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I Wanna Blow

Summary: Dan finally get’s to suck Phil’s cock.

Warnings: no kinks (sorry, I wrote this a while ago) but all smut.

5.something K words.

Dan was getting desperate. He had been in a nice relationship with Phil for a while now and he thought it was perfect. He would go to Phil’s house and they would sit on Phil’s living room couch and play video games and just talk. Then when Dan decided he wanted something he would go silent and stare at Phil. He would stare at the beautiful side of his face and down his neck to his shoulders that connected his strong arms that had the most beautiful hands you’ve ever seen at the ends. He would think about how those arms can hold him and how those hands can grasp him just like he wants. But now recently he has been traveling lower. He has been letting his eyes roam to Phil’s crotch and think about what he has hidden under his jeans.

He’s seen it once. Only one time by accident. It was one day when he was half asleep and needed to go to the bathroom. He didn’t realize that he had stayed the night at Phil’s house and just stumbled into the nearest bathroom. There was Phil singing Celine Dion while lathering his hair in the shower and both of them stopped in their tracks, shocked.

Dan couldn’t help but look. He just looked up and down Phil’s entire body. The soap was running down his skin in the most beautiful way. The smell of raspberries filled the room to help him remember this moment. When he made it down far enough he saw exactly what he wanted to see. Phil’s beautiful cock.

Right there, hanging on his crotch was the most beautiful piece of flesh he had ever seen. Soap was running down it too and light was shining on it so he saw. He saw everything. Just how he wanted. It had to be at least seven inches flaccid, which is impressive come pared to Dan’s six and some fraction size flaccid. But the girth of it… He could hardly breathe. He wanted to see it hard then. He wanted to make it hard. He wanted to put it in his mouth or stretch himself and put it somewhere else. It was like looking at the cocks of the people in the gay porn that he watched sometimes, but this was real life. This was his boyfriend. His amazing, sweet, lovable, intelligent, innocent boyfriend. It was the 20 year old man that he had been dating for almost a year that he knows is a man with needs but has never once asked for sex.

Then he was standing for what felt like a little too long just frozen staring at Phil with his mouth agape. He wanted to stay and jump in the shower with Phil and maybe try to get Phil to let him get on his knees and suck, but he was too scared so he ran. They didn’t even talk about it after that. They just went on with their lives as normal even though Dan couldn’t stop thinking about it.

And now, sitting on the couch with Phil, he couldn’t stop thinking about it either. He just stared and stared until Phil noticed. He paused the game and put his controller down before turning to face Dan. It gave Dan and better view of the area, but Phil wasn’t paying attention to that.

“Hey bear.” He said to get Dan’s attention. Dan didn’t look up until Phil tilted his head up by the chin. “What are you looking at there?”

Dan suddenly felt a surge of confidence. “I was looking at the- um- y-your lap. I want to suck your cock.” He blurted out and then immediately covered his mouth. Phil’s whole face and his ears became bright red and so did Dan’s.

“W-what?” Phil asked, shocked at this sudden confession.

“Y-your cock. I really really want to suck it. I want to give you a blowjob.” Dan answered with the last bit of his confidence. He had no dignity left. He lost that at the first sentence.

“We make out at about this time every day. But I can’t stop thinking about the big beautiful cock you have in your pants. I want to suck it and eventually when we know that this all is for real, I want to ride it. I just can’t take it any longer. I am too hungry for you, to not ask. I just really want to give you your first blowjob and I want to make it good.” Dan almost whined. Phil grabbed Dan’s hand and played with his fingers as he spoke next.

“I will let you if you really want to. Just please don’t think I’d ever make you do any of this. I want you to be happy. So do you really want to or are you just trying to be nice?” Phil asked, concerned for his precious Dan. Dan smashed the concern right away.

“Oh hell yes I want to. I have wanted to ever since I saw it that one time.” Dan replied quickly as his eyes turned big and sparkly with lust.

