HideKane Chatbox

Hide: Kanekiiiiiiiiii ~
Hide: Ka-ne-ki!
Hide: Kaneeeeeeeeeki >.<

Kaneki: Hide, I swear if you don’t stop spamming right now, I’m going to send really gay pics.

Hide: You have really gay pics? o.o


Hide: Hahahahahaha. I seriously don’t know if you’re joking right now xD 

Kaneki: But you still stopped. :P

Hide: You made me! :( Ugh I’m sooo boreeeeeeeeed. TT.TT

Kaneki: Then go read manga.

Hide: I don’t wanna!
Hide: Let’s just go out and do something fun! :D



Phi dee car wash was a success! At first, i thought it wasnt going to go well since there werent that many Girls who signed up during chapter. I think it was around 4 girls who did…but it became a good turnout! There were at least 10ish girls. &even with the Facebook event…no one we knew came!!! Well besides johnny, isaac, Tina &linda! It’s cool though. Pakjub and I got a guy to come in and he asked what we’re doing it for. After we told him, he donated $100! How nice of him!! :) unfortunately we had two cars that did not donate anything. But it’s whatever. at the end of the car wash, we raised over 2 bills. I thought itd be around $100 or so but nope! Yay!! Money for vacation! :) my plan was to start on the south and work my way north! Norman, Moore, okc, edmond, and possibly Tulsa if there’s enough girls! After the car wash, we rewarded ourselves with the buffet of pizza at cici pizza! So full, and now I just wanna sleep!