Dan and Phil (once I’m done with testing of course), It’d take a while to do as I have other things to finish (college essays and whatnot), but I’d get it out eventually. Would any of y’all want to see these two animated in this style?