“Take it away then.” Phil nervously said with a little fake smirk and leaned back as Dan got on his lap and started kissing him. Dan held Phil’s cheeks and Phil held Dan’s hips as they kissed with a new passion that they have never tried to show before. Dan let out a little moan as the kiss got deeper. This was all real. He is actually about to do this. It got even more real when Phil brought his hands down to cub the younger’s bum and start making him grind down to feel the bulge Phil already has in his pants. Dan moaned in Phil’s mouth and pushed his bum down on Phil’s hands to get more. That’s exactly what he wanted. More and more and more. Phil squeezed and started kneed in the area. To Dan, it was too much to handle. He pulled away from the amazing kiss they were sharing and started to take his black semi see through shirt off. He started to roll his hips on Phil’s to get him going more. He leaned in to nip at Phil’s ear.

“It feels so good when you touch me there with your strong hands. You should do that more often to me. Plus, I know it is a girly thing to like, but it really turns me on when you touch my nipples.” Phil moaned softly in response so Dan decided to keep going. “I fucking love it when you kiss them. Or when you suck on them and lap at them.” They both moaned again. “Oh. But my favorite part is when you nibble around the area and then lick over it. It makes me hard every time. I’ve had to learn how to hide it from you so you aren’t discouraged to do it again.”

“Why would I be discouraged? I want to make you feel good, dan. So good.” Phil moaned the last bit as Dan started to roll his hips with more intensity.

“Oh Phil. I thought you were innocent.” Dan moaned and leaned back so Phil could do what he wants and reach the area that he wants to reach. Phil traced one finger around one of Dan’s nipples and made it already get a little bit harder. He smirked up at Dan before he almost picked him up and gently placed him laying down on the couch. Dan opened his legs so Phil could find his place between them. Phil did that and stared rolling his hips down on Dan’s body. He leaned up to Dan’s ear and gave it a little nibble.

“I’m anything but innocent.” He whispered and then leaned down to start working on one of Dan’s nipples. He sucked it and lapped the hard bump of flesh. Then he did the one thing that Dan wanted. He softly nibbled the sensitive area and heard Dan moan about it while also feeling his semi hard bulge twitch. He started working on the second nipple and was playing with the first between his fingers. Dan put his hands on all the parts of Phil’s back that he can reach and started running his nails softly all over Phil’s back. He then traced his fingers up Phil’s neck to tangle them in his hair and pull lightly because he knows that Phil likes that. But now, he could feel that Phil likes it because he was getting harder.

Dan felt Phil start to nibble and then he decided that that was enough. He needed to suck.

“Phil. As much as I fucking love it when you do that, I need you to stop so I can get get down on my knees and suck. I really really need it now.” Phil backed away from the area for a little bit and then pecked Dan on the lips.

“Are you ready then for me to show you what you’re sucking? I doubt you’ve seen anything like what I have.” Dan moaned and arched his back at the words. even if most people think that male genitailia looks weird and a little gross, Dan could admit that he is still a little bit of a cock slut even with their unpleasant appearance. Actually he could say that he really is a cock slut. He has never been able to see another person’s dick in person, but he has always wanted to. Something about this exposed organ seems absolutely beautiful to him. He loves looking at the beautiful porn stars packages and thinking about how much better they must look in person. Then he thinks about how they may feel inside him and how they may taste. He has wanted to know what it’s like to deep throat something big and feel someone’s load run down his throat or be shot up his hole. Now he has his chance. He’s got Phil wrapped around his finger now, even though he may be acting dominant.

“Oh yes. I am so ready. Are your parents home?” Dan asked. Phil shook his head. “That’s fantastic. We still can’t do it here though.” Phil cocked his head to the side.

“Why?” He asked, confused.

“There’s a twelve year old boy that watches us through his window every night when we make out. I don’t think he deserves to see your beautiful cock tonight.” Dan said as if he’s known it for a while. But, he is actually proud of himself that they boy comes back every time. It must mean that he looks amazing with his boyfriend when they do this.

“You must love that he does that though. I bet you live for the attention. But it’s okay. Where do you wanna go?” Dan thought for a moment before deciding on the perfect place.

“I wanna go to your room. I want you to sit on your spinning chair when I do it.” Dan explained and immediately, Phil was up on his feet and ready to go upstairs. He held out a hand for Dan to grab. Dan quickly grabbed it and pulled himself up off the couch. He then almost dragged Phil up the stairs and to his room. Phil was staring at him with love struck eyes bugging out of his head. Dan just looked so hot with his cheeks red and his lips already swollen from the kissing. His hair was slightly messy and curling from how much he was sweating from the need. Dan threw him on the chair and then stood in front of Phil and give him a look of pure lust and then a smile of love. He motioned to his obvious large bulge in his jeans.

