phife dawg quotes

I think an artist’s only responsibility is to chase their inspiration and to fall in love. If it happens to make the world a better place, so much the better, but if you’re trying to do that consciously, it feels like homework. We can smell when an artist is doing something out of obligation versus ‘Something in me demands that I write this'… It’s about falling in love and really writing what’s inside you. Sometimes that’s political and sometimes it’s, ‘I’m pissed off and I want to write about how I’m pissed off.’ An artist’s only responsibility is to be true and authentically yourself.

I’ve been thinking about that a lot in the wake of Phife’s passing, someone who rapped about being five feet tall and about being diabetic and made those superpowers, because he was so himself and he was so honest. I think that’s our job. I think that’s what people recognize, that’s what people relate to: authenticity.

—  Lin-Manuel Miranda
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