phil and kate

Poorly describing Ghostbusters characters to a coworker who worked on the film with me:

Erin Gilbert: the awkward one with bangs and bad tweed suits

Jillian Holtzmann: the weird blonde one with the goggles

Abby Yates: the angry one with glasses and a ponytail

Patty Tolan: our lady and saviour Leslie Jones

…oh my god, the not white one. Go watch SNL, you heathen.

Kevin Beckman: not Chris Pine, the other Chris, no, the OTHER Chris… yes, Thor Chris.

Phil Hudson: the gross guy we saw in early footage that we threw out

2017 has been a damn good year, I hope that dan and phil are really happy in their new house! I am so proud of how far they have come (I have been watching them for four years…damn) and how much happier they are! The phandom has been blessed so far this year, who knows what will come next?


Darcy Lewis & Star Wars AU

Darcy and her fraternal twin Kate never knew the other existed. Raised apart, separated by more than galaxies, they couldn’t have ever expected how the Galactic Empire would one day bring them together. One built her life on the politics her father raised her in, using subterfuge to help the rebel alliance. The other longed to leave her home far behind, to use her fighting and flying skills and join the rebels as so many of her friends before her. It all changed when an R2 unit showed up, throwing them into cahoots with a smuggler named Clint Barton and his wookie first mate, Lucky, and a whole new world of adventure.

Good things that happened in 2016

idk i just felt like doing this

  1. Old friends senior dog sanctuary existed
  2. Leo finally won an oscar
  3. Joe Binden and Obama broke the meme community
  4. Kate McKinnon won and Emmy, did the lesbian salute, existed, smiled and was really pure
  5. Grace Helbig existed, smiled, snap chatted, released a new movie, modelled and just was cute in general
  6. Mamrie Hart existed, snap chatted, released a new movie, modelled and was just a crazy pretty human in general
  7. Hella
  8. Hannah Hart got her own  TV show on the Food Network, was adorable, released a new book + tv show and started dating Ella
  9. Ghostbusters was released
  10. I came out
  11. Dan + Phil released 2 movies  and finally came to Australia
  12. Twenty One Pilots won an AMA
  13. Bee movie memes
  14. Meme community donated a heap of money to help Stefan Karl with cancer
  15. I got Instagram (hmu if u want it)
  16. LGBT community was recognised a heap
  17. Figured out my sexuality
  18. Cut off a few toxic relationships
  19. Got fitter

*bonus: westworld*

Clint Barton, Hawkeye wallpaper of madness, my own madness that is. Can you feel the subtle Phlint feelings coming through? There’s Phil’s Captain America mug on Clint’s breakfast bar and oh hey Phil himself. Yes, those observant Hawkeye fans are not wrong that that panel with Phil did originally feature Kate. I am a devious shipper though and needed my OTP to decorate my screen in all it’s purple be-suited wonderfulness. 

Size: 1920 x 1080. Technically if anyone wants the version without the texture overlay, I can post that one too – just let me know. 

Cute sweet songs that remind me of LiS ships (’cause Ep 5 broke me and I need happy stuff)

Yo there! If there’s a ship you don’t like just ignore it, ‘kay? This is my happy post and if you ruin it with ship hate i sWEAR TO GOD i’m gonna cry in a corner. On the other hand, if your ship isn’t here it totally isn’t because i literally only listen to sad songs and couldn’t think of happy ones feel free to add songs ( ᵘ ᵕ ᵘ ⁎)

  • pricefield (Chloe/Max): “Photograph”, Ed Sheeran (Sam Tsui’s cover is breathtaking, tho)
  • grahamfield (Warren/Max): “All I Ask of You”, Patrick Wilson and Emmy Rossum
  • marshfield (Kate/Max): “Enchanted”, Taylor Swift
  • caulscott (Max/Nathan): “Just a Kiss”, Lady Antebellum
  • grahamscott (Warren/Nathan): “You’ll be in my Heart”, Phil Collins
  • marshscott (Kate/Nathan): “So Close”, Jon McLaughlin (someone says it’s quite a sad song but i honestly don’t see it?)
  • grahamarsh (Warren/Kate): “All About Us”, He is We feat. Owl City