“This is what you do to me.” Dan growled with a little smirk. “It’s so naughty.” He slowly undid his zipper as Phil watched. Phil gripped the arms of the chair as he watched Dan slowly slide his tight jeans down his legs.

“I really love you Dan. I really really love you.” Phil said in awe of Dan’s whole existence. “And it isn’t just because you make out with me every night and you are actually offering to suck my dick. You just are so perfect and you make me so happy. I know that this is a really weird time to say this because it kind of kills the mood, but I love everything about you and I don’t say it enough.” He added as Dan slowly walked over. Dan leaned down and gave Phil a soft slow kiss.

“I love you too. I think you are the most amazing person in the world. I am so lucky to call you mine. But now, I am really horny. I really really want a nice cock to suck and you are way too clothed.” Dan said and ran his fingers down Phil’s torso until he got to the hem of Phil’s shirt.

“Too clothed? What are you gonna do about that?” Phil teased. Dan pulled Phil’s shirt over his head to reveal his milky white chest. He scanned the chest to look at every detail he could find before he leaned in for a kiss. As the kiss was going on, he ran his fingers down Phil’s torso until he reached the package that he really wanted to touch. He cupped Phil’s clothed member and started palming him with his dominant left hand. Phil softly moaned into the kiss.

“Don’t hold back those delicious moans. I wanna hear them when I’m down on my knees. Fuck, I want to have them ingrained in my head for as long as possible. I want the fucking neighbors to hear you. If they’re ready to hear something so good.” Dan said in a sultry tone before kissing down to Phil’s jaw and then down his neck and all down his torso until he reached the button on Phil’s jeans. By now, Phil was about to resort to begging Dan to undo that button because his jeans were getting painfully tight on him. But thankfully Dan did undo that button. He was almost as desperate as Phil to relieve him of the restricting jeans.

Dan pulled down the zipper and immediately Phil’s big member sprang out. “Oh Phil. You weren’t wearing any underwear? This whole time you have been keeping that from me? I had a plan for you and now I just have to get to sucking.” Dan said playfully as he stared at Phil’s beautiful piece of flesh and pulled his jeans all the way down and off his body. Phil was probably saying something as a response to Dan, but Dan was too busy taking in the scene to even think about Phil’s words.

“Dan. Dan?” Phil called as he waved his hands in front of Dan’s face to get his attention. Dan finally looked up at Phil’s face.

“Is something wrong?” Phil asked, confused. Dan put his hands on Phil’s knees and pushed his legs open more so he could get closer.

“How big is it?” Dan asked as he looked back down at Phil’s member.

“Oh I was hoping that wouldn’t be a problem. You don’t have to keep going if you don’t want to. I completely understand. I can go and take a cold shower or work it out myself. I won’t be mad at you. We could just cuddle for the rest of the night I don’t mind.” Phil covered his face in embarrassment.

“But how big is it?” Dan asked again, ignoring Phil’s offer to stop.

“Um. Ten and maybe three fourths inches hard. It just keeps growing but I think it’s over now. I hope it’s over now. Oh god. I knew this would happen. I should have warned you first.” Phil covered his face again but Dan reached up and tore Phil’s hands away from covering his eyes and kissed the beautiful hands.

“Phil. Don’t worry. I really love how big you are. It turns me on so much. I want to deep throat this masterpiece.” Dan moaned and traced this finger tip along the bulging vein. Phil shuddered at the touch. “Would you like that?” Phil nodded frantically. Dan then traced his tongue over the vein and relished in the taste of Phil.

“Phil. You taste so good.” He kissed the tip and looked Phil in the eye. “Look at me as I do this. I want to see your face.” Phil nodded.

