A/N : Probably no-one even remembers this fiction but I finally got to complete the fifth chapter but it’s crap tbh. I’m sorry I’ll post a couple fluffs/prompts up too by today (hopefully)






Picking up the litter off the carpet he went towards the garbage bin. Doing any sort of physical work caused him pain and made him weak.

But it didn’t matter because he was doing it for Phil.

He couldn’t bear to see him this way.

He threw the garbage in the bin. As he turned around, he saw all of what he had picked up was still lying on the floor. They hadn’t moved at all.

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OTP Tag Meme

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choose 5 otps before looking at the questions and tag 5 people!

1. Mulder/Scully

2. Jeff/Annie

3. Barney/Robin

4. Blaine/Kurt

5. Chloe/Max

Do you remember the point at which you started shipping 5?

Before I even played the game lmao, I had heard about them, but I guess I really started shipping them strongly and they became an otp in ep3, I think.

Have you ever read fanfic about 2?

Nope, I’m putting off finishing the show since I still have a few episodes left, and I’m nervous fanfiction will accidentally ruin the ending.

Has a picture of 4 ever been your screensaver/profile pic?

Ummm, they’ve been the wallpaper of my new-tab page on google chrome, so kinda!

Why is 1 so important?

I’ve watched the x files since I was little and I have really special memories of watching it growing up with my mum and dad, we would watch it every wednesday on tv, so the show has always meant a lot to me and… they’re just such a perfect otp, I don’t honestly see how anyone could watch the show and not realise that they’re soulmates and they always have been???

Is 4 a funny or serious ship?

it’s pretty serious i mean will i ever get over 4x4 probably not who knows i cry over this daily

Out of all the ships who has the most chemistry?

omg……………………………….. no, i don’t think i could choose tbh. Mulder and Scully have always had chemistry, they work well together and can’t be without each other (see ep. chinga lmfao), it’s sort of a co-dependance but one that works in their favours really well. but jeff and annie’s chemistry is more unspoken, they just kinda know, even if they don’t say what they’re feeling. Literally everyone knows (see ep. ass crack bandit) that there’s something between them, it’s really powerful. It would have to be a tie, I really can’t choose. 

Out of all the ships who has the strongest bond?

My initial thought was Mulder and Scully, but idk, they definitely had the strongest bond at one point, but i think it’s been worn and broken a little, Scully can’t deal with Mulder they way she could at one point, not after what happened with William, and I think Scully leaving Mulder (IWTB) really challenged his trust and his bond with her, and then after he lost contact with her (pre-S10), they were so distant, but I think if anything them being together again and the x files being reopened is likely to make them realise (as it’s pretty clear scully is) how strong and unbreakable their bond is, and how they can’t really function without it because they’re so empty without each other. 

How many times have you watched/read 2′s fandom?

lol………………….. like i said I still have some eps I’m saving since I don’t want to finish but i think i’ve seen all other eps at least three times, I’m currently going through them all again with commentary o/

Which ship lasted the longest?

uhhh, so few of my ships ever make it official? i guess either mulder and scully or barney and robin. barney and robin never really lasted very long, but… in my mind.

How many times have 5 broken up?

they kinda…. weren’t together i guess. in love canonically (if you made the right choices) but never officially together. but they did argue often and chloe… did die every thirty seconds so if they were together probably a fuck ton

If the world was thrust into a zombie apocalypse, which ship would survive, 1 or 3?

sorry barney and robin, but mulder probably has an emergency apocalypse kit on his person at all times, yknow incase of aliens, and idk he might be able to keep himself and scully alive as long as he doesnt spend hours taunting scully about how his special apocalypse survival kit DID have a use and she was WRONG

Did 4 have to hide their relationship for any reason?

I don’t think they had to, but my sister told me that in later episodes I haven’t seen they hide their relationship and hook up everywhere, so I guess.

Is 5 still together?

