Phil’s Subscribers:Followers Debacle

Reasons Phil has more followers on twitter than subs on YouTube

1. He’s followed by brands, celebs, and spam accounts. Those can take up close to 50k followers that wouldn’t be following him on YouTube

2. Free follows and multiple accounts are the main problem here.
• Say that phil had 2 million followers, and all of them have a personal  or a rant account in which they also follow him, that’s 4 million subs just there.
• Then add the people who have 13+ accounts who also follow him and that’s how we get to 5 million followers.

Its not that deep, it’s just how twitter works. Anyone can follow him for any reason and that’s cool. All us real fans are his subscribers and he loves us.

Also I don’t think he cares about the numbers as much as we do. He’s doing this cause its fun for him and he loves it and if the subscribers keep coming then that’s a bonus.

Silk Touch

So I tried writing something. It’s actually the first fanfic with dnp that i’ve written! The prompt came from here and I’d like to thank @aforeverhome for writing it!! Um, I kinda just wrote the first chapter because I haven’t written in a long time and I’m not really sure that anyone would like it, but if you want me to continue it, just let me know and I will! 

Chapter 1 - 810 Words
Genre - Fluff

As I entered the shop, a bell on an old-fashioned spring sounded, once, and it rang through the small room. It was a little shop just down the street from me; I had admired it from afar but I couldn’t wait any longer. I was finally in a place full of beautiful instruments that… I couldn’t afford. The cheapest piano in there was around £2,000 - way out of my price range. 

Well, even so, that doesn’t mean I can’t ‘test’ the products. Quickly and quietly, I glanced round, trying to figure out whether anyone was in here with me. After my silent search, I presumed the shop was empty because it was lunch time, and maybe the manager went to get some. I swiftly walked over to the grand piano in the centre of the room and carefully sat on the stool. It was amazing. All 88 piano keys, in perfect condition staring right back at me. For me, a composer with no job, barely any money income and rent to pay, I can only afford a small keyboard - in which the keys are actually loose and coming off.

So, I played a song. It was fairly simple. It was ‘Ingenue’ - but the piano version by Thom Yorke. This has always been a great song so a couple of months ago I learnt it. I could never read sheet music as I wasn’t taught so I learnt it by ear. People remind me about how gifted I am, being able to learn songs like this, but what they don’t realise is, this is exactly where it all went wrong. No one is willing to put the risk into a composer with little experience, who also - ironically - cannot read sheet music.

I finished my playing and I could almost hear an audience clap for me; it’s all I’ve ever wanted. Though, it seemed close - real in fact.

“That was a wonderful piece! Where did you learn it?”

How could I have been so stupid? Of course, someone was still here! No one would leave a shop full of expensive equipment open while they’re not there!

“Uhh, I’m self-taught.” Stammering, I made up a stupid excuse, “Anyway - I should go! My lunch break is almost up.”

He didn’t know I was unemployed so it’s fine.

“It’s just you looked so comfortable at that piano. And I was only wondering whether or not you wanted to buy it? We have a small sale on right now - 10% off”

When I finally looked up from the piano, I was greeted by a man, slightly shorter than me, with beautiful blue eyes, with a slight green tint and a yellow ring around the pupil. His hair, black in colour, was styled like mine, with a little ‘emo’ fringe flopping over the right side of his forehead. However, the most prominent feature of this man, was his smile. It was a such a sweet, genuine smile, which lit up the room. I felt… safer.

Before I could stop myself, I confessed, “Actually, I can’t afford the piano. I can’t afford anything in here. I thought you were out and I just wanted to play a real piano for once.” 

He’s going to get angry. I know it. Yet, while I was looking down in shame, a hand was placed on my shoulder. 

“How about, I make you a deal?” His smile was wider than ever.

“What is it?”

“Once a week, I’ll let you come in here and play the piano for free. Your playing is absolutely beautiful! I’ve never loved a piano piece more, and learning songs by ear must be tough, especially with an old electric keyboard.”

I looked up, confused. 

“I never told you I learnt by ear nor did I say that I only own an old electric keyboard.”

“You didn’t need to. When I saw you walk in here and take a look around, you stared blankly at the sheet music on the stand. Then, you just told me you wanted to play a real piano for once. It can only mean one thing.”

“Oh… You saw me then” Biting my lip, I looked down at the keys again. “I’m sorry”

“No need to apologise…” He paused.

“Oh - Dan, my name’s Dan”

“Dan” He let out a soft chuckle, “I’m Phil by the way”

“Hello Phil.” I smiled “But seriously, I should get going now”

I stood up, and Phil’s hand dropped off my shoulder. For some reason, I forgot it was there. It felt natural for some reason. I walked out of the door and started making my way home

“See you next week Dan!” Phil shouted with a grin as I crossed the road on the way to my flat.

