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Phiff for the oc thing?

Oooooo a character that I haven’t really developed yet, this will give me a chance to do so!

Full Name: Phiff Arleann Gelce 
Gender and Sexuality: Bigender, questioning

Pronouns: she/her or he/him; doesn’t mind they/them for convenience purposes as she switches between male and female often

Ethnicity/Species: Dyhrl'l, an intelligent quadrupedal species of mainly aquatic deep-sea reptiles with no eyes but extremely keen senses of smell, touch and hearing. Also bioluminescent!

Birthplace and Birthdate: on Earth, the day would have been the second of April, 1047.
She was born [hatched?] in their family’s home, in a trench reserved for nobles and the royal family of that culture.

Guilty Pleasures: the weird fish. The gooey one, that’s really salty and gross to most nobles. You know the one. [you do not, in fact, know the one.]

Phobias: birds

What They Would Be Famous For: Local Noble ‘Accidentally’ Leads Giant Fish To Destroy Entire Town

What They Would Get Arrested For: See above

OC You Ship Them With: No one, but they have a little squish on their best friend [Eshii].

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: does destroying someone’s timeline/universe count as murder bc is so then I’d say Azelix; if not, then no one. They’re a little rambunctious but they’re friendly.

Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Action

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: ‘Cool Female Character™ becomes Uncool Babysitter™ for Male Lead™’

Talents and/or Powers: normal abilities of their species; good with animals and other people, pretty smart

Why Someone Might Love Them: they are a little chub of cuteness, a cinnamon roll, outgoing, sweet as can be, just wants to be friends with everyone, really happy and eager to show everyone their special interests because 'it’s very cool and everyone should know about it’, intelligent but not cocky, the list goes on

Why Someone Might Hate Them: can get a little loud sometimes, wants to help so much they end up hurting, literally that’s it someone protect them

How They Change: they just try to be more supportive with Eshii’s disappearance, gets pretty down but won’t let it keep them down, I repeat someone pls protect them

Why You Love Them: do I even have to say just?????? Someone protect them