Dan shifted his position so he had a better angle and wrapped his lips around the tip. He played with the tip with his tongue and nibbled slightly as he wrapped one hand around the rest. He started moving his hand up and down as he sucked lightly on just the tip. Phil moaned softly and stared at Dan’s plump lips wrapped around his tip. Dan hummed lightly to add the little tingling sensation of vibration as he took more in his mouth. Phil couldn’t help but let out a loud moan at that and reach down to grab at Dan’s hair as encouragement. Dans tongue swirled and swirled around the member in his mouth followed by a hard suck each time. He started to lap at the shaft and made slurping sounds that Phil loved. Both the feeling and the sound were intoxicating to him. Then all of a sudden Dan moved both of his hands to play with Phil’s balls. Phil couldn’t help but buck up at the feeling making Dan choke. He had to pull off for a second to cough and Phil immediately felt bad for it.

“Are you okay Dan? I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to-” and cut him off by covering his mouth.

“Don’t worry Phil. I’m fine.” Dan assured and gave Phil a small smile before he took Phil back in his mouth. He tried to take as much as he could into his mouth and bobbed his head up and down. He was squeezing and tracing his fingers along Phil’s balls because he knew that that got him going now.

Phil tried his hardest to keep his hips down as Dan was pleasuring him more than he has ever been able to do himself. Dan started to humm again around Phil as he bobbed his head and swirled his tongue. It all made Phil throw his head back and moan out Dan’s name along with various curse words. Sweat was running down his forehead and he was wiping it away just as fast as it fell. Then suddenly, he had to look foreword again when he saw the door opening.

“Hey little bro. What’s all the noise? I’m trying to take a na-” finally he looked in the room and jumped back in shock. “Whoa my god!” He exclaimed. “I’m gonna go leave the country now. Sorry.” Then he saw his brother run out of the room before he even had time to pull Dan’s mouth off of his member and say anything regarding the current situation. Phil didn’t even think Dan noticed. He just kept on doing what he was doing. Still humming and slurping and sucking like it was the most fun he had ever had.

“Dan. Did you hear that? Should we do something abou-” Dan cut him off again by putting a finger to Phil’s lips. And taking the length out of his mouth.

“Shush. Don’t worry about it because we’re busy right now. Just focus on this.” Dan said softly and then returned to doing what he was doing. He kissed all round Phil’s member and licked a stripe from the base to the tip. He blew lightly on the wet stripe before grabbing Phil’s balls and putting both in his mouth at once. He sucked lightly and lapped at the area all while listening to Phil’s moans.

“Oh Dan. You are so good at this. Where and when did you learn to pleasure another man like this? I thought I was your first- Oh fuck that feels good- y-your first boyfriend or partner at all. But oh god.” Phil groaned at his own words and the feeling of Dan working on him. Dan started to humm on Phil and then pulled away completely.

“How close are you love?” Dan asked so he could start the next thing that he wanted to do.

“Very very close.” Phil breathed out. Dan stood up and leaned over to give Phil a light kiss. Phil just looked up at Dan, completely memorized by what he was doing and what he could do.

“That’s good. That’s really good. Do you want to know what I want to do next?” Phil nodded excitedly. “Well, you know how I was saying that I wanted to deep throat this amazing cock of yours? Well I can’t seem to do it on my own. I need your help. I need you to take control and push me against a wall, bring me to my knees, and fuck my mouth without mercy. Then when you get too close, I want you to pull out an come on my face and in my mouth so I can taste you like I’ve always wanted. Do you want to do that to me?” Phil thought about it for a moment because he has to be rational enough for the both of them in a situation like this.

“I don’t want to hurt you. You seem to be enjoying this so much, I don’t want to ruin it for you by hurting you or breaking something in your throat. Your throat just isn’t built for that kind of thing. Something could go wrong.” Phil reasoned. Dan just shook his head and grabbed Phil’s sides to lift him up out of the chair. He stepped backwards with Phil until he was against the wall and kissed him sweetly. Phil could kind of taste himself on Dan’s plump red lips but he tried to ignore it. Then Dan pulled away from the kiss and looked Phil in the eye.

“I promise I will be fine. Just give me a chance please.” Phil thought about it for a moment before answering.

“Okay. But you promise to get me out if you change your mind. I don’t even care how much I may want to come, you will stop me the second you stop liking it.” Dan nodded and gave Phil a smirk. “Now, tell me again what you want me to do? I seem to have forgotten.” Phil teased.