I smiled right back at him and said: “I’ll be there!” 

I can’t ever watch dnp videos all in one go. I costantly need to rewind to look at their smiles and appreciate them and smile myself at how cute and smiley is dan today, just like every day, really, dan should always smile and then it takes me 2 hours to finish the video

An Accidental skip pt. 5

It was now well into the night, and still Mark and Jack’s door had not opened once. Amanda found herself often stroking her waist often, missing the feel of her hook against her side. Amanda kept pacing back and forth, too worried to stay still.

Allison yawned, it had been a long day, one full of terrifying close calls. She was so tired, it was really hard to stay awake. She blinked slowly, but forgot to open her eyes back up. Her head nodded forward and her breathing evened out.

“Allison?” Amanda gave her friend a gentle nudge, but she was fast asleep. Amanda let her sleep, figuring she could use her rest. It could still be awhile.

Meanwhile Dan lay in his bed, making sure that Phil was fast asleep. He then jumped out of bed, walking quietly to the door.

“I know what I saw.” Dan muttered to himself, slowly opening the door and using his phone as a flashlight.

Amanda held her breath, watching Dan creep out into the hallway. Uh oh. “Allison?” Amanda gave her friend a little harder shake, but nothing changed. Dan came closer and closer, and suddenly Amanda found herself in the light of the phone.

“Allison!” Amanda shook her friend rigorously.

Allison started awake and her blurry eyes focused on Amanda’s panicked face. “What?! What’s going on?!” She noticed the light. “Oh crap.”

“I knew it.” Dan grinned down at them, keeping his voice low. Amanda wanted to run, but where could they go?

Another light suddenly flooded into the hallway. Looking at the source, Amanda smiled in relief to see Mark appear in his doorway, looking very tired.

“Dan?” Mark asked, rubbing at his eyes. “What are you doing up?”

Dan sighed, looking up at Mark. As soon as Dan looked away, Amanda realized this might be their only chance. She grabbed Allison’s arm and tugged, heading straight for Mark’s legs.

“I’m just looking for something.” Dan answered. “What about you?”

“Just using the bathroom.” Mark replied, in his tired state taking no notice of the two tiny borrowers dashing past his feet and into the room beyond. A second later, Mark let the door close behind him and headed to the bathroom, still eyeing Dan with some confusion.

Dan watched Mark leave, returning his gaze (and flashlight) to behind the plant. Of course, Dan was shocked to find the tiny people had disappeared once more.

“What? No!” Dan began to search all around the plant. When that proved fruitless, Dan began crawling back and forth all around the hall in search of the borrowers. Mark returned from the bathroom to see Dan frantically muttering about teleporting tiny people.

“Hey, Dan?” Mark raised an eyebrow. “Maybe you should go back to bed.” With this passing word, Mark returned to bed himself, closing the door behind him.

Allison tried to calm her breathing back down from all the running and the scare. They were under Mark’s bed, back with their little nest they had made. She smiled and watched Mark’s legs disappear as he got back into bed. His breathing evened out and Allison turned to Amanda.

“Well, if he had any doubt before, it’s certainly gone now.” She said, referring to Dan. “On the bright side, we made it back!” She practically flung herself onto the shirt, snuggling into it.

“Ugh, I never want to have that close of a call again.” Amanda groaned, burrowing down into the shirt. “I promise to be extra careful when borrowing for the next month.” Amanda frowned, remembering her missing hook. “Oh wait.” Amanda sighed, realizing she probably shouldn’t go to bed just yet. She got back out of the warm, inviting covers.

 “Do you want me to help?” Allison asked, but she was already beginning to nod off. Her eyes barely open.

“You sleep.” Amanda turned back to smile at her friend. She began to wander the ground floor, looking for any sign of her hook. Nothing under either bed. The dresser was clear, too. Even the pockets of the clothes on the ground were clear. Amanda sighed, letting out a large yawn. She wanted to check up on the dresser, but without her hook that wasn’t happening. She needed her hook to get her hook…how ironic.

“I could ask to borrow Allison’s hook…” Amanda considered, letting out a large yawn as she searched a hoodie left on the ground near the door. It was incredibly soft. “Then, again…” Without realizing it, Amanda slowly began to pull the hoodie sleeve over her head and crawl into it. In moments, she was asleep as well.

Allison woke up the next morning to the sounds of Mark and Jack waking and getting ready. She stretched and looked around, but was confused when she didn’t see Amanda. “Amanda?” She called out softly, not wanting the humans to hear her.

Jack finished slipping on his t-shirt and then proceeded to look around for something. He scratched his head. “Hey Mark, do ya know where my blue hoodie is?”

“Uh…” Mark looked around, spotting it on the ground. “There. On the floor by the door.”

