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The Top Ten Drag Race Editing Archetypes

With season 8 coming up, it’s time to remember how the show turns complex, real people into easily distinguishable characters for your entertainment. Study and see who you can pick out this time around! . 


This queen is flawless. She can do no wrong and seems to excel at every challenge. Even if she has to lipsync, she will be the best lipsyncher ever. A good edit will humanize her, giving her a moment of generosity or two, handing her the crown. A bad one will play up her ego and make you wish her death, leaving her dead in the top 4/top 3.

Examples: Bianca Del Rio, Raja, Courtney Act, Chad Michaels


She may not always win, but goddamn you love her any way. She’s fun, she’s quotable, she’s your best friend in the competition. Of all the contestants she will have the most pronounced arc and wind up in the top 3. That being said, only one of them has ever won.

Examples: Jujubee, Jinkx Monsoon, Adore Delano, Pearl (yup, she had the most pronounced arc of the season and everyone wanted her. Deal with it)


Not always a winner, but a strong competitor nonetheless. That’s not the reason you like her though: you like her because her confessionals kick ass. She’ll be hilarious as fuck, or otherwise lend commentary that amps up the fun. She won’t win, but strange how voting always starts when she gets eliminated.

Examples: Latrice Royale, Ben DelaCreme, Katya, Pandora Boxx


She’s not the best in the competition, but she keeps surviving elimination. Why? She provides the most drama. This queen wreaks havoc and causes chaos. You won’t like her, but you’ll blog the shit out of her fights and tune in intently to watch her fall. Every Ace or Personality needs a good bitch against them. 

Examples: Phi Phi O’Hara, Rebecca Glasscock, Gia Gunn


What is wrong with this girl? She seems to lose her shit at a moment’s notice. She takes everything way too personally and makes such a production when there shouldn’t be. She’ll called out for being fake and it will take her a LONG time to recover publicly.

Examples: Mimi Imfurst, Langanja Estranja, Max


They are there to be seen and thirsted after. Regardless of their talent, people will only think about doing them in or out of drag. Sadly, they won’t win because the show won’t flesh them out, and they will be gone when producers want to show that the game is getting tougher. Expect an outcry, but trust that they will have a solid career and a YouTube show with WoW after the fact.

Examples: Milk, Trixie Mattel, Carmen Carrera


Can’t seem to win a damn challenge, but can never go home. Why? Because her lipsynch is fucking FLAWLESS. She gets every word, nails every beat, does splits, spread eagles, back flips, flip flops one right after another. Pity she can’t bring this to the competition, where she’s too insecure or unprepared. She’ll be sent home after three performances, barring circumstances. 

Examples: Coco Montrese, Akashia, Jaidynn Diore Fierce, Trinity K. Bonet


Oh the poor dear. It’s clear that she’s a talented queen, but unfortunately she’s OLD. She may be a pro at pre ’90s styles of drag, but younger queens/viewers won’t get them. Worse, the competition will be stacked against them. A nude challenge tailored to younger bodies? A lipsynch by an ex-Disney star who still sounds like a kid? Sorry, once you’re over 40 the edit is not in your favor.

Examples: Penny Tration, Vivacious, Tempest DuJour


She’s weird. You have no idea how she says what she says, but you cannot stop listening to her. Not a winner, but definitely a novelty. The most GIF-worthy queen of the season. May overlap with other archetypes, but you’ll remember her for this. 

Examples: Tammie Brown, Alyssa Edwards, Miss Fame


The edit doesn’t care how talented she is- she’s quieter and not as big as the other girls. She’s going home early and will be forgotten quickly. She definitely doesn’t deserve it, but with so many contestants someone has to get screwed.

Examples: Phoenix, April Carrion, Kandy Ho, India Ferrah

Harry Potter characters as people on RuPaul’s Drag Race

Harry is Pearl

because the way Pearl talked to Ru is how Harry talks to anybody in a position of authority.

Ron is Chi Chi Devayne:

because Chi Chi’s a cheap queen.

Hermione is Katya:

because Katya can do anything and make anything work.

Ginny is Thorgy Thor:

because Thorgy was robbed like movie Ginny was.

Neville is Kim Chi:

because the season 9 queens underestimated Kim Chi but she ended up being badass.

Luna is Jinkx Monsoon:

because no one understood Jinkx’s drag.

Draco is Willam:

for obvious reasons.

Dumbledore is Max:

because Max has that old, vintage aesthetic.