Dan kept on hand on Phil’s back but moved the other to slowly stroke Phil as he spoke. “I want you to shove all of yourself in my mouth. Do whatever you can to make it fit. Then once you do, I want you to pull out and then get rough with me. I want you to fuck into my mouth as hard and fast as you want. I want you to get all of yourself in with each thrust. Make me gag. I dare you.” Dan almost growled and got close to nibble on Phil’s ear. “Then when you feel like you want to come, aim for my face and my open mouth and go ahead and release. Are you ready to do that now Phil?” Phil nodded. “Go ahead then. Push me against this wall, force me to my knees and fuck me.”

Phil decided he has had enough of teasing himself and denying himself the pleasure of controlling Dan. He pushed dan against the wall just like he wanted and Dan’s head hit against it, leaving him speechless. He pushed Dan down to his knees by his shoulders and positioned his tip by Dan’s open mouth.

“Are you ready Dan? Better take a deep breath.” Phil’s deep voice made Dan moan and reach down to touch himself.

“Oh fuck yes. I am so ready.” Dan moaned and then suddenly Phil thrusted in. He felt the warmth surround his member. But he couldn’t quite get it all in. He tried again and thrusted harder. He felt Dan gag and swallow around him but still he couldn’t go all the way. Then finally he thrusted again even harder and finally felt Dan’s nose pressed against his stomach and his lips around the very base. Dan was swallowing and gagging uncontrollably but somehow the movement was turning him on more than anything ever has. Phil was about to pull out and thrust back in, but Dan’s hands made it to Phil’s bum and held on to him to keep him in that same place.

“Oh Dan. You feel so good!” Phil groaned out and finally Dan let go of Phil and let him thrust all he wanted. Phil lost control. He pressed his hands to the wall and thrusted as hard as he could into Dan’s mouth. Dan was choking and moaning. Tears were in his eyes at the impact. Phil would have been concerned about this, but he knew how much Dan loved it by the little smirk that he had managed to keep on his face.

“Dan! Fuck yes. Dan! You take my cock so well. Oh baby.” Phil groaned out and thrusted like there was no tomorrow. Dan was gagging and choking and whimpering out at each thrust. If anyone else were to look at Dan in this situation, they’d think that Dan hated it. They’d think that Dan was doing it against his will. It would seem that phil had taken some domineering agreement out of hand and was now punishing Dan. But Dan absolutely loved it. He loved the feeling of his mouth being so full and he loved the taste of Phil that he has never gotten to taste like this. Something was completely intoxicating to Dan about Phil just taking control and shoving himself in his mouth and making him take it all. He wanted to gag like no tomorrow and he wanted theses full on tears to be running down his face.

“Oh fuck Dan. I’m gonna cum. I need to do it. Get ready.” Phil panted out and then pulled out of his boyfriends mouth. He pumped his throbbing member only once before he started to cum on Dan’s face. He groaned out and released himself as he kept pumping to ride out the amazing orgasm. Dan took the tip and put it in his mouth to get more in there before he got the last bit to squirt around his mouth and abused lips. Phil watched as he savored the taste and then swallowed. He looked into Phil’s eyes as he licked around his lips and swallowed the last bit.

Phil kneeled down and took Dan into a hug. He made sure to wipe the tears off of his face and smooth his hair down since he had been pulling it.

“That was the best orgasm I have ever had.” Phil admitted and then noticed that Dan was crying more now. He held Dan so he could look at his face and wipe away his tears as they fell.

“Oh my gosh Dan. Are you okay? Did I hurt you? Did I go too hard? I am so sorry if I did. I just got carried away and you felt so-” Dan cut him off by clearing his throat and trying to speak.

“That was amazing.” Dan croaked. Phil immediately pulled him into a tight embrace.

“Then why are you crying bear?You had me scared to death.” Phil stared to rub Dan’s back to stop his tears and calm him down.

“I’m just so happy and I love you so much. I just- that was fucking perfect. I wanna be with you forever. Forever.” Dan said between sobs.

“I want to be with you forever too. I love you so much. Do you need help though? I know you were really sporting a hard one earlier.” Phil asked and started to reach his hand down. He made it to Dan’s boxers and felt a big wet spot. Dan’s face turned bright red and Phil smirked.

