It’s a good thing I’m wearing the holter monitor. I haven’t been feeling well lately, and I had two episodes with palpitations and chest pain this week. Yesterday, it started in the morning, which is rare.

We have an 8:00 meeting every morning, but I told my boss I had to go lie down. I fell sound asleep until 11:15. My palpitations had died down by then, but I still decided I should go home. I actually went to my sister’s house, because the landlady is remodeling our master bathroom, and it’s loud at our house.

She plied me with fancy sparkling water, and I fell asleep for another couple of hours, while snuggling with her dog Ella. I picked up Phia from school, and then I headed back home, feeling like a wimp but wanting to go lay myself down again.

In the evening, I had heart rates of 120-130 off and on and just didn’t feel well. My stomach was burning too. Later at night it was hard to sleep, because I was so uncomfortable, but I finally crashed. At about 10:30, I woke up in a panic, because I couldn’t breathe. This is so gross, so look away now if you don’t want to know. I had thrown up in my sleep, into my nose. My chest hurt again, and I could feel my heart racing, but it didn’t seem that fast. By the time I cleaned up and it was about 135.

Today I felt like I’d been beaten up yesterday, but I didn’t want to get behind, and didn’t feel that racing chest, so of course I went to work. I called the doctors office to make an appointment, and they made me one for a week from Friday. About five minutes later, the receptionist called back in a little bit of a panic and asked me to come in right away. Evidently my episodes had been sent to their office, and they wanted to see me right away.. I had no idea, but my pulse was 207 when I was sleeping. The doctor was concerned about the severity of it, but it confirmed for sure that I have afib, so that’s good, I guess.

The doctor wanted me to take at least a week off, but I told her that I wouldn’t be that active at work. She insisted that I take at least tomorrow and the weekend off to rest, and then go in on Monday if I feel all right and make sure not to do anything too exerting. That’s kind of ironic, because my pulse was the highest when I was sound asleep, and these episodes seem to come when I am inactive.

Of course I feel like I’m letting my boss down, but my body is definitely telling me to rest. They took a bunch of blood tests today, and they put in a request for an emergency consult with an electrophysiologist, so that should hopefully take place sometime next week. My cardiologist wants me to look into getting another ablation done.

The funny thing is that I started crying when I told Nick about all of this, not because I’m upset, but because I always need reassurance that this isn’t all in my head. At one point the doctor shook my EKGs in my face and said, “this is not imaginary!”

I’m really happy that they caught this on the monitor, and I really hope that the electrophysiologist thinks they can maybe fix this for good.

Meanwhile, I will be lying in bed watching TV. Poor me.

I was tagged by my darling @brokenheartonthefloor to sds, and I took this earlier but didn’t have a chance to post it till now. I have so much to do, because the landlady is remodeling our bathroom, and I have to completely clean out my bathroom, closet, and vanity area. I got a lot done yesterday but didn’t finish.

Today, I put out my back and messed up my sciatic nerve. I have pain in both hips, and it’s shooting down to my knees. It’s times like this I wish I had something stronger than Tylenol around. I had to go pick up Phia, but I’ve spent most of the day on the floor with my knees up.

I hope you all are having a better Sunday than I am. On the upside, it turns out the start of construction got postponed till Wednesday, so I have a couple more days to get the work done.

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This is actually mental and I can’t believe that I’m here 😵 I’m not going to bore you to death with the history of my blog, but I really never thought I would make it to 10 followers let alone 500 😝

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It’s obligatory that I thank some people, so (in no particular order) here we go!! :
Firstly my boo @sofiejizzle - you are one of the greatest people to ever walk the earth, you’re one of the first people I ever spoke to on here and I’m ngl I fuckin love you man 😘 you have made my tumblr life amazing and I wouldn’t change anything about it rn. You’re not only the most wonderful and beautiful person ever, but you are one of my best friends; there have been days where all I’ve wanted to do is talk to you and you’re always there and I bloody love you for that ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Secondly @wroetoblogg - you are so so funny and such a lovely gal, your antics about L and now S always keep me going when I’m having a stress filled day, and so thank you sm for keeping me happy 😊
@sydneyxix you’re my fellow nerd in the madness of this fandom and I bloody love it 😝there is something amazing about having a conversation about Harry Potter and it drastically changing to a recent sdmn occurance in about a sentence 🤔😂
@christophermichaeldixon - I know you don’t come on here much anymore, but you’re so lovely and one of the kindest and most caring people I have met ☺️ I really hope we can meet up at the sdmn match
@sveta-sdmn I know we haven’t spoken that much yet but I already know you are an amazing person (regardless of what sofie says 😏) and I already love you to pieces 😍
@amazingphnisnotonfire my tgf bro ✌🏼get it coz you’re my bro and it’s their channel name 👍🏼 I really shouldn’t try doing puns… regardless i haven’t known you long but you’re already awesome 👌🏼
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I’ll be there (monsta x)
Outro: wings (bts)
Lightsaber-Chinese (exo)
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Cut it out (4minute)
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1. Friends (Francis and the Lights, Bon Iver)

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6. Sleepover (Hayley Kiyoko)


8. Swim Good (Frank Ocean)

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10. Who’s It Gonna Be (BgA)

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Early morning at the DMV.

Phia is currently taking her permit exam. Cross your fingers that she passes. She is such a bright kid, but she has the worst test anxiety.

Happy 9th Anniversary to Us!

Phia was so sweet for our anniversary. She made Gramma CJ take her out and buy gifts for us to give each other (we had agreed no gifts but she wasn’t having that). She got me a Little Mermaid card to give Manna that said “Part of your world… is where I want to be forever” and she got dressed up with Mommy but was happy and wanted us to go out on a date without her and helped take care of Orion while we were gone.

This is an Appreciation post for all the wonderfull artist’s I love and respect on tumblr I went to the doctor recently and they said I have Alopecia I was really self conscious about my hair falling out but their art cheered me up so much thank you please follow them if haved already their such wonderful people I don’t like myself very much but I love all of you >.<

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Please check them all out! their all so wonderfull! I wish I could be more like them ;__;