YOU TELL ME. in my game I saved chloe and we drove off into the sunset together, but most people made the sensible choice of saving arcadia bay and kissing chloe goodbye and then she died yo so i’m saying they’re together in mine

Is 1 canon?

YES no one can or ever will be able to tell me otherwise. screw you chris carter. “platonic” my ass

If all 5 ships were put into the hunger games which ship would win?

Max has the…. almost op advantage of being able to reverse time, so if she or chloe ever died she could just reverse time and get them the fuck out of the situation, but as we know she can’t reverse time forever, and neither of the angels are cruel enough to kill anyone (see chloe’s reaction to shooting frank), so I don’t know… I do think Max would be smart enough, though, so yeah I’ll go with chloe and max.

Has anyone ever tried to sabotage 5′s relationship?

*glares at Warren* *glares at the god of arcadia* *glares at jefferson* *glaRES AT WHOEVER THE FUCK WON’T LET CHLOE LIVE*

Which ships would you defend to the death and beyond?

Literally all of them………… fight me

Have you spent hours a day going through 3′s tumblr tag?

lmao yes the #swarkles tag yo

If an evil witch descended from the sky and said you had to pick one of the ships to break up forever which ship would you sink?

kjlkgsfjg get away from me… barney and robin has already sunk, so i’ll cheat and say them.

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@phannah-montana challenged me to list my top 5 favorite ships. This will be fun.

1. Will and Tessa (The Infernal Devices)- everything @phannah-montana said about this shop was perfect because Will and Tessa are perfect. Great characters who deserve all the happiness in the world as well as each other.

2. France and United Kindom (Hetalia)- bickering for hundreds of years will always end with UST. As much as I love USUK, FRUK will always be in that top slot for Hetalia ships.

3. Wash and Zoe (Firefly)- fuck Serenity. The movie not the spaceship. Fuck that movie. Fuck fuck fuck it.

4. The Doctor and River Song (Doctor Who)- the epitome of star crossed lovers traveling through time and space but meeting out of order. You can tell whether its 11 or 12, the Doctor learns how amazing River is with each adventure.

5. Anna and Mr. Bates (Downton Abbey)- PLEASE LEAVE THIS COUPLE ALONE! Haven’t they suffered enough?! They deserve a happy ending and they better freakin get it with 4 episodes to go.

Anyone who wants to can do this but please tag me so I can see! @kenna-girl @theninjamouse @phan-phiction @writingwithiron @docrennoc @timthemad

Rules: Using only song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. Tag ten people at the end.

I was tagged by @phanopia !!

The artist I’m selecting is:  Melanie Martinez

What is your gender?: Alphabet Boy

Describe yourself: Cry Baby

How do you feel?: Crazy

If you could go anywhere, where would it be?: Dollhouse 

Favorite mode of transportation: Carousel (it doesn’t get you far lmao)

Your best friend: Mad Hatter

Favorite time of day: Night Mime

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called?: The Show

What is life to you?: Bittersweet Tragedy 

Relationship status: Pity Party

Your fear: Bombs on Monday

I tag: @sophiearth @larrys-nutella @aridates @phantomofthehungergames @deathby-glam0ur @sweaterink @phictions @mutifandomqueen @fuxkbaz @fading-dawn @pastelester @pastelpinkhowell @raywooding @thescarlett-rose @solsticeofsunny @daughter-ofposeidon18 @phan420 @phaniscuteaf and anybody else who wants to do this!!

I was tagged by @fanglorified to list my top 5 ships. I’m so ready for this.

1. Dan and Phil: I mean like I do have a blog dedicated to them, and my life basically revolves around these two losers.

2. Connor and Troye: they’re just so adorable and perfect for each other


4. Liam and Ruby (the darkest minds): Liam was the first one to believe in her and he never let her believe that she was anything but great. He somehow kept ruby sane

5. Cath and Levi (fangirl): I am cath and she is me. I have so many more things to say but I can’t seem to form comprehensible sentences.

This was really fun, and it was difficult narrowing down my favorite ships to just five.
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