“Oh bear. How did you cum from that? I didn’t even get to touch you.” Phil chuckled.

“What can I say.” Dan rasped out. “I just really love cocks. Yours especially.” He smirked and moved to kiss Phil softly and slowly with his warn out lips. The were both smiling into the kiss that they shared against the wall on the floor of Phil’s bedroom before they pulled away from each other to look in the other’s eyes.

“Why don’t we get you cleaned up then Dan.” Phil softly spoke. He grabbed Dan’s hand and helped him to stand up and walk towards Phil’s bed. Dan took a seat on Phil’s bed and Phil stood over him.

“I’m gonna go get you a damp cloth to get all of the cum off of you. Then I’m gonna get you clean boxers and make you tea. Would you like that?” Phil asked and Dan nodded. Phil went and got a wash cloth and soaked it in warm water. He came back to see a tired Dan laying sprawled out on his bed. He carefully climbed one he bed and sat between Dan’s legs. He was about to pull Dan’s boxers down, but Dan held his hands so he couldn’t go further.

“I don’t think you want to see that. It’s embarrassing. How about I just go to the bathroom and clean myself?” Dan offered out of nervousness.

“No Dan. I want to see it. You saw mine so I should get to see yours. Plus, I will love you no matter what it looks like, unless you have some contagious disease on it that you are going to give me. Then I’d just suggest treating it. But I doubt that’s the case.” Phil offered. Dan was still nervous.

“No it’s not that. It’s just that it’s a little… Small.” Dan admitted. Phil almost chuckled.

“Dan. There is no need to worry. Size doesn’t matter to me I promise. I will love you if you have a big one a small one or no penis at all. I really don’t mind.” Phil soothed so Dan let go of his hands and allowed Phil to take his wet underwear off. He was met by the one thing that Dan was so embarrassed about and smiled slightly because it wasn’t that bad. Maybe six and a quarter inches. So it was average.

“Aw Dan. This is nothing to be embarrassed of. I don’t think you are as small as you think you are.” Phil pulled the boxers all the way off and threw them on the pile of clothing, rejoicing when it landed right on top of the pile. He then got the wet cloth and slowly wiped away the mess Dan had made. He slowly stroked up and down Dan’s length to “clean” the area when he really just wanted to have a reason to touch. Dan moaned softly and shifted so he could be more comfortable. Phil then started to move down to rub the cloth all around Dan’s balls. He then switched to doing that with one hand and uses the other to slowly and fluidly stroke up and down Dan’s member, making Dan moan softly again.

“Do you want to know something cool?” Phil asked as he looked at Dan with love as he moved his hands like an expert.

“Yes Phil. What do you want to tell me.” Dan struggle, his voice still warn out and his words harder to form because of his pleasure.

“You’re pretty.” Phil responded with a smile.

“Come here.” Dan mumbled sleepily to his boyfriend. He stretched out his arms to bring the man into a hug, but he didn’t come.

“I have to put away this washcloth.” Phil responded. Dan just snatched the washcloth out of his hand and threw it across the room to hopefully land in the dirty laundry pile.

“Now just sleep with me you doof.” Dan said. And they did.

JC Chasez


JC Chasez, Grammy® nominated singer-songwriter and record producer, is best known as a lead vocalist in the pop group *NSYNC. The group has sold over 50m records and still holds the record for most albums sold in one week at 2.42m.

Chasez was responsible for writing and producing many of the songs on the *NSYNC albums, and as a lead member of the group has performed or recorded with legendary artists including Elton John, Aerosmith, Mary J Blige, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion and Gloria Estefan.

In 2004, following the group’s decision to part ways, Chasez released the solo album Schizophrenic and has gone on to write and produce for such artists as Girls Aloud, Basement Jaxx, Matthew Morrison, David Archuleta, McFly, Matt Cardle and Backstreet Boys.

In addition to his songwriting, Chasez served as a judge on all seven seasons of Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV.

On starring in Jesus Christ Superstar:

When I heard Jesus Christ Superstar was coming to North America, I was excited at the idea to be a part of telling one of the most influential stories in history through the scope of such a talented composer, Andrew Lloyd Webber. I’m excited to work with such a dynamic cast, and to bring Jesus Christ Superstar back to its roots as a rock arena experience