McGonagall is Bob the Drag Queen:

because Bob knows everything and has mastered McGonagall’s smirk.

Snape is Bianca del Rio:

because she’s a bitch with good intentions.

Voldemort is Phi Phi O’Hara:

because even Ru hates her.

The Queens & Zodiac Signs

Willam Belli: Cancer
Bianca Del Rio: Cancer
Max: Cancer
Jujubee: Cancer
Lineysha Sparx: Cancer
Shannel: Cancer
Coco Montrese: Cancer
Kelly Mantle: Cancer
Penny Tration: Cancer
Stacy Lane Matthews: Cancer
Nicole Paige Brooks: Cancer
Milk: Cancer
Bob The Drag Queen: Cancer
Derrick Berry: Cancer
Laila McQueen: Cancer

Phi Phi O'Hara: Libra
Ivy Winters: Libra
Adore Delano: Libra
Roxxxy Andrews: Libra
BenDeLaCreme: Libra
Jasmine Masters: Libra
Kandy Ho: Libra
Madame LaQueer: Libra
Chi Chi DeVayne: Libra

Sharon Needles: Sagittarius
Shangela Wadley: Sagittarius
Jiggly Caliente: Sagittarius
Darienne Lake: Sagittarius
Jaidynn Diore Fierce: Sagittarius
Tatianna: Sagittarius
Dida Ritz: Sagittarius
Phoenix: Sagittarius
Sahara Davenport: Sagittarius
Acid Betty: Sagittarius

Chad Michaels: Pisces
Alaska Thunderfuck: Pisces
Nina Flowers: Pisces
Bebe Zahara Benet: Pisces
Mimi Imfurst: Pisces
Vivacious: Pisces
Sasha Belle: Pisces
Mrs Kasha Davis: Pisces
The Princess: Pisces

Tammie Brown: Virgo
Jinkx Monsoon: Virgo
Tempest DuJour: Virgo
Pearl Liaison: Virgo
Ginger Minj: Virgo
Kennedy Davenport: Virgo
Venus D-Lite: Virgo
Serena ChaCha: Virgo
Trixie Mattel: Virgo
Naomi Smalls: Virgo

Victoria Parker: Capricorn
Ongina: Capricorn
Alyssa Edwards: Capricorn
Laganja Estranja: Capricorn
Honey Mahogany: Capricorn

Alexis Mateo: Leo
Manila Luzon: Leo
Joslyn Fox: Leo
Vivienne Pinay: Leo
Dax ExclamationPoint: Leo
Kim Chi: Leo
Robbie Turner: Leo

Mystique Madison: Aries
Raven: Aries
Magnolia Crawford: Aries
Carmen Carrera: Aries
Miss Fame: Aries

Mariah: Aquarius
Delta Work: Aquarius
Latrice Royale: Aquarius
Monica Beverley Hills: Aquarius
Trinity K Bonet: Aquarius
Courtney Act: Aquarius
Akashia: Aquarius
Cynthia Lee Fontaine: Aquarius

Jade (season one) : Scorpio
Lashauwn Beyond: Scorpio
Jade Jolie: Scorpio

Sonique: Taurus
Pandora Boxx: Taurus
Tyra Sanchez: Taurus
India Ferrah: Taurus
Yara Sofia: Taurus
Kenya Michaels: Taurus
April Carrión: Taurus
Gia Gunn: Taurus
Katya Zamolodchikova: Taurus

Raja Gemini: Gemini
Detox Icunt: Gemini
Jessica Wild: Gemini
Morgan McMichaels: Gemini
Alisa Summers: Gemini
Milan: Gemini
Rebecca Glasscock: Gemini
Violet Chachki: Gemini
Naysha Lopez: Gemini
Thorgy Thor: Gemini

(Hope these are accurate, feel free to correct me if I got one wrong) <3

  • Coco: talented performer who has a very successful show in Las Vegas
  • Adore: amazing singer and makeup artist who is highly charismatic
  • Ginger Minj: incredibly smart and funny queen
  • Phi Phi O'Hara: insane look/cosplay queen who loves her fans so much
  • Tatianna: stunning queen and an amazing performer, also hilarious
  • Alyssa: it's hard to tell what's more abundant, her dance skills or energy
  • Roxxxy: beautiful mug, talented seamstress, so sweet and strong
  • Detox: such an eye for fashion, so funny and grateful
  • Katya: hilarious, so smart, so open-minded
  • Alaska: Beyond smart, incredibly kind-hearted, beautiful, talented

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