“Oh! How did it get over there?” Jack chuckled and lifted the hoodie up.

“What the-?” Amanda gasped, clutching at the fabric on either side of her as her world was suddenly thrown about, almost falling out of the sleeve and straight to the ground. She felt her stomach drop as she was lifted high into the air rapidly. Memories came flooding back from last night, and Amanda slowly realized what was happening. Uh oh…

“But Jack, isn’t it gonna be a little hot for a hoodie?” Mark reminded his friend, throwing on a t-shirt himself.

“Oh right. I keep forgetting this isn’t England.” He laughed and tossed the beloved hoodie onto the bed. “Well then, ready to go?”

“Sure am, you crazy irishman.” Mark laughed, leading the way out.

Amanda breathed heavily, still trying to recover from her brief ‘flight’. It had taken all her willpower not to scream, in fear that the humans would hear her. Amanda had heard the conversation and couldn’t believe how lucky she was- what if Jack had worn the hoodie and she was found? All borrowers knew the horrible tales of what humans could do.

Allison waited until the door was fully closed to bolt out from under the bed. “Amanda?!” She yelled into the room, wondering where her friend was.

“I’m up here!” Amanda crawled out of the sleeve and ran to the edge of the bed, waving frantically.

Allison turned to look up at the voice, eyes going wide. “How did you get up there?!” Her eyes fell on the hoodie and the scene from earlier flashed in her mind.

“You…Holy crap, Amanda! Are you okay?!” Allison yelled up in worry.

“Uh, I’ve been better, but I’m physically unharmed!” Amanda yelled back. “What about you?”

Allison smiled, thankful her friend was unhurt. “I’m okay. A little hungry.” She said, shrugging.

“Oh that’s cool.” Amanda muttered, crossing her arms. “I just nearly died, but breakfast is cool too.” Nevertheless, she looked around the room for something to eat. Spotting a bag of chips on the dresser, Amanda pointed to them. “There’s some chips up there.”

Allison looked to the dresser and got out her hook. “Chips, coming right up.” She ran over to the dresser and wound up her arm. She threw the hook and watched it soar into the air. Allison grinned wide when it hit it’s mark and she tugged on it just to make sure. Swallowing down her fear, she started the climb up.

It only took a minute for her to make it up. She left her hook where it was so she could climb back down and went over to the bag of chips. She went behind it and promptly pushed it off the dresser.

“Great work.” Amanda praised her, sliding down the comforter to the floor and jogging over to the chips spilling out of the bag. She took one in her hands and began munching on it. “Hey, while you’re up there, do you see my hook?”

“Um…” Allison looked around the dresser, but nothing other than a folded up t-shirt was up there.

“No, sorry.” She climbed back down, rolling up her hook and tucking it away.

“Eh, it was worth a shot.” Amanda tried not to look too defeated, taking another bite. “But we’ve just got to find it before Mark and Jack get back. If we don’t, we’ll have to go home with Mark while Jack goes home with my hook.” Amanda shifted nervously at the thought.

“Let’s think about this. Where would Jack put something like your hook? Probably in a place he wouldn’t lose it…:” Allison trailed off, thinking and looking around the room for some ideas.

“A dresser top? No, we already checked there.” Amanda began pacing back and forth. “A nightstand? A pocket?” Amanda’s eyes went wide with realization. “Of course in a pocket, otherwise it’d get lost. And what better place than a pocket on his person?”

“If he has it on him, then we’re never getting it back.” Allison slumped.

Amanda had that look on her face when she was coming up with a stupid idea. “Don’t be so sure about that.”

“Oh no, I don’t like that look.” Allison said, having seen it one too many times in the past.

“Do you remember what Jack was wearing when he left?” Amanda asked. “Did his outfit have any pockets?”

Allison thought back, trying to remember. “I don’t…think so?” She said, unsure.

“Don’t you see?” Amanda said excitedly. “If he didn’t have any pockets, but we know my hook is in a pocket with him, then it must be…” Amanda paused, waiting for her friend to catch on.

Allison blinked. Giving her friend a look that said she had no idea where she was going with this.

Amanda face-palmed. “His backpack. My hook’s in his backpack.”

Allison’s face lit up. “Oh!” She laughed sheepishly. “That makes sense.”

“So, human’s don’t wear backpacks forever.” Amanda pointed out. “Sooner or later Jack will set the pack down, and I’ll make a run for it while you keep an eye out. I grab the hook and run back, in and out in seconds. Simple as that.”

“It’s dangerous, but then again what isn’t.” Allison said, rolling her eyes. “Well, you know what that means. More waiting! Yay!” She cheered sarcastically.

“Who knew finally leaving the house would be so boring.” Amanda groaned, rubbing her hands across her face.